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Sixteen Year Old Yara Silva Has Always Known That Ghosts Walk Alongside The Living Her Grandma, Like The Other Females In Her Family, Is A Waker, Someone Who Can See And Communicate With Ghosts Yara Grew Up Watching Her Grandmother Taunted And Scorned For This Unusual Ability And Doesn T Want That To Be Her Future She Has Been Dreading The Day When She Too Would See Ghosts, And Is Relieved That The Usually Dominant Waker Gene Seems To Have Skipped Her, Letting Her Live A Normal Teenage Life However, All That Changes For Yara On Her First Day At Her Elite Boarding School When She Discovers The Gene Was Only Lying Dormant She Witnesses A Dark Mist Attack Brent, A Handsome Fellow Student, And Rushes To His Rescue Her Act Of Heroism Draws The Mist S Attention, And The Dark Spirit Begins Stalking Her Yara Finds Herself Entrenched In A Sixty Year Old Curse That Haunts The School, Threatening Not Only Her Life, But The Lives Of Her Closest Friends As Well Yara Soon Realizes That The Past She Was Trying To Put Behind Her Isn T Going To Go Quietly I was fortunate enough to receive an ARC copy of Intrinsical From the opening lines of chapter 1, you go on a rollercoaster journey with Yara and her new friends During the first few days at a prestigious boarding school, she tries to ignore all the paranormal happenings that somehow only she can see and experience I found myself getting very wrapped up in certain scenes and even disgusted by a certain paranormal being which is good This shows that an author can bring the images in her head to the paper and invoke a reaction from you, the reader I don t want to give anything away, but if you like clean stories, ghosts, romance, suspsense and the smell of citrus, then this book is for you I hope there is a sequel I m intrigued on how Yara will handle her gift as she continues to grow and mature at her boarding school. This book burts forth like a bull from a gate Lani doesn t hold back on getting the story moving right away Yara s journey of acceptance is masterfully laid out over the course of the novel with plenty of twists and turns along the way The sensory details are amazing, and the way she incorporates the orange groves into the story is thrilling for anyone familiar with Corona to read, since it s such a part of the local history It s refreshing to read a book with a female lead who starts out strong and keeps getting stronger I also appreciate that the book is free from swearing Overall, it s a book I would read again and again, because there s so much in it to enjoy. Actual rating 3.5 starsYara is a sixteen year old Waker she comes from a long line of Brasilian women who can communicate with ghosts and apparently astral project After moving to a boarding school with a wierd reputation, she saves the life of a boy named Brent and from there everything goes right and wrong at the same time As usual, I don t want to write any spoilers, so I ll just say what I did and didn t like The story was really interesting and the writing was great Brent is a fantastic character, and at times I wished that he was the center of the story Yara just wasn t developed enough as a character and because of that she seemed a bit detached most of the time I liked the dynamic of her relationship with Brent and I really hope it will stay as simple and sweet in the next book Another big advantage of this book is that there is NO love triangle I ve learned my lesson about first installments by now, which means I will definitely read the next book as soon as it comes out My YA loving friends, this is a must read for you My fellow UF people, next time you find yourselves surrounded by Disco the vampire and his friends, Intrinsical might make a nice break from it all. A girl that can see ghosts.A boy that can astral project his soul.And a best friend whose obsession about an eerie curse could put them all in danger.Yara, Brent and Cherie are three teens who share two things in common the prestigious private school they attend and the fact that they all believe in ghosts Yara most of all, as she is a Waker a person who has the gift of communicating with and seeing ghosts, a gift passed down through her family But Yara doesn t want this gift She doesn t want to be crazy or shunned by those around her Hoping for a fresh start, she and her best friend Cherie come to Pendrel school, where Cherie hopes to discoverabout the rumoured Pendrel Curse Yara begs her to leave well enough alone, already having visions and ghostly sightings that don t bode well Yara is drawn to new acquaintance Brent and eventually discovers that he has the ability to astral project But her new found peace doesn t last for long accidental suicides, murders and drownings start to occur and as the body count goes up, Yara and her friends are in a race against time and the supernatural.Can they discover the murderer s true identity And at what cost I loved how the romance stuff didn t overpower the storyline at all we got to discover alot about the whole Waker thing, see her abilities and Brent s and that made me glad When an author takes the time to create a concept it s nice to see them explain it at length and use it in the plot Actually, it s nice to see a book that keeps to the plot, and doesn t simply mention the supposed plot now and then and sticks to the make out sessions Brent and Yara s subtle draw to one another is adorable and adds to the general emotional response of this book I loved every minute of reading it, and Cherie s humour, Brent s wicked comments he sthan just a pretty face , Yara s determination and of course the best scenethe Dallin asks Yara to the dance in front of an invisible Brent scene that was hilarious made it a spectacular paranormal YA book that I will most certainly read again and again D I am a sucker for books set in boarding schools You see I grew up on a steady diet consisting of Enid Blyton books, books that are almost always set at boarding schools Remember St Clares Mallory Towers Or Elinor Brent Dyer s Chalet school series No Well okay, suffice it to say that where I grew up, these books were fairly popular So anyway, back to Intrinsical I thought that the first novel was a strong opener in the trilogy I enjoyed it thoroughly and if you have been following my reviews, you will know that it takes a fair bit to win me over Hur 1 The main character is likeable and relatable This might seem very simple but to me, if the main character isn t likeable, I won t be able to read the book I have to like her and I liked Yara Actually, the first few pages alone won me over I love it when gender roles are changed and the damsel in distress ends up being the prince on the white charger 2 You know how in great horror movies, it is the atmosphere, the tenseness of the moment, taut nerves stretched tight, beating hearts sounding loud in the unnatural stillness of a room Intrinsical creates the setting and atmosphere brilliantly I felt my heart beat speed up and race, there were certain moments when I was almost afraid to turn the page It was deliciously thrilling 3 The friendship There is a pushy friend but Ms Woodland spends time developing her and her pushiness comes to make sense and becomesforgivable when you are armed with the pertinent facts 4 The mythology is engaging and believable I have read a book or two that asks the reader to suspend their belief to such as extent that the belief might as well be orbiting around Jupiter Intrinsical utilizes many techniques to create a mythology that actually makes sense 5 The romance does not make me roll my eyes I really loved the way it s handled with subtlety Lani takes the time to actually develop their relationship, portray their attraction and let me tell you, the gradual development of any relationship rocks any grand insta love you might be shipping Oops, fan girl term, short for worshipping the OTPer, one true pair Anyway, Yara and Brent and their relationship or the development of it is very fun to read.Intrinsical is a remarkable premise that will hold your attention and keep it so that you will be as impatient to read the second in the trilogy as I am It is smartly written and the author has welded elements of romance, supernatural, thriller and intrigue in a manner that will make you wish the book was longer. I nearly droped this book because of it s shaky start I m glad I didn t An intriguing plot with enough twists and turn to keep you on edge The story bursts forth from the first page Yara Silva is a Waker She can communicate with ghosts On her first day at Pendrell Academy she saves the life of a student, Brent from a ghost attack Pendrell has a history of being cursed and Yara unwittingly becomes it s target. Apart from the way the book started the story is overall well executed We get hints and clues until the whole story slowly unfolds like a big jigsaw puzzle It has an air of mystery that will creep you out Another aspect of the story I really liked was the romance It was subtle and took a while for the attraction betweeen Yara and Brent to develope It felt natural and believable I thought Yara s character was a bit underdeveloped and I would have liked to knowabout her family of Wakers, especially her Grandmother I hope to meet her in the next book Overall it was an interesting read. 4.5 starsUnique, creepy and completley absorbing Loved the surprising twists and these charcacters and the writing are remarkable Need. Rating Clarification 4.5 Stars closer to 5 Book quote I had the feeling that the past I was trying to put behind me wasn t going to go quietly.Books such as Instrinsical reinforce my love for paranormal stories because they strike a delicate balance between creeping me out and creating a suspended reality that I can easily come to believe I definitely enjoyed this ghost story by Lani Woodland and the entire cast of characters she created were amazing The writing was beautiful and the flow was flawless, especially the last two thirds of the book where I was so glued to the pages, I found myself reluctantly stumbling upon the final scenes.About the book Yara Silva has grown up believing that ghosts walk among us because her grandmother is an Acordera or Waker someone who could communicate with ghosts Yara has lived her entire life hoping that this ability would pass over her for fear of being called crazy, but all that changes when she and her best friend enroll in Pendrell Academy which has been known to have a paranormal history Yara gets caught up in the fray when she saves Brent, a fellow classmate, from a ghost attack and suddenly becomes a target.I enjoyed this book for many reasons, but the main one has to be Yara and Brent s budding relationship I loved how Woodland chose to slow the pace down for these two characters because in the end, their feelings for each other felt real and believable I have to say that I predicted a couple of the twists, but the one that happened in the last third of the book, caught me so off guard that I gasped in pleasant disbelief What a twist Also, I have to note the beautiful art cover I loved how it ties in with one of the most important scenes in the book That recurring scene was emotional for me because of my love for the ocean, lake, pool anything related to water, and it reminds me of one of my biggest fears shivers When I finished this book, I rated it 4 stars, but as I ve had a couple of days to process the perfection of this story, I ve bumped it to 4.5, so that s what I m going with Overall, this book was everything I enjoy in a great ghost story, including a slow romance, emotionally ridden scenes, creepy backdrop and likeable characters I will definitely be signing up for the rest of Yara Silva s journey Awesome read Thank you Alexa for sharing your book with me DFavorite QuoteThe subdued light and the flowered perfumed air created a romantic setting as we walked the well worn paths of Pendrell Conversations unsaid and experiences shared followed us like shadows, but we didn t speak There was an undemanding easiness in our silence, but it also crackled with insistent possibilities. 4.5 starsI didn t know what to expect from Intrinsical I just knew I wanted to read it and hoped that I would like it While the beginning didn t grab me right away, I clearly remember the moment I became completely hooked It was during the last two thirds of the novel It was filled with many surprises, and it was exactly what I was hoping for and , exceeding any expectations I had If I had to describe Intrinsical in one word it would definitely be impressive.I admit Yara, the main character, had to grow on me just a bit She had a temper, which isn t necessarily a bad thing, but combined that with the fact that she would keep secrets about her abilities..well, it did get a bit frustrating at times And then she would sometimes go into dangerous situations without thinking things through But you know what Sometimes risks are necessary It may have seemed stupid at first, but in the end, it was smart and really brave If she didn t follow her instinct, she never would have been able to get out the situation she and Brent were stuck in I m proud of her for making her own decisions, and I ended up really liking her feisty character.The relationship between Yara and Brent was one of the things I really loved about this book Right away it was easy to see that they were interested in each other It seemed like a typical romance was about to bloom between them, and I thought it was only a matter of time before they were kissing and became a couple But I was wrong They became friends first They didn t jump into a romantic relationship because all that mattered to them was helping each other stay alive That s what they focused on, and I loved that There were also times where they became irritated and frustrated with each other like normal people I m so glad for that because it made their relationship seemnatural and believable.As I mentioned, I really enjoyed the last two thirds of the novel I thought the paranormal aspects were very unique, and it was filled with some pretty heart pounding moments, which really surprised me At first I didn t like that important information wasn t revealed right away, but I really came to like how it was all done When I finished I just knew it wouldn t have been nearly as interesting and exciting if the author decided to not reveal only bits and pieces throughout the story Another thing I really liked about the last two thirds of the novel were the secondary characters like Yara s friend Cherie and Brent s friend Steve I thought they were just going to continue to stay in the background, but nope They became very important to the story, and they were just as great as Yara and Brent I hope to seeof them in the sequel With a unique ghost story and one of the few I can think of off the top of my head that has a romance that develops gradually and naturally, I have to say that Intrinsical is definitely one of the better young adult paranormals I ve read It didn t end in a cliffhanger in fact, I was completely satisfied with the ending , but it still left me wantingand feeling very impressed I so look forward to Indelible, the next book in The Yara Silva trilogy, to find out what happens next with Yara and Brent and their friends Be sure to check out these books