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BOOKIn The Multivolume Liaden Universe Short Fiction Collection Tales Of The Liaden Universe Brought Together For The First Time Space Opera And Romance On A Grand Scale In A Galaxy Full Of Interstellar Trading ClansFor Than Thirty Years, The Liaden Universe Novels By Sharon Lee And Steve Miller Have Captivated Readers With Their Unique Blend Of Action Adventure, Science Fiction, And Romance In Addition To Twenty One Novels And Counting Lee And Miller Have Written Dozens Of Shorter Works Based In The Liaden Universe , Featuring The Strong Characterization, Detailed World Building, Wit, And Derring Do That Readers Of The Series Adore This Fourth Volume Collecting Lee Aned Miller S Shorter Liaden Universe Stories Features Four Novelettes, Two Novellas, And Two Short Stories Including The Celebrated Linked Stories, Block Party And Degrees Of Separation Sure To Delight Longtime Fans And Newcomers Alike, These Tales Highlight Why The Nationally Best Selling Liaden Universe Novels Are Treasured By Space Opera Aficionados, With Detailed World Building, Strong Characterizations, Compelling Romance, And Edge Of The Chair Action In Stories That Range From Cosmic To Comic Praise For A Liaden Constellation, Volume This Series Is The Premier Place To Find Good Romantic SF Adventure Strong Characters Finding Their Own Way And, Often, Each Other In An Action Packed Galaxy Of Worlds Every Story Stands On Its Own Readers Don T Have To Be Familiar With The Liaden Universe Those Who Have Had The Pleasure, Though, Will Find Many Connections To Existing Tales AnalogPraise For The Liaden Universe As Always, This Intelligent Space Opera Focuses On Matters Of Manners, Honor, Duty, And Clever Repartee Violence Is Rarely The Solution, And Subtlety Wins Out Over Overt Force Neogenesis Provides Thoroughly Satisfying Progression Or Resolution For Multiple Threads And Will Feel Comfortably Familiar For Fans Of Korval S Escapades Publishers Weekly On Neogenesis S Prawling And Satisfying Space Opera Mixes With Social Engineering, Influenced By Regency Era Manners And Delicate Notions Of Honor I T S Like Spending Time With Old Friends Publishers Weekly On Dragon In Exile Compelling And Wondrous, As Sharp And Graceful As Damascus Steel, Necessity S Child Is A Terrific Addition To Lee Miller S Addictive Series Patricia Briggs On Necessity S Child Every Now And Then You Come Across An Author, Or In This Case, A Pair, Who Write Exactly What You Want To Read, The Characters And Personalities That Make You Enjoy Meeting Them I Rarely Rave On And On About Stories, But I Am Devoted To Lee And Miller Novels And Stories Anne McCaffrey These Authors Consistently Deliver Stories With A Rich, Textured Setting, Intricate Plotting, And Vivid, Interesting Characters From Fully Realized Cultures, Both Human And Alien, And Each Book Gets Better Elizabeth Moon D Elightful Stories Of Adventure And Romance Set In A Far Future Opera Milieu It S All A Rather Heady Mix Of Gordon R Dickson, The Forsythe Saga, And Victoria Holt, With Lee And Miller S Own Unique Touches Making It All Sparkle And Sizzle Anyone Whose Taste Runs Toward SF In The True Romantic Tradition Can T Help But Like The Liaden Universe Analog T He Many Fans Of The Liaden Universe Will Welcome The Latest Continuing Young Pilot Theo Waitley S Adventures Booklist On Saltation A Ficionados Of Intelligent Space Opera Will Be Thoroughly Entertained T He Authors Craftsmanship Is Top Notch Publishers Weekly On Lee And Miller S Popular Liaden Universe Thriller, I Dare

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    The book is a compilation of recent short stories, novellas, and novelettes in the Liaden Universe All are previously published It is nice to have them all in one place in a convenient format.STREET CRED takes place soon after exiled Korval resettles itself on Surebleak It is about culture clash as the contract loving Liadens butt heads with Surebleakers who think contracts are just suggestions that can be disregarded if a better opportunity arises The contract in question calls for the death of one or the other of the Road Bosses for wrongs done by Korval on the homeworld of Liad and the solution is uniquely Surebleakan.DUE DILIGENCE is the story of Fer Gun pen Uldra and Chi yos Phelium which results in the birth of Daav yos Phelium It is a story of Balance as Chi finds a way to give Fer Gun a future away from the Clan that doesn t treat him with appropriate care It takes place on Liad and has fish out of water Fer Gun learning to navigate Liaden High Society with all its complexities.FRIEND OF A FRIEND is a story set on Surebleak Quin yos Phelium and Villy are friends despite their different cultures Quin is Liaden and Villy is a native Surebleaker Villy works as at the Sticks table in Quin s father s casino and is also a hetaerana who works in Ms Audrey s house of delights Quin is working in the casino when an unknown Liaden woman comes up to him asking for Quin s location Villy is suspicious of her and rightly so since she arrives at Ms Audrey s having purchased two hours of his time Luckily, Villy is able to contact help before this Agent of Change can get him alone.CUTTING CORNERS takes place on Codrescu Station Therny Chirs is the cargo master and a thrid class pilot for the Fringe Ranger He find that he needs to renew his piloting license and discovers smugglers as he is taking his flight test He also gets a chance to meet Hevelin, a norbear who appears in a lot of the Liaden Universe books.BLOCK PARTY takes place on Surebleak Baker Don Eyr has been taken there from Low Port, Liad, along with the children in his care However, the other adults in their group including his partner Serana are missing They were helping the mercenaries when Korval brought the fight against Liad s enemies to Liad He and the children are settling into their new neighborhood and are generally welcomed except by Roe Yingling who is determined to blame the refugee Liadens for all of Surebleak s problems I liked the glimpse of Kareen s committee that is trying to gather information about the history of Surebleak.DEGREES OF SEPARATION tells the story of how Don Eyr and Serana met and came to be on Liad Don Eyr was the unwanted child in his clan He was ignored by everyone but the servants and developed a talent for baking When his Delm wanted him gone, he chose to go to s very famous culinary school on Lutetia where he met Serana who was a trained soldier in the employ of the Council The Council had a bad habit of using its soldier to fight wars between rival counselors When Serana and Don Eyr fall onto the bad side of a vengeful member of the Council, they decide to go to the planet where Don Eyr was born to start a bakery Before they could go, Don Eyr was called home to Liad by his Delm who had lost him in a card game to a rival gambler It took a while for Don Eyr to wrest himself out of the clutches of his clan and, while he was planning, he and Serana came upon some orphans in Low Port and decided to become guardians to them and to begin a Watch House like the one where Serana grew up.EXCERPTS FROM TWO LIVES tells the expanded version of the Ballad of the RosaRing in which scientific progress becomes a scientific nightmare and lovers, one a scientist on the RosaRing and the other a military commander of a ship coming to it, need to make a horrible decision.REVOLUTIONISTS is the final story in the book and takes place on a space station that is undergoing a revolution.I liked the stories that took place on Liad and Surebleak better than the stories that took place elsewhere I also preferred finding out about characters who were prominent in the Liaden novels over meeting new people in unfamiliar places.

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    Another wonderful collection of tales set in the Liaden science fiction universe Most of the stories are longer length four novelettes, two novellas, and two short stories The best stories five stars are a pair Degrees of Separation , set on Liaden and Lutetia, and Block Party , set on Surebleak They appear in the order in which they were written in this volume, but read Degrees of Separation first There is also the tale of how Daav yos Phelium came to be conceived, along with other stories ranging from sad to terrifying to hopeful Very enjoyable for any fan of Liaden.

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    A mixed collection for me The strongest entry is Due Diligence, about how Daav s parents met Street Cred is fine, featuring Val Con and Miri Friend of a Friend is about Villy, but the story sort of fizzled out for me.Cutting corners is pretty generic save for a guest appearance by Hevelin I understand that Block Party was written before Degrees of Separation, but chronologically DS happens before BP DoS is the slightly tighter story and I think BP reads better if you read it after DoS I ended up rereading Block Party and enjoyed it with the back story YMMV.The last two stories, Exceprtsand Revolutionists were so so for me.Basically you get 4 really good stories and 4 of varying interest For a short story collection you could do worse.I appreciate anew the talents of Lee and Miller and their ability to bring character and story to life in such constrained circumstances, while being masters of long form novel and serialization.For Liaden fans.

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    I am glad to have this collection of short stories in this format It is a compilation of stories mostly appearing as chapbooks or in other anthologies Because I like these authors so much, I had read most of these stories in other places There were two I had not read before, one pleased me immensely, the other,eh, not so much As a reader I felt of a disconnect with this collection than previous constellations so I m not quite as thrilled with this one but still glad I have it And in all fairness I m not a big fan of the short story, that s just my problem.

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    Most of the entries in this I ve collected in one way or another Baen s monthly free library entry or the individual numbered chap books but the last two shorts have managed to escape my notice until release just a few days ago And now I stand with collection fully updated to present releases once on all things Liaden one thinks Long ages have I waited for something in jethri Gobelyn s trader tales This scratched the itch indeed

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    A wonderful filler in of stories from around the Liaden Universe I wish the last one had been uplifting I ll have to read these in a different order next time Most fascinating to me were the stories about the mesh of cultures on Surebleak, and Chi s contract marriage I especially loved Chi s story

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    A very enjoyable read Since I am a huge fan of Lee and Miller s work, most of these stories were not new to me That wasn t a problem for me, since these authors books and stories are very highly re readable So there was a little new and a good visit with old friends By that, I mean the characters Lee and Miller create characters that are very real.

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    This fourth collection of Liaden Universe stories from Sharon Lee Steve Miller is good, but not really up to earlier collections, with at least one story I didn t enjoy at all, which is rare for this pair Overall, I m glad to have read it But no than that Note this review applies to the eARC version, bought directly from Baen.

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    Anthology All the stories have appeared elsewhere however some were only posted temporarily on a website All the stories are worth reading at least once if you are a fan of the Liaden Universe Three of the stories are ones I d rate as five star Block Party Due Diligence Degrees of Separation

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    Interesting collectionEnjoyed each of the stories The view from the Road Bosses is different than expected It may be that a larger number of hands are needed These stories answer some questions while adding It was very nice to havA really great read Excellent characters May be hands need to be hired This would serve the common good.