MOBI A. Zavarelli ì ì Kings Kitten Coventry Guild #1 Epub Í Kings Kitten

Madeline Burkhart hasn't been to Coventry Guild in over two years Her last relationship left her with a bad taste in her mouth and some issues that she doesn’t uite know how to fix But she can’t deny that her carnal desires are still there simmering inside of her And now she’s ready to dip her toe back into the wicked waters of temptation When she meets Xavier King she feels like she’s been thrown into the deep end A goliath of a man he provokes feelings inside of her that she isn't uite sure how to handle Fear and desire war with her logic and reason But ultimately the mystery and darkness surrounding him lures her in a pull too strong to be resistedPlease note This book contains explicit sexual content including elements of BDSM and dark erotica You have been warned

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    Kings Kitten was a wonderful hot and sexy novellawith captivating charactersMadelyn is finally back to Coventry guild after two year and a disasterous Dom sub relationship with Alex and as much as she wants back into the lifestyle she is fearful after Alex Luckily for Madelyn her best freind Olivia is at her side to help her get through the first night back The minute they walk through the doors of the guild Madelyn can feel his eyes on her and he is intimidating hooded with sun glasses and standing at least six foot six and he ratchets up her fear level but she can't look away even as he strides toward her and asks Olivia if Madelyn is her sub? Xavier King believes himself a monster and the site of fearful Madelyn brings to mind a shy kitten in a lions den and he very much wants to play with the kitten and taste her fear; though Madelyn's mind is screaming no her mouth and body say yes and yes leads to one hot sexy sceneDon't miss out on this hot novella Copy provided by author foran honest review

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    Madelyn's been burned with a past BDSM relationship Coventry Guild calls her back after a prolonged absence She's got needs that Big Boy will be addressing Zavarelli does a great job of character description and development in this novella Xavier sounds totally hot and needy I'd like to give him some therapy myself It's a fun read in the FSOG tradition Try it you'll like it

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    35 Stars This is a Ds short story The scene was hot The characters have a ton of potential Especially X King The few things I didn't like1 there was a blindfold put on at the end of a scene but then it was literally gone in the next sentence with no mention of it? 2 I really didn't understand why it was A Very Big Deal for him ask her to call him King but I gather it carried some Significance Would've liked to know why 3 Wish the Big Reveal had been been tied into their accidental? meeting with him taking the lead in the revealBut I have reading OCD so when I flip that switch off this was a short hot sexy read that I enjoyedOn another note I have a thing about heroines with low self esteem Unless I can see them get through the story and find themselves then I tend to like the story less By this I mean self discovery and not just believing they're worthwhile because a man says they should believe it This is a novella so there's not really a lot of opportunity for character development but I wish there had been at least some journey towards self esteem for this heroine rather what appears to be esteem based on codependency

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    Short and steamy this BDSM story follows a sub who has been hurt emotionally by a dom and a dom who is finding it hard to come to terms with his physical scars Hot action and mutual need bind the two together Not the most original plot but it hits the spot all the same

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    sometimes i just think huh well ok what?