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With Her Parents Splitting Up, Year Old Sammie Davis May Not Want To Feel A Thing, But Feelings Happen For Starters, She S Plenty Angry Her Dad S Leaving Their Upstate New York Home And Moving Clear Across The Country Her Mother Well, She S Packing Up And Relocating To New York City With Sammie, Who Has No Say About Any Of It Overnight Sammie Is Forced To Deal With Change And One Change Spawns Another Roles Get Reversed, Old And New Friendships Tested, And Sexual Feelings Awakened It S A Scary Time But As Sammie Realizes That Things Can T Stay The Same Forever, That Even The People She Loves And Trusts The Most Can Disappoint Her, She Begins To Accept That Change Isn T Always Bad It S How You Cope, Jumbled Feelings And All, That Counts And As She Copes, Sammie S Sense Of Self Emerges Proud And Strong

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    I m sorry, but I just couldn t get into this book It was too much and too little at the same time The book had too many elements her parents separation, her selfish ex best friend, her new friend, the cute JD, the Rosenthals, and might as well throw in some dog philosophies and music But Mackler just glossed over the concepts, so I didn t sympathize with Sammie nor did I see her grow as a character I mean, I guess she s learned to discover what love means, but um, no, I didn t feel it I don t know, this book just didn t do it for me.

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    From when we first started reading books to now we are told to never judge a book by its cover Well I can admit that I don t really follow those rules, and this book is just piece of evidence that I don t When I picked up this book I thought it would maybe be about a girl that loved but in the end her feelings were crushed and now she thinks of love not being that great She could describe love in a different four letter word What did you think of right away when you first read the title Well Love and Other Four Letter Words by Carolyn Mackler is set in the summer in New York City Sammie Davis is forced to leave her hometown of Ithaca, New York, leave her best friend Kitty and her dad, who moved to California Sammie and her mom were never all that close and the next thing she knows she s sharing a one bedroom apartment in the smelly city with her mom and her dog Moxie Her mom has totally gone to pieces over the separation from Sammie s dad.This novel would be well liked by people with the same issues that Sammie is facing, such as dealing with divorce, friendship and romance Sammie s problems with her best friend, Kitty and her new friendship with Phoebe are things anyone can relate to Same with her stress over a rekindled, old friendship with her mom s friend s son, Eli Did I mention Eli has turned into a nice piece of eye candy since the last time she saw him I would consider Sammie s life a knot She has so many jumbled thoughts, so many different experiences and most of all it is a struggle to get through In my eyes her life is very difficult Without giving away too much of the book, I will leave it at that The perspective is given through the eyes of Sammie I think Carolyn wanted us to read through Sammie s eyes because she wanted us to see what a difficult life is really like Not everyone experience divorce in their family, or not everyone has to deal with a bad relationship with a parent I think Carolyn did a very good job showing some people how a difficult life really is Everyone can argue that their life is difficult but until you ve been in Sammie s shoes, don t be too fast to judge My thoughts opinions of Carolyn s writing are very strong and I back her form up completely Carolyn Mackler was a self proclaimed misfit in junior high She never completely fit in, and this has been a determining factor in her deciding to write young adult novels Throughout junior high and high school, Mackler read many young adult novels in order to escape the belief that no one understood her So as her writing career began she wanted to write novels that could have an impact on girls that are going through the same things she was The only thing that I would recommend for Carolyn would be to make her writing intense Since this book is under the genre YA the content can sometime be explicit For instance, when Sammie has arguments with her mother or friends make the argument juicy by having it sound like an actual teenager argument This may sound so silly to some people or it may make complete sense to some, but I really enjoyed how the printing company printed this novel Visually it looks like a fast read when the pages are shorter and the text is larger than average Something small like this made me even interested in this novel right off first glance Now that I am through with this novel I can see how other four letter words can be related to what Sammie is going through Fill in the spaces in your own mind This novel was an easy read for me, which means I think everyone will like it since I am such a fussy reader Go check this book out from your library and learn what a difficult life is like before you think how miserable yours is.

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    I m gonna be honest, I only picked up this book because I have the same name as the main character The of her story I read, the I realized that our similarities start and stop with our name.Sammie s an average teenage girl, and that s fine, I just wish she was a little active and a lot less passive Most of the book is her biting her tongue and not telling people what she really thinks of the situations the put her in, which only leads to her own stress and breakdown I suppose she got her way in the end, but the build up to it probably wasn t worth all the effort she did or didn t put in.Plus, not even telling us that hot guys name that she fawned over half the time Come on I need some closure.

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    Rating 5 5Genre YA ContemporaryRecommended Age 16 Favorite Quote That along with love comes other four letter words Like hate, obviously And loss And gain And most importantly, grow Sammie Davis, not the entertainer, used to have a good life She considers herself an average girl, but she lived in a middle class home with her mother, father, and her dog Moxie Then, her life hit a rough patch Her parents decide to go through a trial separation Sammie soon finds herself whisked away to New York City in a cramped Manhattan apartment while her father is enjoying freedom in California Not only has her whole life been shaken and she has started getting anxiety from the whole ordeal, she doesn t like how she physically looks, she s never had a boyfriend, and her gorgeous best friend uses her as a therapist As Sammie s summer drags on, she struggles to deal with the separation and dealing with her mother who is, for lack of a better word, irresponsible This is the story about how Sammie learns to deal with this rocky patch in her life and how she comes to understand that along with love come other four letter words hate, loss, gain and grow.When I first stumbled across this book I was about 15 I found it at a local used bookstore and I bought it because I thought the title was pretty cool Since I have the strangest system for choosing books, this book sat on my shelf for well until yesterday I was sure I was going to DNF this book before I even started it because I looked at it and thought the book was too young for me now I pushed myself to start it though and I m so glad I did This book is a little like Judy Blume s controversial book Forever It s a coming of age book that is honest about sex and growing up While the main character does not have sex, it is discussed in passing between her and her friend Kitty, who is not a virgin any The book also offers a very realistic take on how a teenage girl deals with the events like Sammie has to go through A lot of times the response is to bottle up the emotions and explode later on The author crafted beautiful characters and a beautiful story You come to care for every character in the story, even the characters you will hate.My only complaint about the book is that it was a fast read and the story leaves many unanswered questions but the story is about life and in life we will always have unanswered questions The book also may not be suitable for many younger audiences based on the content and based on parent s differing opinions about what should be and shouldn t be available to teenagers I find the book to be a must read for any teen and any adult as the lessons taught in this book are ones we need to be reminded of time and time again throughout our life However, if you re a minor, then have your parents review this book before getting in trouble please My recommended age was based off of my own personal experience of being gifted Forever at 16 years old.

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    Love and Other Four Letter Wordsby Carolyn Mackler247 pg USARandom house children s booksISBN 9780440228318 mrs shah you said if i read this and the eight spells a week book that it would be counted as three books there is 16 yearold sammie and she lives in plain Ithaca and her parents are trying for a trial seperation and she is suppose to go and live with her mother in new york city because her mother always had allthese dread ms and she had planed to adress them when in ithaca but many things happend with the dad and her dreams got pushed aside now she plans on going after them angain and it seems troubles brewing becasue her mother has not had a job since she got married and is in no way use to the life style in new york.And sammie is leaving her best friend in ithaca and shes not even sure she misses her that much.this story is about her life after she lives with dad i think that this story doesnt really pull me except for i think if the story doesnt have too much of a climax is a bad bok dont read this i personally thought this book was okay and probally better for people wo have has the experiece of parents spliting up.From this book you ll feel the drama of having to be a child in a separation I guess this is actually better if an adult reads it too one that is planning to separate see how a child would feel after separating Most people would probably decide that they ll get new friends and Sammie dose and she finally decides what she really thinks about her best friend in Ithaca and she becomes confident but that s because her personality and what she has to deal with.

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    This book was really ineteresting It was about this girl namedSammie whose parents got divorced She was really upset about it because her dad left her She was really close to him and he disappointed her by just leaving her Sammie and her mom moved to another city in New York She didnt know anyone there until her mom took her wit some old friends of theirs Sammie would go every morning to a park to walk her dog There she met this girl named Pheobe They became really good friends Sammie would tell her everything about her old bestfriend but never about her own personal life So one day when Sammie s old bestfriend came to visit her she introduced her to Pheobe but they didnt really get a long Then Pheobe got mad and left Sammie s friend Eli, which was the son of Sammie s mom friend, invited Sammie to go camping with him and his uncle and his girlfriend When they were there they had some little romance and they became girlfriend and boyfriend When Sammie went back to the city she found her dad inside her house She was really surprised but she talked to her dad and they worked things out He wanted her to move back with him but now that Sammie had found a really good friend Phoebe and a boyfriend Eli she didnt want to move back But she was happy.

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    I have actually read this book probably 4 or 5 times There is just something about it that resonates with me.Read Sept 08Read July 12

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    it was alright I guess. I found it kind of boring and very surface level with character development I also found I didn t really care for many of the characters they all just irritated me.

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    I literally couldn t bring myself to read on I found the main character so utterly boring Wasn t for me, didn t like it.

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    One of the characters names was Phoebe D