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3.5 stars I liked this one, nice steady pace in character developement, it sa HFN than a HEA, but you get the feeling they ll get there Johnny Has Spent Thirty Two Years Trying To Do What S Expected Of Him When He Finds Himself Divorced, Overweight, Living With His Parents Again, And Losing The Job He S Had Since Leaving School, It S The Wake Up Call He Needs To Start Taking Charge Of His Life It S Time To Do What He Wants If Only He Can Figure Out Just What That IsChoosing To Go Looking For His Brother Joey, Who He Hasn T Seen Or Spoken To For Eight Years, He Follows A Postmark On A Christmas Card To The Seaside Town Of Anwell By Sea Joey Isn T That Difficult To Find And Comes Complete With Boyfriend Dave, Dave S Uncle Ed, And A Rather Large And Very Bad Tempered Arsehole Called CharlieJohnny Is Happy To Find Joey And Enjoys Meeting Dave And Uncle Ed But He S Pretty Glad To See The Back Of Charlie Despite Charlie Being An Unpleasant Git, Johnny Can T Wait To Get Back To Anwell By Sea With His Kids For An Easter Break, And Maybe He Can Make Some Progress On His To Do List By Then, Too Reviewed on Hearts on FireFrom the cover to the title, there s nothing about this book that screams must read The main character is named John Smith for goodness sake Plus this is one of those sometimes frustratingly slow built up stories that seemed directionless at times I had to check the blurb to see if this was even a romance book But something happened along the way upon reading about poor sometimes pathetic John Smith I fell under the spell of this slow moving story.Johnny Smith is newly divorced from his wife, doesn t have custody of his two kids and is recently let go from his job He finds himself at 32 years old living with his parents and following all their dictates He s miserable, drinking too much and out of shape About the only positive is that his job has left him with a nice payoff and he s seeing a therapist He decides to escape his oppressive parents by going on holiday to see his brother who he hasn t had contact with for 8 years His parents had kicked out his brother for being gay.This is about Johnny finally getting his act together and you can t help rooting for him Who doesn t love a good come back story Seeing his brother Joe again forces John to confront things in his life He meets Charlie who s like an evil male version of Jillian Michaels from The Biggest Loser with a no pain no gain attitude towards workouts The blurb calls him an unpleasant git which I kind of like And as you may suspect from that description, this is a British book and Charlie wins the prize for being the eventual love interest The book hits its stride when the two of them come together first in a hate friend way and later as lovers.There were some things that put me off in this book as again there s an evil ex wife I d love for once to see some nuanced portrayal of an ex In this case we do get an explanation about her behavior but it still didn t make her likable There was also a scene involving the police that felt like an extended therapy session But maybe that s how things are done in Anwell by Sea It had a bit of a folksy atmosphere.This book grew on me and I really ended up liking it Every issue is not resolved and it does have a HFN style ending This isn t a typical love story with wedding bells I love you s but I loved seeing Johnny getting to a place where he was ready for it If you enjoy a slow developing story and you want something a little different than the insta love that populates the genre, you might want to give this one a try. I really liked the realistic edge to this story It follows Johnny an overweight, recent divorcee who s life is going nowhere He decides to journey to a seaside town to find his brother whom he lost contact with several years prior Along the way he not only finds his brother, but himself as well Throughout the story Johnny struggles with his weight, dealing with the ex wife and his growing attraction to another man All the while trying to be the best father he can, when he can Charlie is an overbearing ass, but by the end of the book Johnny learns that not only does love hit you when you least expect, overbearing can be quite a turn on Charlie s experience is to be expected, but his patience with Johnny the first time they make love was very endearing The author paints a beautiful picture in her writing of Anwel by Sea, I could almost smell the sand and hear the waves coming off the water There were a couple of dips in the story and it sort of just ended Overall it was a refreshing M M romantic tale, with fantastic scenery This book wasn t what I expected Somehow the way the alliteration works in the title elicited in my this expectation of a rather lighthearted book, as if this Johnny person was out of his luck, but still seeing the sometimes tragic comic and irony of life and liked to play with that This book, though, is everything, but not funny At least not to me And it s not particularly lighthearted either Because of that, I read it probably at the wrong time while being in the wrong mood I tried to accommodate for that I gave it three stars, did I not , but it still might not be a completely fair rating Generally speaking, I have to admit that I thought this story was a little dull Johnny wasn t a character I particularly liked, and neither was Charlie The kids I liked, but Johnny s ex wife, well I couldn t stand her to be honest Argh What a bitch Joey and Dave were nice enough, but even with them, there was just no spark Nothing that made me want to dive in and really read about them, get to know them, spend time with them What I liked was how Johnny really tried to improve himself, to turn over a new leaf in his life And, boy, is it time too It seems as if he was passive his whole life, just letting things happen, and while I understand that to a certain extent, it really grates on my nerves too So seeing him actually trying to change and succeeding, that was great The longer I read, the better it got, because I could relate to Johnny and Charlie farthan at the beginning But the feeling of dullness never quite left me, I m afraid Maybe I should reread it at some point, knowing what I m getting into now But I m not really feeling like it, to be honest. DNF around 50% mark I loved the dry and unsuspecting way with which Johnny handles crises and reacts to everything, not even realizing some things himself But the writing is too damned amateurish Everything is described in minute detail, both important and totally irrelevant events How John had come to Anwell by Sea and found his brother, along with what he ate for breakfast, how he shopped for furniture, etc The book could probably be cut in half without losing anything.And if things in UK are routinely solved that neatly and fast, from getting a new apartment to losing weight, it must really be a paradise on Earth. I really enjoyed this book Johnny Smith is someone who life has always just happened too He got swept into a rut early on and wound up married with two kids and working the same job as his father He s existing, but not really living Then, everything falls apart, his wife kicks him out, he loses his job and he s forced into action The book chronicles Johnny s journey as he asserts control over his life and takes responsibility for his own happiness The romance is an outflow of this The book is well written and Johnny is an engaging and sympathetic narrator. 4.5 starsThis was the first book I read by this author, but it won t be the last one It was a very pleasant surprise and I liked it a lot It was fun following Johnny s journey from his restrained self to not only finding his brother but also hisself and a muchsatisfying way of life A few small things preventing me from giving full 5 stars 1 The whole police scene was too drawn out with the officeracting like a counselor than a policeman 2 I missed the dealing with the parents, and 3 The end was rather abrupt On the one hand it was fitting to the overall tone of the story, on the other hand I felt as if something s missing. 4 4.5 stars It started a bit slow but somewhere along the first chapters there s this one heartbreaking scene on the beach where Johnny remembers ah, you need to read it yourself g I fell in love with Johnny and the rest I could easily picture them all in Anwell by Sea, in Ed s house or in the caf and I really liked how Johnny finally found a reason to change his life or the slow development of his first real relationship with a man For me one of the better andrealistic contemporary stories I read this year, even though there were one or two eye rolling moments.Oh And the last sex scene Hot