Morningtide Magic The Gathering Lorwyn Cycle 2 PDF/EPUB

Discover the secrets of the next Magic release in MorningtideHunted by his own people and fleeing a pastoral world gone mad Rhys must struggle not only to solve the mystery behind his master's cryptic suicide but also to surviveRespected Magic The Gathering authors Scott McGough and Cory J Herndon collaborate on Magic The Gathering books for the first time in this exciting new series of betrayal and honor in an unforgiving wilderness As with previous Magic titles Morningtide gives readers a sneak peak at what will be coming out in the next Magic The Gathering set

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    The last book Lorwyn ended with a major cliffhanger and in Morningtide it didn't go back to where it was left off In Morningtide by Cory J Herndon and Scott McGough you still have your group of brave characters Rhys Ashling Maralen the Vendilion Clique Brigid Cofelnor and Sygg In this book Ashling is trying to find the elemental that granted her with her powers Ashling is trying to find herself and figuring out her goals in her life but when she thought her life was at its fullest her elemental is starting to haunt her causing her life to change dramatically All of the characters are suspecting a great change in their world but only Cofelnor knows what exactly will happen to his home Altogether i really liked the book it was just as good if not better than the first book I would definitely read it again or recommend it to a friend My Favorite Characters are the Vendilion clique they are mischievous silly and like to joke around much like myself so i kinda see the Vendilion clique as me in a way They also make the book have a sense of humor to add to its action packed elf battles and the ending leads into the next 2 books Shadowmoor and Eventide So if you haven't read this series of books i highly recommend checking these books out