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What an awe inspiring story I knew nothing about Catherine when I picked up the book While the storytelling can be about as juicy as drinking a glass of sand, the story itself compelled me forward Admittedly, I ve been reading a lot of historical fiction and the lack of dialog took getting used to The author, whose excellent historical fiction work about Marie Antoinette was amazing, is a well regarded historian and I found the book to be well sourced and credible. Largely a very interesting book, I found it a little heavy on the details of Catherine s life during the early years of her marriage and very light on details when it came to her actual years of reign I thought this was a shame not because her early years were boring, but because I would have liked to have learned about why she earned the title great As it was described by the author, it didn t seem like she did much to deserve the nickname.Still, all in all an enjoyable read with easy, accessible language. Parola del mese grande Marzo 2018 Una volta l imperatrice aveva detto a Zavadovsky che il suo tempo apparteneva non a lei, m all impero Non aveva alcun diritto di sprecare le ore per curare il suo aspetto prima di tutto venivano le necessit dei sudditi Questa ottima biografia rende omaggio ad una figura di spicco nella vasta Russia, una donna erudita, caparbia, sensibile ma anche pratica e moderna che ha saputo prendere in mano le redini dell impero russo e guidarlo verso un periodo florido di espansione ed affermazione in quanto potenza Nata come principessa prussiana Sofia Augusta di Anhalt Zerbst, venne definita negli anni Caterina II la grande , scelta poco pi che adolescente per andare in sposa a Pietro III, figlio della imperatrice Elisabetta La lettura scorre piacevolmente grazie ad un esposizione chiara i fatti sono esposti in maniera rigorosa ed accurata, senza per appesantire la struttura del saggio e sono sempre collocati contestualmente all interno del panorama culturale, sociale e politico di quel tempo, con uno sguardo tanto alla Russia quanto al resto dell Europa. I really didn t know anything about Russian history beyond the names Peter the Great, Catherine the Great, Ivan the Terrible, etc And this book, while flawed, was deeply fascinating I loved learning about Catherine and life in Russia in the 1700s The descriptions of the thousands of gowns of Catherine s predecessor, or how a whole road was built just for Empress Elizabeth to get oranges It s crazy to think that neither Catherine or her one time husband Peter III were Russian, but succession was just super weird that way The problems The book can jump around at times and be hard to follow In one page it says Catherine was grateful not to be pregnant in the next page she s about to give birth The book will mention one of the countless courtiers one time and then their name will reappear 100 pages later with little to no context So you re flipping back to try to figure out which was this one again While entertaining, there are also no footnotes, so it s hard to know what s historical fact and what the author might be embellishing But, all in all, I feel like I learned a lot and have a lot of new dinner party anecdotes Can t wait to read Catherine the Great s actual memoirs now she was pretty prolific about her early life P.S I also learned a new word that seems to be a favorite of the author perfidy The you know. I really liked it, especially up until she gets married Should have been called Young Catherine because it s mostly all about the pre Empress times, drawn from her early memoirs Easy reading Love the cover of the book and even the special letters used for the title, hand crafted by Dia Calhoun, a lettering artist. As always Carolly Erickson provides a well written and convincing portrait in words of the person who is the subject of her history in this case Catherine the Great of Russia Catherine had the sort of life fantasy novels use as a background She rose from being an obscure German princess with next to no prospects for marriage to eventually become empress in her own right of an empire Not since the rise of Empress Theodora in old Byzantium had a consort risen so fast and high under her own qualities.How do you fit a life like Catherine s into 381 pages By leaving a lot out I m afraid Catherine s zest for building both buildings and art collections was only briefly brushed upon and this book does a much better job of covering her life while she was Grand Duchess than when she was Empress Having said that this book is still a great introduction to her life if you haven t read much about her before it s not my first book on the subject though it s been many years and as always Erickson writes a very easy to digest book. Delve into Russia s most important ruler s life of Catherine the Great Read first hand the twist and turns of her life Discover her conflicts on her way to the throne This book is better than any of the Game of Thrones books When you read this book, you ll agree too Instead of reading about a fictional soap opera, you can read about a real life one, as well learn about some history, and it will also further your understanding of the world For example, if you read this book, you can have a better understanding of why the Russo Turkish war happened This book is also great because of its accuracy For example, the book included first hand accounts from Catherine the Great herself, as well as other first hand accounts, which adds to the historical accuracy of the book What are you waiting for Sofia di Anhalt Zerbst, nacque nel 1729 nella spenta Stettino, figlia del nobile e severo soldato prussiano Cristiano Augusto di Anhalt Zerbst , che che lei am molto, e della spumeggiante e frivola Giovanna di Holstein Gottorp, la quale dovette sposare il cugino del piccolo principe di Anhalt Zerbst pi grande di lei di 22 anni, pur essendo la nipote del re di Danimarca Per delle questioni dinastiche i figli di Cristiano e Giovanna, sarebbero diventati i futuri principi di Anhalt Zerbst Cos l obbiettivo di Giovanna fu quello di dare un figlio maschio e sano al marito Ma invece per prima nacque una bambina, Sofia, che per il suo sesso, sar sempre disprezzata dalla madre E in effetti Caterina, cos ribattezzata dall impetuosa, stizzosa, a tratti crudele imperatrice Elisabetta I non ebbe una vita facile, tutt altro La madre era invidiosa della sua vitalit , intelligenza, curiosit e sana costituzione che mancava al malaticcio fratello e mortificava sempre la sua esuberanza, anche intellettuale, tarpandole le ali.Qualcosa cambi quando a 16 anni Sofia, nonostante il suo basso rango, venne data in sposa a Carlo Pietro Ulrico di Holstein Gottorp, nominato da poco erede di Russia dalla zia, la zarina Elisabetta, donna volubile, discutibile, autoritaria, possessiva, stravagante, crudele ma che sulle prime parve prendere in simpatia la giovane Sofia che proprio da lei ricevette il nome di Caterina Furono anni da incubo per la giovane futura zarina Il matrimonio non fu mai consumato, il marito oltretutto era violento, pazzoide, un debole Tutto ci che ci si aspettava da lei era un erede che per ovvi motivi non venne e, a quel punto, si pens ad un amante, il primo di una lunga serie, quel Sergej Saltynkov padre del futuro erede al trono Paolo I tra i pi significativi il bellissimo Grigorij Orlov, che tanto determinante fu nella sua ascesa al trono, aiutandola a spodestare lo squilibrato marito, e il non certo affascinante ma carismatico Pot mkin che addirittura, pare, spos segretamente e che, per molti anni, fu il suo braccio destro Ma Caterina fu a tutt altro che una donna leggera e frivola, fu solo costantemente alla ricerca di un a che potesse sostenerla, farla stare bene, consigliarla Era molto intelligente, sobria, aveva un opinione estremamente ottimistica della natura umana, non amava essere adulata ma comunque era orgogliosa del suo ruolo che cerc sempre di svolgere al meglio delle sue possibilit , mettendo al primo posto l a e il benessere del suo popolo Fu una grande riformista, ammirava i filosofi illuministi francesi come Voltaire, Diderot, Montesquieu che conobbe personalmente Fece tantissimo per rimodernare il Paese ma spesso si scontr con un monolite fatto di ignoranza, superstizioni, ristrettezza intellettuale, lassismo, corruzione Riport grandi vittorie ma anche cocenti sconfitte Ma and sempre avanti, con tanto coraggio e determinazione, tra mille paure, minacce, accuse, grandi dolori From The Moment The Fourteen Year Old Princess Sophia Of Anhalt Zerbst Agreed To Marry The Heir To The Russian Throne, She Was Mired In A Quicksand Of Intrigue Precociously Intelligent, Self Confident, And Attractive But With A Stubborn, Wayward Streak, Sophia Withstood A Degree Of Emotional Battering That Would Have Broken A Weaker Spirit Until At Last She Emerged, Triumphant Over Her Many Enemies, As Empress Catherine II Of RussiaHer Achievements As Empress Were Prodigious She Brought Vast New Lands Under Russian Rule She Raised The Prestige Of Russia In Europe She Began The Process Of Imposing Legal And Political Order On The Chaos She Inherited From Her Predecessors Yet Few Historical Figures Have Been So Enthusiastically Vilified As Catherine The Great Whispers That She Had Ordered Her Husband S Murder Grew To Murmurs That She Was An Immoral Woman And Finally To Shouts That She Was A Depraved, Lust Crazed Nymphomaniac With Deft Mastery Of Historical Narrative And An Unsurpassed Ability To Make The Past Live Again, Carolly Erickson Uncovers The Real Woman Behind The Tarnished Image An Indomitable, Feisty, Often Visionary Ruler Who, In An Age Of Caveats And Constraints, Blithely Went Her Own Way Great Catherine Reveals The Complexities Of This Great Ruler S Nature, Her Craving For Love, Her Insecurities, The Inevitable Sorrows And Disappointments Of A Strong Empress Who Dared Not Share Her Power With Any Man Yet Longed To Be Led And Guided By A Loving Consort Great Catherine Is A Fresh Portrait Of An Infamous Historical Figure, One That Reveals How Catherine S Flawed Triumph Guaranteed Her Posthumous Fame And Enhanced The Might And Renown Of Russia For Generations To Come