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As I Read Choukri S Notes, I Saw And Heard Jean Genet As Clearly As If I Had Been Watching A Film Of Him To Achieve Such Precision Simply By Reporting What Happened And What Was Said, One Must Have A Rare Clarity Of Vision William Burroughs, From The Introduction To Genet In TangierTangier, The Most Extraordinary And Mysterious City In The World, According To Mohamed Choukri, Was A Haven For Many Western Writers In The Early Twentieth Century Paul Bowles, Jean Genet, And Tennessee Williams All Spent Time There, And Each Was In Turn Befriended By ChoukriCollected Here In One Volume, For The First Time In English, Are His Delightful Recollections Of These Encounters, Offering A Truly Fresh And Unpretentious Insight Into The Lives Of These Cult Figures Includes An Afterword By Choukri Previously Published Only In French As We Walked, I Showed Tennessee The Arabic Translation Of His Play, And Explained That The Title In Arabic Meant A Cat On The Fire I Added That Several Of His Plays, Both Full Length And One Acters, Had Been Published In Arabic, As Well As Some Of His Short Stories I Heard His Noisy Laugh For The First Time Many Books, Many Boys Mohamed Choukri Is One Of North Africa S Most Controversial And Widely Read Authors After A Childhood Of Poverty And Petty Crime, Choukri Learned To Read And Write At The Age Of Twenty He Then Became A Teacher And Writer, Finally Being Awarded The Chair Of Arabic Literature At Ibn Batuta College In Tangier

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    This volume is three books in one Paul Bowles in Tangier, Jean Genet in Tangier, and Tennessee Williams in Tangier All three subject matters are incredible writers yet the best of the three is without a doubt, the Bowles book The Genet and Williams is interesting in a gossipy way, but Mohaned Choukri has very mixed and strong feelings about Bowles as a man and writer And is actually a good reader of his work as well Personally, i find Bowles endlessly fascinating Burroughs has a reputation of being cool, but it is nothing compared to the Bowles cool It s not cool, it is solid ice He s an amazing writer, and i like his music, what I have heard of it Nevertheless, an interesting read especially or only interested in the whole Tangier literary scene, etc.

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    I enjoyed this book immensely What a treat to see through Choukri s eyes, his vivid anecdotal insights bringing to life the daily lives habits of these authors in heyday Tangier a city I have visited and whose unique history I am in love with Choukri s perspective enthralls as a native Moroccan who encountered and part immersed himself in an exotic world of Western exiles who in turn found the native culture exotic and often inscrutable He reveals how both sides exploited each other in different ways during a unique period in history in a city unlike any other then nor since I do wish the name of Jane Bowles was on the cover with the list of three men I found the significant snippets about her to be the most touching, gut wrenching and inspiring as a writer myself I took some of Choukri s opinions of people with a pinch of salt, but it was all thoroughly enjoyable I m about to read the book again.

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    I have read two other books by Mohamed Choukri By Bread Alone and Streetwise Unfortunately, I wasn t able to read them in Arabic, as I didn t have access to them I read the English translations Mohamed Choukri is a writer, but not a philosopher, politician or moralist He depicts life as he has lived it or as others have spoken about it His writing is focused on his life and the society as it affects him The interaction between the two is not a happy one The genius of his writing is in expressing the intersubjectivity via sex.

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    I loved this book for the Paul Bowles section rather than other two, much superficial essays Choukri s discussion of Tangier where he lives, his interactions with Bowles and his discussion of the author musician with others is a fascinating portrait It is different to those of other non Moroccan authors and full of unique anecdotes That the author himself has such an unusual background adds a special interest to his work.

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    old pal of Paul Bowles who is open minded but divided between his beliefs, alliances, habits, hedonistic nature and urges simple but effective and a valuable timepiece and cultural artefact