epub pdf How to Make Money wwith 3D Printing: The New Digital Revolution By Adidas Wilson – Cekhargaproduk.co

Well written. As D Printing Is Becoming An In Thing, Many People Are Striking Fortune And Making It Big In The Industry Such Achievement May Not Be A Cakewalk, But Then Seeking Ways To Get A Breakthrough Is By Far The Only Way To Get There And Realize What Others Have Conceptualized Into Moneymaking Means If You Have Always Had Interest In D Printing And You Are Into Making Money With This Technology, It Is About Time You Worked Smart To Beat The Challenges Ahead Three Dimensional Printable Models May Be Created With A Computer Aided Design CAD Package, Via A D Scanner, Or By A Plain Digital Camera And Photogrammetry Software D Printed Models Created With CAD Result In Reduced Errors And Can Be Corrected Before Printing, Allowing Verification In The Design Of The Object Before It Is Printed Several Projects And Companies Are Making Efforts To Develop Affordable D Printers For Home Desktop Use Much Of This Work Has Been Driven By And Targeted At DIY Maker Enthusiast Early Adopter Communities, With Additional Ties To The Academic And Hacker Communities Three Dimensional Printing Makes It As Cheap To Create Single Items As It Is To Produce Thousands And Thus Undermines Economies Of Scale It May Have As Profound An Impact On The World As The Coming Of The Factory DidJust As Nobody Could Have Predicted The Impact Of The Steam Engine InOr The Printing Press In , Or The Transistor InIt Is Impossible To Foresee The Long Term Impact Of D Printing But The Technology Is Coming, And It Is Likely To Disrupt Every Field It Touches The Economist, In A February ,Leader This book is AMAZING keep putting out great work. I felt like I was reading a high school English class s compendium of term research papers The whole was poorly edited, if at all The chapters were highly repetitive, all answering the same question rather than trying to build and answer to the question Bald, bold, unimaginative, and un nuanced statements were made with minimal support or development All of the how s were so high level as to be useless e.g., have a strong social networking presence, or use a marketplace such asor Etsy Examples were few and far between and mostly felt like they were the first Google hit on the topic Should I go on This was one of the better rated books on the topic, I can t imagine a low rated one Not worth the time spent to read, much less the cost to buy. I did enjoy the read and had a few aha Moments, however just so people know, most of the book is about different industries usage of 3d printing and not about how you can use it to make money There is roughly one chapter that touches on this however.