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What Happens To The Girls Nobody Sees The Ones Who Are Ignored, Mistreated, Hidden Away The Girls Nobody Hears When They Cry For Help Fourteen Year Old Luce Is One Of Those Lost Girls After Her Father Vanishes In A Storm At Sea, She Is Stuck In A Grim, Gray Alaskan Fishing Village With Her Alcoholic Uncle When Her Uncle Crosses An Unspeakable Line, Luce Reaches The Depths Of Despair Abandoned On The Cliffs Near Her Home, She Expects To Die When She Tumbles To The Icy, Churning Waves Below Instead, She Undergoes An Astonishing Transformation And Becomes A Mermaid A Tribe Of Mermaids Finds Luce And Welcomes Her In All Of Them, Like Her, Lost Girls Who Surrendered Their Humanity In The Darkest Moments Of Their Lives The Mermaids Are Beautiful, Free, And Ageless, And Luce Is Thrilled With Her New Life Until She Discovers The Catch They Feel An Uncontrollable Desire To Drown Seafarers, Using Their Enchanted Voices To Lure Ships Into The RocksLuce S Own Talent At Singing Captures The Attention Of The Tribe S Queen, The Fierce And Elegant Catarina, And Luce Soon Finds Herself Pressured To Join In Committing Mass Murder Luce S Struggle To Retain Her Inner Humanity Puts Her At Odds With Her Friends Even Worse, Catarina Seems To Regard Luce As A Potential Rival But The Appearance Of A Devious New Mermaid Brings A Real Threat To Catarina S Leadership And Endangers The Very Existence Of The Tribe Can Luce Find The Courage To Challenge The Newcomer, Even At The Risk Of Becoming Rejected And Alone Once Again Lost Voices Is A Captivating And Wildly Original Tale About Finding A Voice, The Healing Power Of Friendship, And The Strength It Takes To Forgive

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    I don t like it when mermaids are mean.This book has beautiful imagery of shimmering fins and tails and mesmerizing siren songs, as well as exciting near misses with giant orcas The author writes lovely descriptions that you can easily picture in your mind, and the book description sounds very intriguing but unfortunately, neither the story nor the characters live up to the pretty words or the pretty cover.Aside from juvenile dialogue and a slight plot, many elements of this book are actually also quite disturbing The mermaids come into being as a result of the extraordinarily cruel actions from the humans in their lives, such as attempted rape, boiling babies, and slavery These are serious topics that are mentioned in passing but never fully explored, and such casual treatment of such brutal topics seem both jarringly out of place and completely inappropriate in a book like this.Luce, the 14 year old main character, is meant to be seen as an admirable, kind heroine, but the anecdotes that demonstrate this aren t very convincing, and Luce herself seems painfully young and easily duped The other mermaids, whose characters pretty much all blend together, spend their days playing power games and luring innocent people to their deaths just for fun it s The Little Mermaid Heathers with a dose of Mean Girls thrown in for good measure And whether you re on land or in the sea, a story that primarily revolves around teenage back stabbing and manipulation just isn t all that interesting to read about I d love to see another book from this author, as the writing is very beautiful in parts, but one that has a much well developed plot and fully fleshed out characters.Incidentally, I m not really sure what the exact differences are between a siren and a mermaid the quick research I did online seems evenly divided by those who think they are the same beings with different connotations and those who believe they are entirely different creatures , but regardless of what name they go by, the creatures in this particular book are strikingly cruel and immature And while the sea they re swimming in is extraordinarily pretty, unfortunately it is also very lacking in depth This review may also be found in The Midnight Garden An advance copy was provided by the publisher.

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    Mermaids are my favorite creatures always have been Consequently I notice with glee all those merfolk novels that lately have started popping up left and right And I am very, very grateful to Hartcourt and to Netagalley for accepting my request for a review copy Mermaids and other humanoid water breathers can be tackled from completely opposite angles, because there is always a mystery around them the We above the waterline cannot know for sure factor Thus opposed to vampires getting sucked dry can only end badly and other monsters they can be pictured as cutish and harmless glitter girls living in pink mother of pearl cities, but there are also selkies, who are not to lose their seal skins, and legions of inhumanly beautiful and alluring, but cruel, calculating, heartless and cold blooded hunters out to mesmerize the male two legger Face it, the majority of the European legends and fairytales does not present us with with wavy redheads singing happily along with the starfish chorus, but with death bringing voices luring Orpheus into dangerous waters Homer , hairy Lorelai distracting seafarers by shaking her booty on her wood splitting rock Brentano and others , clever waternixies persuading millers sons to accompany them underwater and sending them back completely spaced out and clueless three generations later Grimm s , fairy like undines tricking men into getting them pregnant and thus gaining a soul de la Motte and certainly unhappy fishgirls who give their voices and their lives for a futile shot at gaining the heart of a rich jerk Andersen.Sarah Porter grabbed the siren theme from the Odyssey, recreated the unforgiving and bleak atmosphere of the European seas by moving the setting to even colder Alaska, cooked up a plausible reason for women to use their enchanted voices deathbringingly and wove a modern retelling for a young adult audience from the strings Girls of all ages who die from being abused or reach the point when stomaching abuse and violence simply isn t possible any, turn into magical creatures with superhuman strength, sea serpent like glittery tails, angelic, persuasive voices and perfect faces picture Luce as Alice Cullen with a tail if they are coincidentally in the vincinity of any source of water Being disappointed from mankind and enraged for having been mistreated during their childhoods allows their bloodthirsty enchanted voices, who have a mind of their own, a good leverage The girls find a home within one of the matriarchic mermaid communities, but spend their days dreaming of wrecking the next ship, of enthralling helpless sailors and tourists until they kill themselves joyfully.Luce Lucette is different It becomes clear quickly, that her voice is unusually powerful, but important is Luce s attitude toward her killer voice Luce s experience with abusive adults didn t last as long as that of many of her tribemates After her father s death at sea she had only spent about a year with her alcoholic uncle who had beaten her often, but had tried to rape her just that one time when she decided to jump Even the lack of friends didn t matter so much to her during her nomadic life with her thieving father, since she had always felt loved and treasured by him In contrast to the other mermaids Luce does not condemn humanity as a whole She still can distinguish between good humans, bad humans and indifferent ones And at the latest when manipulating newcomer Anais arrives, who did not really have a reason to become a mermaid and sets a wave of envy and back stabbing into motion she comes to the conclusion that her fellow mermaids souls do not really differ from the humans they all hate with abandon and that without their orally transmitted code of behavior everybody would be at each others throats.In the beginning Luce starts to tame her enraged, beautiful voice, gradually steering it to alternative uses, because she wants to shed her crave to kill with it Later she notices that working with her voice also hones her singing skills as such Her bottomless admiration for Russian Catarina, the tribe s ruling queen, secret code breaker and star singer, whose friendship she desperately seeks to win, hinders her from being open about her vocal experiments until it is to late and the bullies trap is asbout to snap.Luce is like Catarina and the orphaned sisters Violet and Dana, too a strange and unfathomable character Sometimes she is samarithian on the border to Sainthood, sometimes unreasonable fangirlish or naive, seeking approval and praise at all costs When she has a real chance at acquiring a friend in depressive Miriam, she blows it without giving the possibility a thought What puzzled me immensely was her quick acceptance of the so called Larvaes fate Larvae are abused infants who turned mermaids and certainly do not age If not for the code the older mermaids would ruthlessly kill the helpless, clingy babies, who end up in the orcas jaws most of the time Luce undertakes only one feelble attempt at saving a Larvae, before she capitulates They could have easily fenced them in I thought angrily.Sarah Porter s writing is beautiful, the setting well defined and easy to visualize, the story a little springy and frayed with a little too much stress on bullying and mean girl stereotypes It also does not please me that the end was a complete hanger that even lacked a proper cliff.Personally I like stories that do not avoid problems, but play a hopeful tune and end on a promising if not cheerful note If you are into dark and evil modern fairytale retellings, which do not magic away the gritty and dirty parts like, for example, Sisters Red Little Red Riding Hood by Jackson Pearce or A Curse Dark as Gold Rumpelstiltskin by Elizabeth Bunce and you do not mind the complete absence of romance, Lost Voices might be just the thing for you It is definitely an interesting addition the available selection of mermaid fiction.A note to the cover designer The cover is outstanding, but the tail is supposed to be much longer

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    1.5 starsThis book made me feel Really passionately Exceptit was all the wrong emotions.Up till the halfway point, I was actually really liking it The descriptions of the mermaidsthe singing, the ocean they were stunning And then the dumbest shit starts happening and this is how I looked like for the rest of the book AND I M NOT EVEN JOKING.

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    Lost Voices spoke to me like a dark reminiscent fairytale It almost seemed like a very vague retelling of The Little Mermaid Little things sometimes just reminded me of the classic tale But Lost Voices brought a whole new world to mermaids, in a very compelling and ominously beautiful way It was darkly fantastic, full of luscious intrigue and secret enchantments Its foreboding melodious lull swept me into the world of these killer mermaid girls The writing was beautiful, intricately woven with the mermaids haunting, stunning songs of death Nearly all the mermaids annoyed me, with their bitter and rude natures and their abrupt mood changes, but I think that s kind of what Porter was going for Mean, murderous mermaids molded from the horrors of their past They did posses a lot of sadness and heartbreak, too much for girls their age when they changed, so I can understand how and why they act the way they do and why they use their voices to kill What I did like was that Luce held true to the end She could have given in to her cruel mermaid nature, but she fought it, striving to use her voice for good The ending was sad, but also held a moment of promise, letting Luce know that not everything is bad and cruel and that there is hope.Porter created a really original and intriguing dark story, and I m excited to see what happens next I think this may be a series that I would like to own.Thank you to Netgalley and Harcourt Books for the arc, it was amazing

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    Sometime after Stephenie Meyer s Breaking Dawn was unleashed upon the world and the media was scrambling for the next big creature in YA, mermaids was tossed around as a possible substitute for vampires and werewolves, partly influenced by Meyer herself admitting to having a mermaid story in mind for a future novel While this hypothesised craze never really came to fruition, there is a number of mermaid related YA stories awaiting release or already in bookshops from the past year or so Sarah Porter s debut, yet another first in a series, takes the mermaid mythos that has in common with Hans Christian Andersen s The Little Mermaid than the incredibly sanitised Disney adaptation While the mermaid and siren tradition has a rich and fascinating mythos, it s not one that s been explored very often in YA and Porter s reinterpretation of themes from The Odyssey along with fairy tales of both Andersen and the Grimm Brothers is one of the strongest elements of the book The story is unrelentingly bleak for the most part girls are turned into mermaids after having suffered unimaginable abuse and pain at the hands of humans to the point where they give up on humanity The mermaids live in a matriarchal society and use their siren like voices to crash ships and kill those on board as a form of revenge for what humanity did to them It definitely made a refreshing change from the stock paranormal format that has oversaturated the market Most of my problems with the book fall at the feet or tail of the protagonist Luce She has a standard neglected orphan set up which just manages to avoid falling into maudlin soap opera territory only just , and she does have some interesting moments, especially in her complex relationship with head mermaid Catarina However, she veers from naive little girl to tortured hero with a passive martyr complex I think most of these problems are the result of Porter s prose, which is often clunky and repetitious but reasonably serviceable for the most part, except with Luce s internal monologue Her characterisation has a lot of potential her coming to terms with what happened to her, discovering her new powers, wanting to fit in and stick to the mermaid code but still having her humanity but it felt a little black and white at times, especially since practically none of the other mermaids had these issues By the end of it all, Luce is the super special mermaid to end all super special mermaids and it s so overdone I was much intrigued by Catarina s story but Porter tries to introduce far too many characters so nobody is really given any time to truly develop beyond being abused girls turned vengeful mermaids Most of the time it s hard to remember which one is which since their personalities are so similar that they end up merging together Things aren t helped when even characters are introduced with even less development If you re going to use something like abuse as a developmental point in a character s life, you d better make sure you do it well for fear of coming across as lazy and exploitative In this case it s the former The plot is so deathly slow I didn t think there was one for the most part I understand Porter wanting to develop the mermaid way of life, and there is a lot of often repeated detail in this book, but it plods along at such a snail s pace that I found myself getting bored on than one occasion Things pick up towards the end but you can t just rush a plot 2 3s of the way through to make up for the rest of the book Many interesting questions are raised, especially pertaining to the mermaids powers and their own twisted version of judgement, but few are answered It s a world that never truly reaches its potential.If mermaids are to be the new creatures that fill our paranormal YAs in the future then I hope their worlds are at least as interesting as the one in Lost Voices The mythos is clearly begging for some interesting interpretations and Porter gives us one that is bleak, complex and brimming with possibilities, which I hope it fulfils with the rest of the series However, the plotting needs some serious work as does the characterisation of the supporting cast There is definitely potential for Porter to develop and grow as a writer which will drastically improve the series but as this book stands, it s not without merit but I was left with too many questions and too many problems.2.5 5.

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    Gosh, this was going to be a solid two star C review until I got closer to the end.Okay, so these mermaids aren t your nice pretty pretty let s sing songs that most of you are familiar with No these are mean, bitchy fish girls that have no problem killing people and are also a combination of sirens You remember that overly used trope of having the popular girls being cruel and mean to the new girl or what have you Yeah, that s in here but multiplied to, I don t know, ten kajillion.This whole book revolves around power who has it, who doesn t, and who can get it So most of the pages pass by with the other girls either being manipulated by Nais, or scheming to overthrow the leader Katarina and do whatever they want Speaking of Nais I hate her She s such an evil bitch She s shallow, superficial, materialistic, refuses to listen to anybody except herself, conniving, manipulative, cruel, and ridiculous I remember one scene where she basically blames the victim for getting almost raped WTF OMFG I WANNA KILL SOMEBODY.Ugh It doesn t help that the plot moves by sooooo slowly that you wonder if there actually is any And there are so many people you have to keep track of they all start to blend together I didn t like any of them to be honest because they all are self serving and irrational to some extent.The writing can get pretty iffy too There are a lot of awkward sentence constructions that make you stare at the page going what It also tends to verge on the flowery in certain situations You can probably guess by the extremely slow moving plot that this book lacks a lot of tension to keep you riveted to the pages Her writing did shine in a few scenes which were packed with emotion and you could just feel the grief that rippled off the character.I think the idea of people becoming mermaids due to abuse, a traumatic event, neglect, etc caused by another human s is an interesting one but the resulting story failed to match up to the premise I liked the whole singing bits Kind of neat to see how she works and develops her voice and the affect it has on other mermaids and humans.But the ending MY GOD There is absolutely NO resolution whatsoever and not even the faintest questions brought up were answered It s like someone stopped writing mid sentence and then chopped off a whole paragraph before that Ugh This is totally the reason why I m starting to hate reading trilogies Geh.Are mermaids supposed to be the new vampire or something If this is the first of what s up in offering I am so steering clear of the rest of them.

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    Lost Voices is a dark and deep book that takes us on a journey with 14 year old Lucette who feels completely alone in the world since her mother died at child birth and her father was lost at sea over a year ago Living with her drunken abusive Uncle and being an outcast at school just makes the nightmare feel real and hopeless One particularly devastating night her uncle goes a little to far and Luce is left alone, scattered on the grass by a cliff while the emotional and physical pain consumes her No She can t take any and finds her self falling off the cliff and into the water below What should have been her death only brings her to a new life, a life she could never dream of A life she may not want to leadFirst off, I thought the writing was very strong, it was smoothly paced and it has a haunting elegance to it These character are all amazingly defined and intriguing, but I had a hard time with this concept.I usually like dark and dysfunctional in my reads, but I think this one was a little to far fetch for my taste I didn t buy the motivations that the mermaids used for retribution and while I m sure it s part deserved, I had a hard time with the eye for an eye method used for this particular read Also, I thought that it was rather strange of how the mermaids came to be There stories are sad ones and there hate justified, but what kind of world would doom them to that kind of lifestyle While this book wasn t for me, I still think others may like this one It has a very alluring feel to it I just wish I could have loved it then I did.Thanks to Netgalley and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt for the copy.

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    I ll begin this by saying that I have had an interest in mermaids for as long as I can remember, probably stemming from Barrie s Peter Pan and strengthened by the references in T.S Elliot s Love Song for J Alfred Prufrock And then again, they appear in Greek mythology as the sirens, luring sailors to their watery graves with their enchanted, bewitching songs and let s not forget the fairytale of the Little Mermaid, and Disney s sanitized film version Jack Dann produced an anthology of mermaid tales in the 1980s Mermaids that had some tremendous stories But rarely is the subject of origin addressed mermaids seem to have simply existed Some stories focus on their beauty, and their pain at being unable to join the human world, others demonize them in the way that does no credit to either side of the water s surface But Sarah Porter s Lost Voices takes a slightly different tack she tries to get inside their heads return return The story begins with Luce, who has been orphaned at the death of her father he died before the novel begins, lost at sea as he worked on a fishing boat and is now living with her uncle in a small seaside village Luce is picked on for being different, and generally tries to minimize her presence Her uncle, angry with his dead brother for 1 having stolen his girlfriend Luce s mother , 2 for having allowed her to die due to his con artist s lifestyle and 3 for dying and saddling him with Luce, gets drunk and takes out his anger on Luce, molesting and nearly killing her Luce decides that it s only a matter of time before it happens again, and that it would be likely to get worse as she grew older, decides to die, and plummets into the icy waters Except she doesn t die, instead, she surrenders her humanity and becomes a mermaid return return Sarah Porter s mermaids have in common with the sirens of Greek mythology, or the strangely cruel mermaids in Barrie s Peter Pan than Disney s Little Mermaid, Ariel There is no kingdom under the sea, no comforting sea king to call papa But there are other mermaids, other girls whose lives were so miserable from abuse, neglect or abandonment that they, too, rejected humanity There are rules mermaid laws and traditions made to protect the tribe and there is work, of sorts, to use their voices to sing ships to the rocks and kill all the humans aboard by compelling them to jump into the icy depths Luce is horrified by this aspect of what she has become and struggles against the compulsion to join in when her new friends attack ships Luce s struggle to maintain something of her humanity something of her own will and morality intensifies as newly reborn mermaids join the tribe, and the tribe splinters into factions return return I really, really liked the book it has a few problems, but most early novels have a few rough patches The language is in that difficult middle ground that pops up in books for young adults, sometimes seeming too simple, and other times complex The old lady in me has reservations about some of the subject matter being possibly too mature for younger readers, but at the same time the violence is considerably less than in the Harry Potter books Another reviewer elsewhere seemed shocked or worried that the mermaids are not wearing bikini tops or shells or whatnot to hide their breasts, which I found to be an odd thing to point out as it s barely mentioned There are passages that describe the mermaids as beautiful, but they don t focus on body parts particularly except the faces , so I can t quite see that as an issue If mermaids existed I am pretty sure they wouldn t bother with wearing shells Honestly return return All in all, this was an excellent read, and I look forward to reading the rest of Luce s adventures in asserting her individuality Despite the difficulties she is faced with the cruelties of the fractured tribe, the knowledge that her gift of singing has murderous possibilities Luce is a heroine learning to govern herself and discover her own strengths return return Copy supplied by NetGalley.

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    Let me say right away, I did not finish this book I have no idea how it ends nor do I really care to But, I feel that I listened to enough of it to form an opinion and therefore give a partial review I have read a lot of reviews on this book and most people seemed to like it I just couldn t bring myself to finish it.What I liked The writing style and the concept I thought the author s writing style was great and beautifully descriptive It just wasn t enough to sustain the story for me I also liked the concept of lost souls turning into mermaids I just didn t like the kind of mermaids they turn into I have always thought of them as Ariel types who help lost sailors find their way home In Lost Voices, mermaids are like sirens luring sailors to their death using their voices.Why I stopped reading Luce is a 14YO who has no parents, no friends, and is abused by her uncle After he almost rapes her, she falls off a cliff and decides death is better She is then turned into a mermaid It turns out that this is how mermaids come into being Abused girls who die turn into mermaids OK, I can stretch my imagination to believe that works What I found disturbing is the the mermaids range in age from 5 17 I could not make myself believe that 5 year old abused child would become a vicious, revenge seeking mermaid who lures people, even children, to their deaths That just seemed wrong to me and was something I couldn t get past.There were also too many contradictions in the story For example, the mermaids live by a code that says they cannot physically harm another mermaid and that they must help one in distress However, this apparently does not extend to what they call larvae Larvae are apparently toddlers who have turned into mermaids, but aren t fully developed Instead of helping them and taking care of them, they allow them to flounder and die in the ocean There is one gross scene where they are eaten by an orca Also, they have no sympathy to any children who may drown on one of the downed ships because they will only turn into adults who abuse I finally had to turn it off after the other mermaids keep being mean to Luce when she makes a mistake, yet they don t take the time to explain everything being a mermaid entails She says she has found a home, but they are all so mean to her that I can t see why she would want to live with them at all It seems she has traded one lonely abusive life for another.I could go on with other things that didn t appeal to me, but I think I have presented enough to show you why I couldn t finish it This is supposed to be a YA novel and I would recommend that parents limit it to older YAs Personally, I thought the content was a bit mature and violent for under 16 But, I always say, To each his own Read it and judge for yourself.

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    With a cover like this, who wouldn t have big expectations I MEAN, LOOK AT IT The cover for Lost Voices promises a sort of fairy tale, magic, and girlish innocent youth It doesn t deliver Lost Voices by Sarah Porter is the story of Luce, formerly a human who transforms into a mermaid with a beautiful, deadly singing voice On the night of her transformation, she s found by the mermaid tribe Queen, Catarina, who brings her back to the other girls, where they teach her the whys and the ways of becoming a mermaid Seemingly, most of the mermaids have lost their humanity fitting since they are no longer human The way to become a mermaid is rather simple have something really awful done to you and accept that there is nothing left for you in your human world Your body liquifies, and reforms as a mermaid If you aren t near a coast, travel through sewage pipes and drain pipes until you reach a body of salt water Because the way to become a mermaid is through negative experiences, the mermaids hate humans, regardless of having been human once themselves They use their beautiful, deadly voices to lure and sink ships, for no other reason than entertainment and vengeance The premise of Lost Voices is great It is the stuff out of sadistic fairy tales But the execution of Lost Voices fails miserably The story meanders often, with no real thought to plot lines and story arcs, leaving the reader wondering exactly where it s going or when it will start getting interesting None of the characters are all that vibrant save the most hated character, Anais, who is so profoundly vapid and cruel, she becomes interesting by virtue of that alone The story feels very two dimensional and flat, exactly the opposite of the world it is trying to describe And though Lost Voices is the first in a mermaid trilogy, the ending is both abrupt and trailing off, of a sort It justends When it ended, I found myself wondering where the author was trying to take me, and if she really wanted me to read the next book I can confidently say I won t be.