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Massie Block Getting Back Into Octavian Country Day Was A Piece Of Sugar Free Cake, Compared To Massie S Next Goal Finding The Key That Unlocks An Ah Mazing Legendary Secret Room At OCD Alpha Eighth Grader Skye Hamilton And Her Clique Have Stashed The Key In The Bedroom Of One Mystery Briarwood Boy, But Who Whoever Finds The Key Gets Access To The Secret Room For An Entire Year And The Prestige That Comes Along With It But What Happens When LBR Layne Seems To Be Getting Closer This Is Way Than A Matter Of Life Or Death, It S A Matter Of In Or Out Kristen Gregory Always Been A Star On The Soccer Field, But Her Style Gets Majorly Cramped When Her Friends Are Forced To Join The Team They Better Start Kicking Those Soccer Balls Or Kristen S Going To Start Kicking Some Alicia Rivera Uses Her Skills As A Gossip Reporter To Scheme Her Way Into The Rooms Of All The Briarwood Hotties Dylan Marvil Heard Depression Makes People Lose Weight Is Hoping For Some Sad News Soon Because She S Popping Donut Holes The Way Some People Pop Tic Tacs Claire Lyons Being Famous Isn T All It S Cracked Up To Be Her Agent Confiscates Her Gummies, And Forces Her To Do Some Very Bad Things To Make Her Edgy Worst Of All, Her Constant Meetings With Lawyers And Movie Execs Are Eating Into Her Time With The PC And With Cam Is Being A Hollywood Starlet Worth The Gucci High Price Tag

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    So having read seven Clique books, it s only fair that I leave a review My first impression of this series was that it was a fun pseudo gossip girl that I could enjoy while waiting for my ankle to heal Well it was fun and it s grown on me The first book seemed like a very serious attempt at classifying every Westchesterite as either snobby and rich or snobby and pretentious, Massie being the worst of them all But after a while, the stories focused less on the nose jobs and cars and on the girls who actually have VERY rich characters They are all equally well rounded and I would enjoy following their stories individually And then I realized something that I can t believe I didn t notice at first I lived this Yes, while going to an all girls prep school and worrying everyday about your outfit and the cost of your manicure, it was significantly less glamorous, it was also quite as real as Harrison describes it And after I got over my initial upset at having my county described so flippantly lol , I enjoyed the story which took me back to the days when LBR was in fact a classification that was feared like the plague and you were judged by the car your driver came to pick you up in Such little bratlings we were, our biggest worry, where we would go away to that summer But the best part of these books would have to be Lisi Harrison s engaging rhetoric It s real and funny and you feel like you re sitting in Massie s iPad with the girls and making lists about what to wear in the new school year This was fun and I m going to check out the movie since, apparently, I can t seem to get enough

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    I liked this way better than the last book, but still, I wish the entire Pretty Committee had been working together Ever since Claire officially joined, I hate when the other four make fun of her and exclude her I feel like the story goes back to square one However, I m so glad they made up, and I m interested in what the room is, and how TPC will make it their own.

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    Girls could be so mean sometimes, but this girls do it with style TWIST claire and layne found they key and not the PC

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    The plots started getting silly even for this series at this point The girls are back in school, Claire can t decide if she wants an acting career or friends because how could she have both , and a completely over the top scavenger hunt is going on.

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    Blazers We should definitely wear blazers.

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    that derrington cleaning his room for massie is seen as a next level romantic act is once again proof that this is dystopian femininitywondering when massie will show any redeeming qualities again

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    It s Not Easy Being Mean, by Lisi Harrison, is the seventh novel in the Clique series The childish story is about the drama that is brought about when the Pretty Committee is one of the many cliques given the opportunity of a lifetime, by 8th grade Alpha, Skye Being the leader of the Pretty Committee, Massie Block does everything in her extensive power to get the key to the secret room, provided by Skye in a series of challenging riddles and rules However, because Massie and the Pretty Committee are convinced that everything is in their power, she encounters a few dilemmas along the way As a result, these problems are easily solved by their manipulative ways in style and domination While reading this book, I mentally made a text to self connection In my own experience, I have encountered multiple girls who are convinced they can get exactly what they want, when they want it Nevertheless, I have learned that these girls cannot get exactly what they want, because they are never satisfied Once they are done bullying one person, they move on to the next, never letting the guilt phase them Along with this, I ve also discovered that although girls like the Pretty Committee members seem to have everything and a perfect life, they are always missing something, and that ten years from now, they re impeccable hairstyles and impertinent comebacks won t mean a thing After reading this book, I have chosen to give it two stars I awarded this book with such a low rating because I found it immature and childish Clearly, the low level booked is meant for girls around the age of 12 Although I remember loving this particular book in the Clique series, perhaps my taste in literature has changed On a lighter note, I did find this book mildly entertaining as I remembered it to be, and perhaps I just found it boring after reading it a second time However, I would recommend this book to a younger crowd, or someone around my age who is looking for a very light read.

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    Re read Dial L for Loser s ending left me wanting to read It was also a foreshadow on what this book is going to be about.To start, this book starts off with the Pretty Committee being back in OCD, better than ever and ready to rock the halls once again But maybe, just maybe not for long.This book introduces eight grader Alpha, Skye Hamilton who sent off a scavenger hunt to the key which unlocks the ultimate paradise that the Pretty Committee must have to keep their popular status and rule eight grade I feel that this book is a badass one ever since Invasion of the Boy Snatchers I just love when the Pretty Committee becomes this total badass popular girls who uses their brain, beauty and popularity to their advantages in putting the puzzle pieces together to solve the mystery As a total fan of this series, I understand and feel in my heart that the CLIQUE series is than just them being this snobby, prep girls who cares about their clothes, looks and popularity They re seventh graders who goes to prep school, children of elites and rich people and lived in New York They re like twelve, so they ll tend to be immature and childish But judging from the first few books, the Pretty Committee and pretty much the whole characters are evolving and developing They weren t one dimensional The storyline was really great The characters were definitely well rounded and unique in their own ways The pacing was just right Like always, Lisi just made a great novel It s the perfect combination of drama, secrecy, adventure and Totally Spies mode I have to say that the book wasn t much focus on the characters storyline It was rather a sense of CSI in girl world They had one goal I have to say I m really impressed Every member of the PC was involved No one was left out There s even a room for Layne The total LBR best friend of Claire This, by far the most focus on the story and not the characters yet Recommending this for sure

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    This book is about a group of seventh grade girls belonging to a clique called the Pretty Committee They receive a challenge to go on a scavenger hunt to find a key to a secret room in the school that only the coolest eighth graders can use The majority of the book revolves around the girls competing with other cliques to find the hidden key They use clues from the riddle like poem provided to them by the coolest 8th grade girl to go to different boys bedrooms and look under their mattress for the key Like most novels geared towards young teens, there is drama, fashion and boys I didn t care for this book because of the whole notion of a clique I was intrigued by the title thinking it was going to be similar to the movie Mean Girls where girls start out cliquey but then learn a lesson of acceptance I think middle school is an important time for girls to begin discovering who they are and who they want to be Unfortunately, the claws also being to come out as the same time when young girls begin judging each other for the clothes they wear, who they hang out with, how many friends you have, etc I was hoping this book would send a better message to teenage girls regarding acceptance Instead, I feel as if it fed into the idea of being in a clique with a leader that creates rules for their friends Thinking about a young naive girl reading this series of books, I feel as if they are guided in the wrong direction in socialization among their peers I would only recommend it to read after discussing how hurtful cliques can be and to show MANY examples of how unaccepting young girls can be.

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    This is the seventh book in the series 8th grade alpha female, Skye, has the key to the secret room in OCD and the Pretty Committee needs to get it The problem is that Skye won t tell them where it is hidden and any girl can find it The Pretty Committee is off on a scavenger hunt on a race against time for this key, otherwise the PC will be ruined for the rest of their lives More trouble and drama for the 7th grade girls