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There is one woman who is all that stands between us and the eternal night Here is an account of her legendAll Damali Richards ever wanted to do was create music and bring it to the people Now she is a spoken word artist and the top act for Warriors of Light Records But come nightfall she hunts vampires and demons—predators that people tend to dismiss as myth or fantasy Damali and her Guardian team cannot afford such delusions especially now when a group of rogue vampires has been killing the artists of Warriors of Light and their rival Blood MusicWhen strange attacks erupt within the club drug trafficking network and draw the attention of the police Damali realizes these killings are a bit out of the ordinary even for vampires Instead of neat puncture marks in the neck showing where the blood has been drained from the body these corpses are mutilated beyond recognition indicating a blood lust and thirst for destruction that surpasses any Damali has encountered before Soon she discovers that behind these brutal murders is the most powerful vampire Damali has ever met—a seductive beast who is coming for her next

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    I was excited to see a vampire book written by and about an African American woman but once I started reading I was totally let down and couldn't finish the book There's way too much bad dialogue and hip hop talk for my tastes I don't know anyone of any color who speaks like the author made her characters speak and if I did I'd probably have to walk away from them just like I walked away from the book Real disappointing

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    Ugh I had high hopes for this book but it came nowhere near following through I must admit to not finishing the book It became due at the library and though I'd made it through half the book I decided that the book wasn't worth a renewal And I really hate leaving books unread If I'd owned it I'm glad I didn't waste money on it I probably would have finished itI had three huge issues with this book1 The characters though seemingly diverse fell flat The main character is an African American vampire huntress That seemed a very interesting premise to me and not done very often this is why I picked up the book However by the middle of the novel even though I knew her age to be almost 21 I couldn't tell her maturity level She alternated between acting like an adult and acting like a 15 year old It seemed as if the author had trouble being a 21 year old Supporting characters seemed stereotypical the hispanic guy the white biker the asian martial arts master etc2 The story was probably the saving grace but it wasn't plotted out very well Again by the middle of the book I understood that the creature that they would eventually do battle with was different and dangerous than what they were used to but I had no idea how this world was supposed to be It seemed like no one knows all these beings existed yet there were huge gun battles in alleyways I didn't know enough background to have a clue as to what was significant and what wasn't until the characters literally said Hey you know this is significant I'm still not 100% sure of what was going on3a I don't care if you're writing African American Asian or Martian characters use proper English spellings Skillz is not a word Neither is boyz The word skillz showed up in dialog It was almost forgivable Almost But the instance of boyz showed up in narrative In freaking narrative Grrr It was all I could do not to throw the book across the room3b There were tons of info dumps but most were short enough to be overlooked except for the numerous As you know Rider when we'd do a show we'd get one or two vampires in the audience and we'd take care of them after the show Right whatever the main character's name was that I've forgotten already but then Marlene decided we should go hunting them Yes and since then they've been coming out of the woodwork and it's all we can do to clear them out every show Ugh Two characters telling each other what they already know I know so many people who have such great work who can't get a foot in the publishing door Then I read this crap I'm sure the story would have been a whole lot better if this author had actually had an editor to point out the shortcomings As it is it seems as though the book went from draft form not rough draft but perhaps second draft? straight to print

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    I really wanted to like this book I give LA Banks a very firm pat on the back for creating an African American vampire huntress I saw this book and grabbed it off the shelf However the execution didn't live up to my expectations It was too dry Too much new agey talking and two much hip hop lingo I want the vampire huntress to kick butt no just sit around talking about kicking butt I loved her eclectic band who were all her backup in the vampire fighting that didn't even happen except for one or two occasions in the bookKudos for Carlos the very sexy very edgy antihero and would be love interest in this story I love the dark characters who are on the cusp of being bad or good Also I was very pleased to see the lead love interest was Latin American The dark aspects and the evil menace in this book was effective and quite scary in parts Just wish there was of this More danger action Less talkingI may get slapped for this but I don't get spoken word It's boring to me I am a fan of some rap music and I was a big fan back in the late 80s But now I am just not into it as much So that was an issue for me too I would like to read a book about an African American heroine who's a nerd who likes new wave music hunts monsters and never lived in the hood I guess I'll have to write one

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    The writing it burnsI gave up after a few chapters I know I knowshe's an author of color writing about characters of color in the fantasy genre and I'm a woman of color So it all should be very exciting Unfortunately all I could feel was annoyance at how contrived the plot was and than a little offended at the pretentious urban dialogue

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    Buddy read with Loriidae sorry friend my badMinion book one in the Vampire Huntress series is how shall I put it? Bad How bad you ask? Here have a look I decide when we roll Everybody clear?If you're up to it fineYeah I'm up to it so long as you're clearVeryAlrightEverybody ready?I'm always readySave it Rider Marlene warned Not now Nobody's in the mood for the sarcastic commentaryTruth Mike agreed making Rider scowlWe ain't got the time for the jokes man Shabazz checked his gun without looking at RiderLet's just everybody chill Jose said in a weary toneJL nodded Wordplease note this is all the same scene a group of people about to exit a room This complicate maneuver exiting a room takes up the entire first chapter between painfully awful dialogues such as the ones I just kindly shared descriptions of people staring at each other andor of people standing still apparently lost in thoughts about the poignant act of leaving a room? One can only wonder infodump made via a character explaining what everybody else already knows after declaring that everybody already knows what he or she is about to sayAdd the fact that a crime boss refers in all seriousness to his subordinates as boyz says of himself that he has all the right skillz for the job he doesn't go as far as to claim that those skillz are mad but I think we can agree it's heavily implied and suggests to the detective suspecting him of several gruesome murders to suck his dick in all fairness the detective bragged about how he'd sniff out all of Carlos' little dirty secrets so he kinda had it coming Add the fact that if you're of Latino descent then you must surely have spent your childhood praying to Jesus while trying to survive the tenth drive by of the week and after you grew up you started taking part in said drive bys which admittedly sounds a bit fun Add the fact that while I'm usually very supportive of fantasy authors trying to distance themselves from the lore to come up with their own creative variation of famous myths this result can in no way be successfully achieved by mishmashing various well known creatures together a vampire a succubus a zombie a demon does not make a scarier vampire it makes you look like you've watched a couple of episodes of Buffy to see what the fuss was about and decided to try your hand at UF since you came to the conclusion that the world is full of fools that dig that stupid crap So to state the obvious like so many of these characters are fond of doing repeatedly and at lenght this fool was not amused by LA Banks attempt at writing passable urban fantasyI could go on and on about why I started the review with the admittedly ungenerous remark that this book is bad but I just came up with a policy that states that I shouldn't waste away precious minutes of my life reviewing terrible books Too bad because you really don't see every day an African American UF heroine written by an African American author unfortunately that alone does not guarantee a decent read

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    First this is one of those times when I feel I need to open with an apology to those who liked this book and encouraged me to read it I know you like the bookI don'tTo categorize a book as good or bad is often somewhat difficult to do If a book is badly written if the sentence structure is bad or the writer can't make him or her self understood that would be a bad book In most cases however whether a book is liked or disliked depends on taste Do I like the writer's style? Do I like the type book this is? So here we are The book in question is the first in the Vampire Huntress Legend Series by LABanks Leslie Esdaile Banks who died this year Aug 2 2011 of adrenal cancer This book while nominally an urban fantasy is to my mind actually a romance So much of the story leans on who loves who why and how much they may or may not be in love and so on The main character Damali is an expected or looked for special vampire slaying maiden one that is born only every thousand years or sonot sure what we do in between die I guess One of her powers has to do basically with pheromoneswhen female vamps smell her they attack when male vamps smell her they are torn as whether to attack or bring her on over into vampirism SighSome of the reviews I read unfortunately after I'd already finished with the book actually reveled in the romance aspect of the book especially the relationship between Damali and CarlosI'm sorry all you who love these booksbut I just can't take PNR or for that matter most romances I almost put this book aside several times as the author waxed poetic about the heroin's hair or some vamp's physique or maybe when the internal monologues about Damali's feelings concerning Carlos went on and onor when Carlos was thinking about Damali's pouty lips or the swell of her breasts Get the picture?Aside from this I just never really got into the story Every time I began to get interested the romance would intrude and overwhelm the storylineagain The book's plot line in many ways kept reminding me of a sort of inner city Buffy the Vampire Slayer Of course her crew was war like and less lighthearted than Buffy's I think I set the bar lower for what is PNR than some readers I can read a book where the romance is just a small part of the plot Here I think it or less is the plotAll in all I see that a lot of readers like these and I'm happy for youno really I am but they're not for me I don't plan to follow the series up myself but pleaseenjoy really if it's your cup of you knowplasma

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    Minion is most definitely a foundation book Plenty of explanations and detail in this one but not a lot of forward momentum for the story However I don't really mind that so much if I am pretty confident that the following books will be focused on moving the story along I went into this one with a pretty open mind and no idea what to really expect and I was surprised at how dark this is These aren't sexy romanticized vampires and supernatural beings The creatures in this world are violently aggressive and disturbing Banks definitely play towards the horrifically evil and nightmarish side of vampiresupernatural lore Minion is a good start to the series but doesn't feel like a story that would stand alone I wouldn't have been satisfied at the end if I didn't know that there are plenty installments to go You can find me at•♥•Monlatable Book Reviews•♥•Twitter MonlatReaderInstagram readermonicaFacebook Monica Reeds Goodreads Group The Black Bookcase

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    I very rarely give up on books If i have a problem getting into a story I will usually put it down for a while and try to approach it again at another time I attempted to read this book on 4 separate occasions over the course of a year and I still found it impossible to finishTo be quite honest I found this practically impossible to read First of all there's not many things I hate than the feeling of being dropped into the middle of a story without any kind of explanation or backstory until late in the book Call me silly but it's confusing as hell and just plain frustrating How can you possibly enjoy a book when you have no clue what the heck is going on? When you keep having to make sure you are indeed reading the FIRST book in a series because nothing is making sense?Also the dialoguegood grief It was like the author's main goal was to make these characters sound 'current' and to use as much street slang as humanly possible It came across as being incredibly trite and annoyingAnd there is also the fact that the characters were far from likable Everyone had a chip on their shoulderbut without giving the reader a reason WHY they acted that way until late in the book it was hard to feel anything but annoyance toward their behaviorI have heard that the series gets better as it progresses but I think I'm beyond giving it another shot at this point reviews at my blog

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    I reread the book Its still bad but its not completly bad It needed lots of revision She's not a bad writor its just the unnecessary hip hop vernacular fist pounding lack of action etc which destroys a somewhat good story concept I'm going to read the next book hope there is an improvement I have no idea how she was able to get a book deal Perhaps another rewrite would have really made it a great book because there are moments of her description that really shows excellent writing So she has the skill she just made really bad editing decisionsThe first chapeter drags and drags with no action Ok we get it Damali and the band feel different By the time you get to the action in chapter two its kind of like who cares some one dies and all im thinking is good because there were too many people to remember in the band anyway Many of the chapters and Damali's in the head dialogue could have been delted Alot of Damali's thought process was so ghetoo sister chile? its da bomb? Who thinks like that? all of that was really really unnecessary It slowed me down as the reader Just write a freakin book with regualr dialogue and thinking Black people don't sit in their head saying sister chile all the time And what's up with the male band memebrs fist pounding after every sentence ridiculous I mean I thought I was pretty ghetto in 2003 when this book was written but I don't remember guys constantly fist pounding for everything

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    Hello goodreads This is my 1st review of anything so here goes Minion A Vampire Huntress Legend by LA Banks It's been a while since I've read it I'm on the 7th or 8th book in the series but WOW I've been hooked on Damali Richards that sexy Carlos Rivera ever since The Vampire Huntress series has it ALL romance action mystery religion history and of course some good ole' fashion Demon A Kicking But at the heart of it all relationships continue to be at the core of LA Banks' novels Much like the late Queen of SciFi RIP Octavia B LA Banks is a master of the human and at times un humancondition Her uniqueness is that she has an acute clarity when it comes to demonstrating how we are all connected to EVERYTHING I'm ever blown away with how she can take every imaginable religion faith spiritual belief turn it on its head and make it breath life in 4 D Technicolor She shows time and time again that we are all fighting the same battle no matter what our armor of choice is Oh and her depictions of the levels of Heaven and Hell seem so real you wonder if she's actually been there Anyway I can't describe ityou just have to read it In 3 words Exhilarating Provocative and Sexy as well Heaven