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Solitude Is Said To Linger Closely Behind Those With Great Power Standing As A King With Unrivaled Strength, Status, And Fame Even So I, Who Once Fought To Live, Lay Drowned In My Shallow Throne With No Will Or Purpose There Were Many Who Were Jealous Of Me, But I Would Gladly Say, Take It All From Me It Ll Be My Gift One Day, I Finally Got My Gift A New Life With A Second Chance To Right My Wrongs And Fulfill My Regrets, Allow Me To Show You What A Former King Can Do Th Volume Of The TBATE Series

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    Huge disappointment Almost insultingly bad Do you want to read a short book with no action until the last act, only to be trolled by a Bad End cliffhanger Are you tired of everything cool in the last few books, and ready to dive into highschool romantic drama and poorly written political conspiracies Are you ready for unexplained rocketing power levels and the meaningless deaths of side characters to show how bad the bad guys are Are you ready for this series to turn into a crappy anime If so, man, this is the book for you If that doesn t sound like it s up your alley, don t buy this book It s short, boring and badly written I kept waiting for the book to pick up like the last three did, but all of a sudden it s the end and I feel robbed At least a third, possibly half, of this book was filler that served no purpose in advancing the plot, building the characters, or even offering entertainment As a fan who was looking forward to this book, I am deeply disappointed.

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    4.25 Stars

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    Annoying storytellingToo many long POV changes taking us from main character, useless foreshadowing information overload, and upsetting cliffhanger as soon as the story finally starts.

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    I can t stop reading This series has me hooked, the drama, intrigue, mystery, and action, action , and even magic action And who wouldn t love the awkward boy trying to meld what a previous life made him with what this new one would have him become Omg I have to read the next one right now

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    The author lost all of his imagination.90% of this book was a rip off from different Japanese animes Even the end was totally predictable and quite stupid There is the classic appearing out of nowhere for no particular reason with no explanation There was the classic let s split up even though there might be some danger.

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    Holy Crap Too many emotions are running through me, that I don t even know what to do This book was soo stressful, totally scared to read the next one but I willtoo stupid to put it down

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    Still a fun seriesThis book put to rest my previous remarks that the earlier books in the series we re to cute Boy ol boy did the last couple of chapters go dark I did like the plot twist foe Elijah Getting better and better.

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    Save the princessSimilar to the other book until a battle at the school Guess there were too many characters I m going to have to read book 5 to hopefully see what the series is going.

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    NiceA good book Well written, with unpredictable plot and interesting characters, and character growth I could use a map though.

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    Huh.Huh Wow Really Wow Huh Really Jeez Omg How Good book Good book Really though Serious shocker I mean seriously.