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Massie Gets BE Yoo Tiful After Massie Block Gets Kicked Off Her High Horse And Out Of Her Ultra Exclusive Westchester Riding Camp, Her Parents Force Her To Do The Unthinkable Find A Summer Job Not One For Dog Walking Or Brat Sitting, Massie Comes Up With The Ah Bvious Solution She Ll Be A Sales Rep For The Cosmetics Brand Be Pretty Massie Fully Hearts Her New Role As Fairy Gawdmother Of Makeup Until She Discovers Transforming LBRs Into Glam Girls Takes Than A Swish Of Her Royal Purple Mascara Wand

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    I used to love the Clique series, but after reading this book I honestly can t remember the reason Here is my long lists of rants 1 This coming from the person who types everything out fully on IM when you type a word, do it right I got so tired of the Gawd , ah dorable , and ehmygods that filled this book.2 It was only 120 pages and I didn t feel like there was really any plot or plot devolpment or anything It was just very boring.3 Massie comes off as such a spoiled rich kid I just wanted to throw the book against a wall I mean, I get why her parents want her to get a summer job, but it wasn t even really a job She was getting paid for telling people how ugly they looked and what make up would make them look better I guess you could say that you learned about the character Massie and how she is away from the Pretty Commitee, but this book just didn t really cut it for me I would recommend the Gossip Girl or It Girl series if you are looking for books about the life of spoiled rich kids.

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    I love this book, I love how it s short and cute and gives a glimpse of the way the brain of this character works I love Lisi Harrison s writing, it s witty and entertaining and I honestly look forward to reading of her works.Now let me complain about something else, something that has nothing to do with the author.I bought Massie as well as Dylan and Alicia, the next two books in the Clique Summer Collection few years ago at a discount sale at one of the biggest publishing companies here in Macedonia I usually don t buy book series unless I can get all the books at once, but the last two books weren t actually, aren t translated, but this time I did.I tried reading them back when I first bought them, but I stumbled onto a problem that infuriates me, always And that is, drum roll, the translation.Most publishing houses here do not have people in charge of proofreading the translations Or if they do, those people don t do a very good job That s why a lot of slang and dialect words that are allowed in the everyday communication but are not accepted in the standard language slip into the translation And instead of us, the readers broadening our vocabulary and practicing the standard language, we get slang, we get dialects that often include words from the languages of our neighboring countries and we slowly forget the standard language, the clean and real language we re supposed to cherish.And this is why I prefer buying books in English, this is why I prefer Kindle.Rant over I m off to reading Dylan.

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    DO NOT AND I REPEAT DO NOT READ THIS BOOKITS BORING AND IT SUCKS ok so it is very dumb it has no point what so ever i mean Massie is a rich and spoiled brat who gets kicked out horse camp for cheating so her parents make her pay them back and so she gets a job at Be Pretty cosmetics its a very cheesy name anyways the top seller of the company gets a purple streak died into there hair and guess whos the top seller Massie and so she tells everyone how ugly they are and the owner of be pretty gets mad at her for it so no purple streak then what happens you ask well massie steals the purple streak pen and dies her hair anyways she then gets everything she wants including these ungettable pair of sunglasses Its just very dumb and i dont hate rich people but it makes u dispise the wealthy very much Shes just a plain down right Brat and the book makes you fell horrible inside And at the end i found myself wondering y i ever wrote it and wished i had never read it before WARNING do not read this book unless you like going brain dead I gave this book 0 stars

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    This book was amazing I absolutely love this author and all of her series I can not wait to read about Dylan, Alicia, Claire, and Kristen I really liked all the twists and turns in this book Massie is so devious when it comes to selling things and getting a job Or what she calls a jobby This book was amazing I also really liked how it was only about her She was the center of attention, like she always wants I also really like how Massie always gets what she wants and never lets those chances get away from her, but in this book she walked away from the TV interview and her jobby I honestly didnt dislike anything about this book It was wonderful It explained Massie s summer life, in a nutshell.This entire book surprised me I never even thought half of the stuff that happene happned in the book, would have happened It really surprised me in the beginning with all of the stuff that happened with the horse Wow that shocked me Overall, this book was great

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    this was lowkey my fave one

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    I didn t mind this novel, it was a nice quick read but I could not stand Massie and she learned nothing by the end of it Kinda superficial and annoying.

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    When Massie Block gets kicked out of the expensive Galwaugh riding camp she doesn t know what to do When she goes to reunite with her parents at their summer home in Southampton, Massie expects to get a warm welcome, but instead, her rich parents force her to get her first summer job in order to pay them back for the riding camp Since Massie wants to have fun while working she decides to get a jobby job hobby The job that she ends up getting is being a Be Pretty saleswoman The Be Pretty brand has a beauty on the inside motto that Massie decides to ignore Her way of making quick money is to tell everyone how ugly they are so they will have to buy the products Because Massie s philosophy of sales is working so well, she becomes the top seller in Be Pretty cosmetics in just one week Surprisingly, the owner of the make up line is horrified with her philosophy, and decides that she should say sorry to everyone for what she s done, but instead Massie decides to retire from the jobby and take the purple hair streak dye When you become a top seller you get a purple streak in your hair, which gives you exclusive access to all stores and restaurants I think that the book was very well written because it was easy to fallow, and unlike the other Clique books, there was only one plot and one main character I like how the author Lisi Harrison talked about Massie s other friends summer experiences, but did not go into great detail with them 264 words

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    Alright, I m done with the entire Clique Summer Series I didn t go in order though Either way, I definitely had fun reading the series Massie s story is probably one of the ones that I hated the most next to Claire s Maybe it s because of the lack of romance but I doubt it Massie was being a MAJOR bee yotch, and I couldn t really tolerate that She was EXTREMELY shallow that I couldn t even register all of it until I finished the book Her hard hitting, tough love, I m being honest with you approach was okay And honestly, I would ve done it as well if I had gotten desperate But no, I wouldn t have been so cruel as to lie and pretend and all that stuff Is that REALLY what it takes to be an alpha I don t think so Either way, it s 2 stars or 2.5 stars This book doesn t deserve any than that.

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    This book is part of the Clique Series, yet it is the first book of the Clique Summer Collection where it is about the girl s summer and what happened before the very last book that came out for the Clique Series I enjoyed this book, yet it was really short so it felt like as if the story of Massie s summer was kind of rushed and that is one thing I don t like about this book I was kind of expecting certain things that might happen and I was basically correct because from all the books, I know how she would deal with things This book is pretty good and I would recommend it for people who like short reads yet they need to read the previous books in the Clique Series in order to understand this book.

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    I think that Massie s book out of the summer collection But it didn t really get me interested After Massie gets kicked out of the expensive Galwaugh farm she doesn t just lose her horseback riding friends but she also loses her summer When she goes to reunite with her family she is expecting to a warm welcome home, but instead Massie is forced to find a summer job.