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When Year Old Tessa Suffers A Shocking Accident In Gym Class, She Finds Herself In Heaven Or What She Thinks Is Heaven , Which Happens To Bear A Striking Resemblance To Her Hometown Mall In The Tradition Of It S A Wonderful Life And The Christmas Carol, Tessa Starts Reliving Her Life Up Until That Moment She Sees Some Things She D Rather Forget, Learns Some Things About Herself She D Rather Not Know, And Ultimately Must Find The Answer To One Burning Question If Only She Knew What The Question Was Written In Sharp, Witty Verse, Wendy Mass Crafts An Extroardinary Tale Of A Spunky Heroine Who Hasn T Always Made The Right Choices, But Needs To Discover What Makes Life Worth Living

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    After being hit by a dodgeball, Tessa finds herself at the mall she s in a coma and so her subconscious generates the environment she s most familiar with Tessa is given a shopping bag filled with items from the mall, items that each represent an experience that has shaped her She is instructed to watch and analyze each memory so that she can find the answer to her Question Tessa is extremely flawed she lies and cheats and steals I do not condone Tessa s actions, but I find it ridiculous when readers condemn Tessa for being that way The author intentionally made Tessa undisciplined to convey the message that it doesn t matter if you don t get caught, because your own conscious will arrest you My main issue with this book were Tessa s parents At the end, she forgives them for their shitty parenting No NO Just because you love your child does not excuse you from the responsibility of raising them ___ Final Assessment This book was Good Capital G, though it s not for everyone Definitely targeted to a mature audience It s short written in verse , but speeding through it won t give any enjoyment it s the details in this story that are significant, the universal yet unacknowledged truths, the anxiety and angst that teenage girls go through.

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    Wendy Mass lived in my town I m not sure if she still does so when I was in middle school, she came to our school library once to sign books and answer questions about the writing process I got a free copy of this book, read it, and wondered, Is this what teenagers are like Will I be this way when I m a teenager Getting drunk and making out with people and just generally being reckless Nope As it turns out, Tessa just makes really terrible decisions And I turned out to be the type of teen who rolled her eyes at people like Tessa, and wondered how they can have so little regard for their lives There s not much I remember about this book except that the main character was a TRAIN WRECK and it had some pretty risqu topics when I read it.In essence, when old people say, Kids these days, in a disapproving tone, they re talking about unlikeable dolts like Tessa.

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    To begin with, the premise of this book was intriguing A girl goes to heaven, but it looks like the mall What But then it turns out she s just in limbo, which makes a bit sense In that sense, the book could ve been so, so good But then Tessa happened Tessa is the main character, and in the beginning she is quite likable However, whenever she starts to relive some of the memories living up to her death, the book starts to decline Everyone makes mistakes, but Tessa did things that, although they weren t necessarily serious, were very clearly wrong and she had no good reason for doing any of them I really lost all respect for her, and I found her to be mostly unlikeable I continued on until the end of the book, though, and was dissapointed It could have had a very redeeming, Christmas Carol esque ending Actually, I think that was what the author was trying to achieve But although the memories certainly could have taught Tessa something about herself and how she needed to change, they didn t seem to affect her at all until the very last chapter, when all of a sudden she realized what she needed to do to become a better person and live life to the fullest The ending would ve been really cute if there had been some character development leading up to it and if I had actually cared about what happened to Tessa All in all, I was not too happy with this book, but it was a very quick read and I don t feel like I wasted time on it, as every book you read, no matter if you like it or not, teaches you something I m not sure if I would recommend this to a friend, but by all means, if you re interested, read it Don t let me decide what books should go on your bookshelf.

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    Reviewed by Andie Z for TeensReadToo.comWhen 16 year old Tessa sees the orange dodgeball flying at her from across her high school gym, it never even occurs to her to duck Soon after, she finds herself floating towards heaven, which looks just like the mall where her parents work and where she has spent a good deal of her life She is led to the Lost and Found, where she is given a bag of items items that she has taken home from the mall during her lifetime, and each item takes her on a journey to her past She relives several memories, many of which she d rather forget, and she realizes that it is up to her to sort through her life up until the moment the dodgeball hits her and finally answer the most important question of all I really enjoyed HEAVEN LOOKS A LOT LIKE THE MALL, and would definitely recommend it, especially to fans of stories like A CHRISTMAS CAROL It is written in verse, but if that s not your thing, don t let it stop you About a quarter of the way through the story I stopped noticing the verse because I was so engrossed in the story, and Wendy Mass does a wonderful job making the reader feel for Tessa, even if she s not always the most likeable person Whether you re looking for a fun summer read, an interesting verse novel, or a deeper story about life and death, you shouldn t miss HEAVEN LOOKS A LOT LIKE THE MALL.

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    Heaven looks a lot Like the Mall is about a girl, Tessa, who is about to go to college and is writing her essay She is asked the question, who are you She isn t quit sure who she is One day, while playing dodgeball in gym class, she gets hit in the face with the ball and falls into coma While she is in her coma, she ends up at the mall She was raised as a child in the mall because her parents worked for the mall She meets this boy who takes her to the locker rooms and shows her a bag of things she has purchased Not all the things but just somethings that she has forgotten she had purchased She soon starts to live her whole life form the beginning From when she bought her first pair of shoes to her prom clothes Special moments in her life keep coming back to her and by the end of the book, she is able to answer the question about who she is This book is very relatable Any teenager child can relate to her situations in life When she bought her dolls or even when she bought her first prom dress It talks about any struggles, problems, anything in a teenager s life and how Tessa got through it.

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    Not what I expected I read this before but stopped because I got sucked into a reading slump but boy oh boy I liked how it was written, the stories within the story and the overall moral of it Definitely enjoyed it.

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    Hmm little weird, little inappropriate Just like me

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    When Tessa gets knocked into a coma by a rogue dodgeball, she has a near death experience in her local mall Guided by a druggie kid with a drill bit stuck in his head, she relives a number of memories, forcing her to look inside herself and decide whether or not she likes what she sees I thought this book was both hilarious and insightful The protagonist s honest and sarcastic narrative is easy to enjoy and identify with Pick it up, it s a quick and excellent read

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    Why I choose this book NOT IRP I chose this book because I really like the author Wendy Mass She worte many books that I have enjoyed I realy like the way she describes things She really uses her 5 senses when she is discribing the seting and also the characters are so well detialed You can even really see them in your head when you are reading.Independent Reading Project 4 22 10This is a story about a girl named Tessa who gets in an accident in gym class This accident makes her have to go to the hospital She feels as she is in heaven, but because of the many times she has gone to the mall The mall is her heaven This is about Tessa learning to appreciate all the important things that her parents have bought her at the mall This is an experience of a lifetime, that I think Tessa will never forget My favorite character in the book was Nail boy Nail boy was my favorite character because he was very helpful to Tessa He was the one who guided Tessa throughout all of the things she learned when she was in heaven He also didn t judge her at all Because he saw everything important that she bought at the mall during her life The climax of the story is when Nail boy took out the bag of memories This bag had all the things she had bought at the mall Most of these things she didn t even remember buying The Nail boy brought her back to all the moments where she bought those things, which showed her how important those moments were.The author is trying to show that when you buy something that you really like, or someone else buys it even if you don t like it you should always appreciate, and be thankful that you got anything Don t forget about it just loose it and not take care of it Keep it in good shape Another thing the author is trying to show is that life can teach you morals Even when you re not expecting it I would highly recommend this book to a person who gets a lot of stuff in life Who gets what they want This book will teach them to respect the person who bought it for them And may teach them that they don t need everything What they have is good enough for them But always be thankful I really enjoyed this book I would rate a 10 out of 10.

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    Tessa Reynolds is finishing up her junior year of high school She s just had a humiliating experience at the prom, and she s constantly struggling with her weight and her obsessive mother When she sees a dodgeball zooming toward her head in gym class, she doesn t bother to duck As she falls to the gym floor she finds herself in heaven that looks a lot like the mall, well at least what she thinks is heaven and where she spends most of her free time over the years Tessa s not very athletic so playing dodgeball in gym class is maybe not her idea of fun At the mall she meets Nail Boy the boy that she saw when she was taken to the hospital He had a nail stuck into his head but even after he was cured, she keeps on seeing him with the nail stuck in his head and him giving her a bag that s fill of things For example, in the mall she sees him handing a bag that had A pink shoe a yellow plastic cup with a daisy printed on it a glass bowl a red t shirt a roll of toilet paper a blue prom dress and all things she s bought at the mall.I thought this book was really good but I thought the book was too short Even though the book had many pages, in each page there was not a single page that had a full page of writing I would recommend this book to girls because I felt like this book was mainly for teenagers that are interested in fashion I would get this book four stars because it was really good but I felt like there needed to be details Lastly, I thought this book was kind of inappropriate for children because it had some bad words and so I wouldn t recommend this book to children that are under eleven.