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This is the explosive true story of the only man ever to infiltrate the Hells Angels organization as an FBI informant uncovering the truth about the notorious biker gang's netherworld of evil lust and violenceA chilling crime story that strips away the Hell's Angels's image to reveal a powerful and deadly organized crime syndicateThe author's acceptance into the highest ranks of the gang led to an unprecedented FBI sting operation and 42 arrests

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    Damn this is dark In fact Lavigne opens with an apt statement The darkness of crime lies not in its villainy or horror but in the souls of those who choose to live their lives in the abyss Ok tell that to the victims Whatever way you look at crime reading such a vivid account is a ride through hell And it's not because the writing is bad or boring although I did find it to be dry quite often facts upon facts transcriptions of recorded dialog etc In short it was most often like reading a newspaper article for over 3o0 pages In his sparse commentary however you catch glimpses that Lavigne is indeed a crafty writer the opening sentence I mentioned is indicative He takes a highly critical tone of the HA and rightly so calling them for example cowards and middle aged snivelers I've been curious about biker gangs and particularly the HA since I was a teenager I even remember a group coming to a small town near mine and being excited to possibly catch a glimpse But there's nothing romantic about HA In fact I didn't realize they were so openly misogynist and racist essentially a group of a Neo Nazi rapist drug mongering child killing thugs Lavigne's book might be exciting if you're into undercover investigations and relish knowing the HA get taken down somewhat by the FBI infiltrating with high ranking informant Anthony Tait But this ain't like it is in the movies Be prepared for a slog through the mud of human depravity and true wickedness in addition to the long albeit realistic accounts of surveillance I was not prepared and frankly had to force myself to get through it