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In Fruit of the Vine we meet Justin a sensitive introspective boy whose physical features and personality make him a convenient target for many of his cruel peers One night he wakes to find himself on a mysterious island which is inhabited by a horde of bizarre creatures Despite his desperation to find out where he is and importantly how to get home he becomes involved in the plight of Irvino a beast who is ostracized on this island much in the way that Justin is in his own world The story ends with a twist as Justin in helping Irvino ends up helping himself by making a lifelong friend out of Irvino In essence the protagonist of Fruit of the Vine saves himself by saving his savior but not in typical fashion Fruit of the Vine is unique from other books in the fantasy genre in that it is meant not only for the grade school aged fantasy reader but also for anyone interested in the topic of bullies and how altruistic qualities can develop in childrenReviewed by Anne Marie Reynolds for Readers' FavoriteFruit of the Vine by Ellen Weisberg tells the story of Justin Justin is a quiet shy boy who is frequently targeted by his peers because of his looks and his sensitive personality One night he wakes up to find himself not at home in his bed where he should be Justin appears to be on an island full of strange creatures and despite desperately trying to get back home he gets involved in helping Irvino You see Irvino is in the same situation that Justin is in picked on and ostracized Justin feels drawn to him kindred spirits in very different worlds By helping Irvino Justin helps himself to recognise what true friendship is and to see that being different is never a bad thingFruit of the Vine by Ellen Weisberg is an amazing story The subject of bullying is a highly emotive one these days we live in a cruel world and it seems that children can be far brutal than adults Ellen tells us how one young boy changes from being a shy introvert to a outgoing person through a dream The book is exceedingly well written and easy to understand I feel that it shouldn’t just be for children This is a book that should be read by parents children and teachers alike The illustrations add a great deal to this story and they tell their own story as well I truly believe that there should be books like this and that they should be made compulsory readinghttpfarmerswiferamblescom201305

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    Love love LOVE this book Being the father of an 8 year old son that gets bullied this has brought him out of his shell I would like to thank the authors for bringing me and my child closer My son not only loves the serious aspects of this book but laughs every time I read it to him I'm very impressed also with the illustrations Very unique and colorful they paint the picture of book