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“The first time I laid eyes upon her I was instantly mesmerized by her softness her beauty I knew at once that I was done for Never would I want another woman” Vincenzo was reasonably happy with his life He had a stylish place to live and a job most other men would die for— having sex with multiple partners every night and servicing wealthy clients in the VIP male and female alike For years now he had been one of the star performers at Sanguelascivia a swanky erotic nightclub in Venice for the Vampire eliteBut then Giuliana wandered in to the club a destitute young widow who had nowhere else to turn She was nothing like the other women there at Sanguelascivia Sure many of them were gorgeous and naturally he enjoyed fucking them but none of them ever interested him in the least Perhaps it was merely because Giuliana was not yet hardened by this lifestyle She was beautiful in a soft and compassionate kind of way that he had not known in a long time Never had Vincenzo seen anyone uite like herAnd now he could not seem to get her out of his mind Nor did he want toVincenzo begins fantasizing about Giuliana during his every performance with the other women Then he must agonizingly witness her initiation performance with two men Will he be able to stand it or will his emotion get the better of him? Will they ever be scheduled to perform together so that he may know the pleasure of being with her? It is as if someone is determined to keep them apartBut then something happens which forces Vincenzo to act uick altering the course of both of their fates forever He has to make the most difficult choice of his life— fleeing Sanguelascivia and the woman he lovesWill he ever see Giuliana again or will he go through eternity longing for the one woman who has ever touched his heart?

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    As you might already know if not I’m telling you again lol Rosalind was the first one who opened my eyes to the Erotica genre She was the one who made me see that Erotica is SOOO much than porn for women Granted there are still a lot of bad erotica out there but seriously isn’t there in every genre And truly isn’t it just as much about what we like and dislike? Luckily we’re not all alikeBut I’m straying from the subject which is this awesome short story Rosalind wrote Have you read The Submission of Giuliana? Well La A di Vincenzo is – partly – Submission of Giuliana but from Vincenzo’s point of view And let me tell youit is just as hot and toe curling as Submission of Giuliana And not only do we get to see Giuliana from Vincenzo’s POV but we get to see what happens AFTER he leaves And THAT is all I’m telling you about what happens in this book because if I tell any it will spoil some delicious surprisesI will however tell you that it was AWESOME to read about Vincenzo and Giuliana again Both were in the back of my mind when I closed Giuliana; what happened to them would they meet again? And even though this story ends a little abrupt it is still awesome I am looking and forward to read the Anam Céile Chronicles so I can get into this world And just like in her previous books the sex scenes in Rosalind’s books are amazing to read Filled with longing sensuality heat and need Rosalind never fails to make me blush make my toes curl and my heart beat faster To me when reading erotica it is so important that the sex stays off the crude path and is sensual without being downright porn Rosalind masters this to a perfection every time

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    We first met Vincenzo in Guiliana's story and after a long bout of unreuited longing the two finally manage to fall into each others' arms Things look rosy at that point but as we find out here circumstances separate the two of them and Vincenzo is forced to fleeBut before we get to the fleeing we see Vincenzo in all his sexy glory He's a talented individual who takes the stage every night to entertain Venice's vampires with lurid sex acts with both men and women While he's captivated by Guiliana's beauty and innocent spirit he also knows he has a good thing going at Sanguelascivia and he enjoys the variety of partners he's givenUntil that is Guiliana becomes the only thing he can think aboutVincenzo's decision to run without telling Guiliana why was kinda harsh but I can see where he was coming from Seriously though it wouldn't have killed him to wake her up and just explain things But since everything worked out well in the end I'm going with itOverlapping with both Guiliana's story and book 3 in the series we get to see Vincenzo's take on Aislinn when he first meets her it's kinda funny btw that his reaction is so different from everyone else Overall this is a very sexy very explicit story that's perfectly in line with what Vincenzo does every night at SanguelasciviaAnd if you want to know how things turn out you'll have to grab book 3 grins Kelly Reading the Paranormal

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    Vincenzo is a minor character in the larger series “The Anam Céile Chronicles” which has an unusual back history In “La A di Vincenzo” that history is revealed in a scandalous way If you’re looking for an evening of well written pulse uickening erotica look no further Vincenzo is the type of man who has a no holds bar attitude about life He is a carefree man who loves women – many women sometimes all at once After several years of his lifestyle he begins to become bored with them and finds himself in a uandary as to what to do about is ho hum attitude toward women until he catches a glimpse of a new woman at the erotic theatre in which he works He immediately lusts after Giuliana; his feelings for her uickly turn to love which is a completely new feeling for Vincenzo He doesn't uite know what to about his newfound situation He cannot help himself watching her have sex with multiple partners in front of a crowd of vampires Unfortunately for them the vampires are drawn to her as well Luckily for us we get to see the man Vincenzo grows into with the three books “The Submission of Giuliana” “La A di Vincenzo” and “Leannán”