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TOP 100 BESTSELLER IN FANTASY HORROR EROTICA AND FAIRYTALESVolume I in The Erotic Adventures of Snow White CollectionWhen the insatiable ueen of the Kingdom of lust sees Snow for the first time while riding through her village she simply must have her for her collection of sex slaves Snow is brought back to the ueen's lair and stripped of all dignity undergoing a long initiation before the ueen's audience where she is forced to endure a variety of BDSM erotic torment before finally surrendering her virginity to the ueen herselfThen she must withstand a rigorous training period learning to be sexually receptive on demand Once her training is complete Snow spends years entertaining her Mistress with an endless array of carnal performancesOther books in The Erotic Adventures of Snow White Collection Volume II The Huntsman NOW AVAILABLEVolume III The Enchanted Forest Coming Feb 10th 2015Volume IV The Seven Woodsmen Coming Mar 15th 2015Volume V Rose Red Coming April 15th 2015Volume VI Thanking Sir Prince Coming May 15th 2015You may also enjoy 'Craving Red' a Bestselling Paranormal Erotic Retelling of Red Riding Hood WARNING This book contains graphic sexual content and situations which some readers may find objectionable Intended only for mature readers over the age of Eighteen

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    Snow White has never been so hot The Erotic Kingdom may be a fun place to visit; as long as one does not find oneself in the wake of the wicked and I mean wicked ueen or as she demands to be called Her ueen Mistress