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Gwen McAllister and Desmond Blankenship have both had their share of disappointment in love and marriage Gwen is a divorced woman who swears never to love again Desmond is a businessman who finds his wife in bed with a friend The two meet at a party in Phoenix and soon begin a long distance relationship While Desmond knows Gwen is the woman he wants to be with Gwen is reluctant about facing her feelings for Desmond Just when Desmond is ready to declare his true feelings for Gwen Gwen’s life take an unexpected turn Leticia Martinez Gwen’s long time friend and occasional lover makes an unexpected visit At first Leticia and Desmond express an instant dislike for one another Will Gwen have to choose between the two people she loves the most or will they make the relationship work for all three of them?

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    I had not had the pleasure of reading anything by Gioconda Lyss before Heaven on Earth Now that I have read this great steamy story I know I want to read Gioconda Lyss has created a wonderful story with plenty of steamy scenes and a little bit of mysteryGwen McAllister and Desmond Blankenship have developed a very hot long distance relationship that really works for both of them Gwen is a little hesitant to develop a deeper relationship She has been bitten by a bad relationship in the past and just wants to keep things kind of light Desmond is trying to end a bad relationship but he's having a tough time getting the strings cut Gwen and Desmond have a nice relationship that is plenty steamy but when Leticia comes for a visit things get a even hotter I don't want to give too much away but if you enjoy a really good steamy bedtime story I think you will enjoy this one It's a rather short story so it is perfect for a nice naughty bedtime read I found Gioconda Lyss' Heaven on Earth to be a nicely written erotic story with a plot that certainly kept me entertained I was given the opportunity to read this story in order to share my thoughts with you As always it has been my pleasure to share my thoughts with you

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    Erotic Story for Mature Adults OnlyGwen is a caterer in Phoenix One magical evening she meets a handsome man at one of her events He is a sexy and exciting businessman He's also married Desmond tells her he's getting divorced but she doesn't believe himWhen Gwen experiences feelings beyond their friends with benefits status uo she's shocked Her marriage had ended with a fiery crash She doesn't want a Phoenix to rise from the ashes Does she?An involuntary shiver ran through her The sight of him—all six feet two of muscled body—moving with the grace of a big black cat down the hallway made her realize how wonderful it was to have a man in the house She had been alone for so long and it had taken her so long to trust a man again that she had almost forgotten how good it was to have one at her sideHeaven on Earth by Gioconda Lyss is a wonderful erotic story for mature adults only The action takes an exciting turn when Gwen gets an unexpected nocturnal visitor Find Heaven on Earth Gioconda Lyss style

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    I got this book as a gift from the author in exchange for an honest review I really connected with Gwen because I'm also a plus sized woman Gwen wanted to surprise Desmond and show up at the airport to pick him up She ISBN't sure if Desmond likes surprises Gwen was in a bad relationship before Desmond where her ex husband didn't respond to her touches the way Desmond does Desmond is getting a divorce from his wife Elizabeth Desmond wants to be with Gwen but he knows that she isn't ready for a serious relationship so they are going to take it slow Leti comes into the book as Gwen's friend but also her lover Do you want to know about Leti and Gwen? Do Gwen and Desmond end up together? Read the book to find out I will definitely be recommending this book to friends Gioconda Lyss captured my attention from the first page I read this book in one sitting She is a very talented author and I'm looking forward to reading of her books

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    I devoured this debut novella in a single evening honestly could not believe it was your first work Heaven on Earth was eual parts steamy erotica and page turning thriller I greatly enjoyed it esp the little twists and turns I only found one thing I didn't uite believe but I could overlook that tiny flaw for the uick plot line well fleshed out characters and interesting and very steamy plotExcellent work I will definitely be on the lookout for this author in the future I revived a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review upon completion

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    I got this book as a gift from the author in exchange for an honest review Gwen and Desmond have a very hot distance relationship but then Leticia comes for a visit things get a even hotter This is a fast paced story of a woman's pain and mistrust to healing and happiness to reach her dreams I could not put this book down I highly recommend this book NOW Thank you for giving me the opportunity to read this book I Can't wait to read by you

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    This book had a good storyline and good characters The characters were all full and well written and the story did not become boring like so many of the erotic stories can The back stories are very good and the friendship deepening between the two women was again well written and very believable The plot twists were good and I enjoyed the steamy scenes which were steamy without being ‘smutty’ written Well written and definitely worth a read