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Heavenly Discourse is a collection of satirical essays by Charles Erskine Scott Wood written in the form of plays or discussions between such characters as God Jesus Mark Twain Tom Paine Robert Ingersoll Billy Sunday Theodore Roosevelt Politically radical the essays ridicule militarism prudery religious intolerance Ten were originally published in Max Eastman's magazine The Masses the 1st in '14 Following passage of the Espionage Act of '17 The Masses was suppressed by the US government on grounds it was detrimental to the war effort Wood continued to write discourses In '27 Vanguard published a collection of 41 of them under the title Heavenly Discourse Titles include Is God a Jew Marriage God Receives a Delegation Freedom The Monkeys Complain Birth Control Anthony Comstock in Heaven Prohibition Billy Sunday Meets God The US Must Be Pure Billy Sunday Instructs God A Fly Bothers God St Peter Loses a Soul Preparedness in Heaven Prayer Satan Brings the US into the War A Pacifist Enters Heaven in Bits The Stupid Cannot Enter Heaven TR Enters Heaven Prince Buttinsky God Paul Satan on Christianity Satan Loses His Mind God's Picnic God's Picnic the Playwright Rabelais Censors Censorship God Christ Have a Merry Christmas Denver Prays for Rain God on Catholicism the KKK God Advises Peter as to the Church Bishop Wm Montgomery Brown Enters Heaven God St Peter Discuss Theology Joan of Arc Heretic Saint Satan Regains His Reason Charles Evans Hughes Visits Heaven wout a Passport Is Deported England's General Strike The Lame Duck Imperialism The Golden Rule Satan Asks for Help Noah's Cruise God's in His Heaven All's Wrong wthe World In Billy Sunday meets God Sunday is surprised to find people he condemned in heaven Why there is Herman Morgenstern I sent him to hell He kept a family beer garden on 4th Avenue in New YorkWhat is he doing here? Jesus replies I liked him He was a gentle charitable soul Sunday objects that he kept a beer salon Jesus replies I lived with publicans sinners Sunday complains about the presence in Heaven of a woman who had had an illegitimate child Jesus replies I liked her The one with her is Mary Magdalen From A Pacifist enters Heaven—in bitsBATTERED SOUL I'm a pacifist GOD A what? BATTERED SOUL A pacifist I believe in Jesus peace GOD So you are a Christian? BATTERED SOUL O no I really do believe in peace In a discourse on Preparedness in Heaven God decides to prepare for a war against SatanGABRIEL I am afraid Heaven won't stand for that Jesus has preached peace too long GOD We must first frighten them fill them with fear then with hate For example headlines in the Heavenly Herald Horrible Atrocities of Satan Make the Cosmos Safe for Jesus Satan Threatens Your Halos Satan Disembowels a Cherub Satan Rapes the Ten Foolish Virgins so on GABRIEL But none of this will be true GOD True? Of course it won't Don't be a fool Gabriel You can't work up a war—preparedness I mean—on the truth This is war—I mean preparedness— we simply must lie—the horrible the lies the better

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