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In Her Exciting Debut, Laila Lalami Evokes The Grit And Enduring Grace That Is Modern Morocco And Offers An Authentic Look At The Muslim Immigrant Experience Today The Book Begins As Four Moroccans Illegally Cross The Strait Of Gibraltar In An Inflatable Boat Headed For Spain There S Murad, A Gentle, Educated Man Who S Been Reduced To Hustling Tourists Around Tangier Halima, Who S Fleeing Her Drunken Husband And The Slums Of Casablanca Aziz, Who Must Leave Behind His Devoted Wife To Find Work In Spain And Faten, A Student And Religious Fanatic Whose Faith Is At Odds With An Influential Man Determined To Destroy Her Future What Has Driven These Men And Women To Risk Their Lives And Will The Rewards Prove To Be Worth The Danger Sensitively Written With Beauty And Boldness, This Is A Grip Ping Book About People In Search Of A Better Future

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    The I read from Northern Africa and in to some extent the Middle East the complex the narrative is This along with books like The Drum Tower or The Cry of the Dove give me a glimpse at how varied the stories are How varied the choices the characters make are how varied the reasons for those choices are I ve barely scratched the surface in these regions and I just want to read .

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    I was hooked with the first chapter A group of people set off in a small boat to cross the strait of Gibraltar away from Morocco towards Europe and towards hope Some made it some did not What happened to get them to this point where they are willing to risk it all and what happened afterwards Was it worth it Wonderful short novel that truly explores the idea of hope and the impetus to change your circumstance.

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    This is a novel that is pure storytelling no real authorial artistic flair is added Also, while the characters are real enough, their psychologies are not really presented with much development Still, I recommend this short novel because its content is fascinating.Lalami clearly wants to give her English speaking audience I am sure this book would be quite different if it were written for a Moroccan or Maghrebian readership some insight into what brings a person to risk the treacherous journey across the Mediterranean so, so many that don t survive this journey and these are the ones that we know of to live a life in the margins of European society Because of the diversity of her roster of characters we first meet them in their rubber dinghy motorboat making their ill fated 14 trek across the strait of gibraltar we also gain some insight into the various segments of Moroccan society Unemployment, corruption, and inequality are front and center in everyone s experience As are some important character flaws and some heavy doses of bad luck While not an entirely astonishing in what it describes, I always appreciate a writer s efforts to give people humanity in this case the illegal migrant from the Maghreb who have been transformed by the media into symbolic elements of political discourse that often trigger unthinking responses.

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    Lalami takes us aboard a crammed inflatable boat as several immigrants from Tangiers try to cross the Gibraltar straight into Spain But the person they paid to take them to shore, stops short of the shore and drops them off, when some of the passengers cannot swim Some drown The novel is the interwoven stories of four of the survivors, some who made it to Spain and some who did not It reads very much like a fable and reminds me of the Alchemist Each character undergoes a transformation, including the ones who never make it to Spain While it is clear each of them needed to take the journey, it is not clear that each of them needed to leave Tangiers It is a beautiful book by a talented writer.

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    This is the first novel I read from Moroccan author Laila Lalami, living in USA and writing in English, and this book was also her first novel This novel stands out from other novels written by other Moroccan writers from both a different writing style and the originality of the topic Behind the sad statistics of casualties among the boat people , whether those trying to reach to Miami from Cuba, or to Spain from Morocco, and or to Italy from Syria turkey, there are real people with real faces and real lives left behind In this book, the author described clearly and concisely in the first chapter such a trip by a group of people leaving Tangiers to Tarifa on a Zodiac boat, fleeing a known past to reach an uncertain future In the following chapters, the author selected 4 of those people, 2 men and 2 women, to describe their respective lives in 3 different cities before the trip She showed well, the general uncertainty of their future, the desperate state of their current lives, their lack of choices and their only remaining chance for hope of a future is to immigrate illegally the country After the illegal immigration attempt, 2 of those characters returned home to a different life than before slightly better than before and 2 continued to Spain, immigrated illegally for a future different from their dreams, but still better than what they had.In this clear, short, and easy to read book, the author depicted through the 4 different characters the various social and economic problems Moroccans face on a daily basis still of actuality today and offered readers with a general and detailed realistic pictures of how Moroccans live today.

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    Hope and Other Dangerous Pursuits by Laila LalamiPosted on January 29, 2012 by Suzanne FOURTEEN KILOMETERS Murad has pondered that number hundreds of times in the last year, trying to decide whether the risk was worth it Some days he told himself that the distance was nothing, a brief inconvenience, that the crossing would take as little as thirty minutes if the weather was good For many Muslims living in Morocco, the idea of escape to the West is the promise of a better life a job, the ability to feed one s family, security But the crossing of 14 Kilometers across the Strait of Gibraltar in a small boat or inflatable raft is dangerous Hope and Other Dangerous Pursuits is a deftly written novel about the lives of four Moroccan immigrants and what drove them to seek a better life in Spain.From the first pages, the author had me hooked This is a can t put down book that left you cheering for the characters, and weeping for them when things didn t quite turn out as they d hoped For anyone who has the privilege of living in a prosperous country, this book should make you grateful and compassionate towards those who desire to live the life you are blessed with.

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    I have a dried cuttlefish habit That is, I can open a bag and consume it within minutes Love my tentacles.What does that admission have to do with this book I ate this book up the way I eat my squid The words were inhaled and then it was over Over Too soon.This is a slim volume but the stories have depth On a zodiac boat speeding its way across the Strait of Gibraltar, we meet hopeful Moroccans who hope to land on the shores of Spain where they believe their fortune will be made Their greedy captain has other plans, however, and by the time each passenger s fate is revealed, it s time for the backstories to unfold.I loved the simple storytelling of the migrant experience Not every migrant is poor, not every migrant is living a difficult life Sometimes, it s just the idea of hope that pulls one away from home Hope for a better life, hope for freedom, hope for an iPhone The high unyielding fanatical religiousness of one character, for instance, gets a complete somersault and shows how easily money can overcome ideals.Wasn t it Hope that was left in Pandora s box Lovely book.Book Season Spring Mediterranean spoils

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    Although this book was written 10 years ago, it remains timely in that it illustrates the problems that are still being faced by people trying to cross the Mediterranean in sub standard boats in order to leave their home countries in Africa and get to what they hope is a better life in Europe The immigrants in this particular book are fleeing Morocco for Spain Cleverly structured, the book takes us on that journey in part 1 and we meet some of the people making that dangerous crossing Part 2 gives us the backstory of four of the people and we learn why they have taken this desperate measure part 3 meets up with those same people a few years after the crossing The characters are varied an abused wife, an educated man who cannot find employment commensurate with his skills, a husband who leaves his wife behind, and a young religious woman whose only crime was to discuss her religious beliefs with the daughter of a powerful man A short work, but nicely done and beautifully written.

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    This book opened my eyes to immigration in Europe It seemed very similar to Mexican and especially Cuban immigration to the US For some strange reason, it is comforting to know that other countries face some of the same issues and challenges as the US I liked the the author s technique of introducing us to the characters in the midst of the trip, and then backtracking to tell us their history, and how they got to that point This book read super fast, but I was left wanting to know about each of the characters.

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    I d love to give this one five stars as I think it is truly unique and well written But it just doesn t give quite enough sense of resolution for me to be totally satisfied A great book detailing the plight of several Moroccans and following their attempt to migrate to escape the lack of jobs and hopelessness of Morocco Each chapter is the perspective of one of the characters either before or after they ve tried to emigrate The prose is spare and easy to read A little treasure of a book.