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Personal ResponseThis book is absolutely awful I ve never read a book that has made me so angry Every sentence in this book is pure agony Usually I am able to somewhat relate with book characters, but here I just despise all of them The writing is also pretty bad it does a terrible job at explaining what s happening so it s kind of hard to follow.Plot SummaryMassie is a 12 year old girl who wants to be the most popular and pretty girl in the school She also has a few friends friends that are part of the Pretty Committee Another one of her friends named Claire had to temporarily move in with her Then this girl named Nina moves in to their school from Spain, and all the boys fall for her Obviously the rest of the girls aren t happy about this since their boyfriends are all staring at Nina So the girls decide to get revenge on Nina for taking their boys.CharacterizationAll the character s are pretty much the same bland popular girl stereotype They don t learn anything throughout the story The author could have easily made the girls learn something by the end of the book, but that didn t happen.RecommendationThis book is meant for bratty 12 year old girls who want to read about what they wish their lives were like I don t fall into that demographic though so I don t know if my opinion matters Personally I wouldn t recommend this book to anyone. This wasn t the best book in the series by any means, but I love that Claire is officially in, and can work and hang out with the Pretty Committee However, I find that I like the books most when it s about the core dynamic I don t really care about all the boys Give me the girls Especially Massie I love me some Massie. The Holidays Are Over And Massie S Room Is Chock Full Of New Things From Santa Jeans, Sweater, And A New Roommate Once Claire Unpacks, Massie S Room Feels Crowded Than A Zac Posen Sample Sale But What S Worse, Claire Isn T The Only Person Moving Into Massie S Territory Alicia S Hot Cousin, Nina, Shows Up From Spain And Starts Edging In On All The Briarwood Boys, Including Massie S Crush Will Nina, With Her Super Tight Mall Clothes, Make Every Boy In Westchester Fall In Love With Her Or Will Massie Toss Her Out Faster Than Last Season S Sevens Jeans The Social Minefields Of Westchester County S Most Privileged Middle School Girls Drive The Page Turning Action Of This Addictive Series, Set In New York City S Most Elite Suburban County The Clique The Only Thing Harder Than Getting In Is Staying InBook Details Format Paperback Publication Date Pages Reading Level Age And Up I gave up halfway through this series when I was in middle school so I have no idea how it ends These books are HILARIOUS I m still enjoying them now way than I should be but they re just too good I can t stop giggling. It feels strange to rate a book I ve outgrown five stars but this was my favorite of the series back in the old days, and for good reason Childish as I see the storyline now, it s still somehow freaking hilarious.Claire doesn t move shocker and the clique is happy as the day is long only for Alicia s cousin Nina to show up and quarrel with Massie Sides are taken, some of the girls taking Nina s part initially despite their friendship with Massie Then Nina who is creepily over sexed for a thirteen year old goes after their boyfriends and they get cheesed off and run back to Massie.Meanwhile Dylan catches the flu but is so frightened of missing the social scene at school she shows up whacked out on cold meds resulting in a hilarious scene during which she thinks she sees snakes wearing swim goggles and breaks down wailing, Those are MY goggles, mine Later she shows up still sick at a school dance and talks about Kristen s mom going off, but her stuffy nose makes it sound like Kristen s BOMB Wackiness ensues.Claire and Cam break up because he sees Claire kiss another guy, who happens to be Alicia s crush Nina is revealed to have been a geek in the past. tag yourself i m nina falling down while wearing see through black harem pants Mr Lyons received a job offer in Chicago, but no one wants the family to move away Mr Block promotes Mr Lyons giving him enough money to give the guest house an extreme makeover Until the house is done being built, the Lyons must live in the Block s home Claire is allergic to Bean, messes up all the clothes Massie lends her, cries loudly at night over losing Cam, and has a hard time getting a turn in the shower They make a deal to make peace by having Claire sleep in the bath tub All the while, Alicia s flirtatious cousin Nina from Spain is stealing all of the girls crushes Many look to Nina for boy and clothing advice including Kristen and Dylan, and Alicia, Massie, and Claire s picks for the dance Josh, Derrington, and Cam end up taking Nina to the dance instead of them like they were supposed to It turns out that Nina is also a real thief as she has been taking a lot of people s possessions It takes a few operations and detentions until they finally find evidence, her stash of stolen items At the Love Struck Dance when she Nina is awarded the Cupid Award with Derrington they completely humiliate and expose her They had her heels sawed off so she trips, then Alicia reveals Nina s stash of stolen items causing Nina to be bombarded by angry people, and old, ugly pictures of Nina are spread to everyone Nina leaves America the very next day only to be welcomed by her furious, older sisters because Nina had taken their boots and such They all go to the soccer finals and Derrington, the star goalie, gets hit in the face after Massie wishes he would be, so they most likely lose Derrington asks Massie to meet him and she learns the reason why he d avoided her is because Nina lied and said that they had to if they wanted to win the soccer game She gives him an M brooch to remember her and he gives her the Cupid award that would ve been given to her had Nina not forced him to come to the dance with her Claire takes Massie s advice and flirts with another boy, Josh, whom Alicia says she s over She ends up having her first kiss with him which Cam sees and is upset by He had only avoided her because of Nina s Spanish soccer spell which he though Claire knew about but she didn t The characters were well developed as always, and I feel as though Claire is gaining confidence and a stronger relationship with Massie Nina was a very interesting character and I thought the girls most definitely got their revenge at the end I m glad she s gone because she was making everything complicated I was shocked that Claire had kissed Josh and not Cam, too I can t wait to read the next book of course. This book is about a group of girls called the Pretty Committee They are the total It Girls of the school The people in the Pretty Committee were Massie, Alicia, Dylan, Kristen, and the new girl Claire They are all supposedly beautiful besides Claire She wears ugly clothes, has greasy bangs that go straight across her forehead, and an awful since of fashion Throughout the previous books, the Pretty Committee go on a and off with liking Claire They are pretty much forced to be with her non stop because her family lives in Massie s guesthouse it was only a temporary move because Claire was just staying there until their family could get the Claire s dad a new job Then they would be able to afford a house of their own Massie and Claire become really close after a while and Massie starts to think of Claire as her sister When Claire s family decides to move back to Chicago, Massie and Claire are crushed They Finally convince Claire s dad to let them stay Massie and Claire hang out a lot so when they went to a party together they met Alicia s cousin that was originally from Spain She is stunning with beauty and all the the Pretty Committee s boyfriends like her Her name is Nina Nina acts really nice and innocent but she secretly is trying to steal all of the girls boyfriends I liked the book a little but i thought the point was pretty stupid I really like Claire because she is sweet to everyone and is not the least bit self centered Massie is probably my favorite character, because she is really cool and has a great since of fashion Everyone likes her at the school I don t like Kristen and Dylan because they think they are all that They are really sassy I hated Nina because she was just self absorbed and was just plain rude I really like Alicia because she is really pretty and has a lot of friends She isn t only friends with the Pretty Committee she is also friends with others outside of the group It makes her seem a lot less Cliquey than the other girls I recommend this book to girls because it talks about girl things a lot. In the fourth book of this series Claire and Massie are finally becoming friends, but the better friends they are, the the other three hate them The girls are excited about the Valentine s dance with all the Briarwood Boys until Alici s hott new cousin moves in and starts to steal the boys hearts, and other things I think this is a nice addition to the first three books in the series, but I think these books are really easy to read Teenagers go through the same things as the OCD girls boys, friendships, clothes, sports, ect but it seems like the books are at fourth grade reading level I still read them though because they are fun Lisi is a great author but seems to make the girls in this book really stuck up Massie and her Pretty Comittee only wear prada I don t even own prada I think thats where Claire comes in She s the normal one that brings the girls back down to Earth I like Lisi Harrison s style and I m going to continue to read these books because they draw me in Thats my favorite part about them, they are almost impossible to put down She s definatley right about this though The Clique the only thing harder than getting in, is staying in i think this cover was my fav one also i can t rmr just how far i got in this series thinking broadly abt YA of this era, i m wondering what the equivalent trending genre was for young male readers or how these wealth porn books would have been written for them at all this one feels extra mean spirited because it involves claire executing a scheme with no remorse before this she usually had some reservations all these mean girls are essentially the same acting out in order to compensate for their own insecurities but we are led to believe that nina is different somehow imagine a YA book with a school bomb threat joke in this day and age, lmao this book revolves all around the girls getting their first kisses or whatever, but the boys here are such nonentities at the heart of each girl s romantic conflict is the fear that she is either undesirable by men or lagging behind in development which is probably the most realistic part of the whole thing and contributes to my theory that this series is at the end of the day abt youth becoming cognizant of the restraints of femininity blah blah blah