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Siren Allure Erotic Contemporary Romance adultery light BDSM sex toysuinn Lee Hollis is a forty three year old veterinary surgeon who has reached a crossroads in her life Stuck in a loveless and emotionally abusive marriage she decides that she has had enough and vows to cut loose and enjoy herself in Las Vegas with her sisterThere she meets and falls in love with two men Both bring out the fire and passion in her that she has longed for her whole life Steve Eischer is a Vegas tycoon who wants to fulfill her every fantasy and Jake Hartley is a classic bad boy who awakens desire in her so strong that it nearly destroys herBoth Steve and Jake have claims on her heart but only one can share a connection so strong that nothing can keep them apartThis is the original version from Siren Bookstrand The rights have been reverted back to the author The original tale has been broken up into two books part 1 and 2 and additional content added to each part to round out the story

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    The book For the love of uinn is written by Tammy Dennings Maggy For those who believe that fairy tales can come true this is the book for you This is an erotic romance story This book is extremely long It has 714 pages and 195 chapters The characters were well developed The author introduces the reader to the main character who is uinn She’s a 43 year old veterinarian trapped in a loveless marriage has an affair with one man and is madly in love with another who’s not her husband The man she’s madly in love with is the one she swears is her soul mate and she can’t live without him There are many hot and steamy erotic scenes in the book It is a typical boy meets girl boy loses girl then boy gets girl story All in all it is a pretty decent book and if someone is up for reading a very long book this one’s for you I personally would have loved it if uinn and her billionaire lover had gone to exotic places around the world to discover their passion for each other

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    Okay so I am partial it is my book afterall

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    For The Love of uinn Now and Forever Book One Tammy Dennings MaggyReview from Jeannie Zelos book reviewsI love long novels and this one is 628 pages so was looking forward to a good erotic romance Sadly though I found that I think I'd have enjoyed it if it was shorterThere were long periods when nothing really seemed to be happening where the text added nothing to the story I liked uinn and her lovely family thought Steve was just a real gentleman and almost too good to be real but his explanations for his actions were genuine and rang true I think with his history he was content to enjoy life as it came and not strive for what he felt he wouldn't get He just wanted uinn happy Jake well he annoyed me he did all the things he promised he wouldn’t treated uinn appallingly and if I was her I'd have given up on him long past So OK that wouldn't work well in the book but I really felt given their lack of real contact that she hung on when anyone sensible as she was would have given up I didn't understand why he kept uinn dangling while going out with Iris who was a real piece of work Instead of seeing sad lost romance soul mates parted etc all I saw was a selfish jerk giving a lovely lady the run around and a great man Steve holding back because of that I know Jake gave his reasons – they weren't enough for me though uinn was intelligent so why she let herself be treated like this didn't work well for me I know about her history but instead of sorry for her I wanted to shake her to shout “stop being a doormat”The erotica well there's sex in the book lots of it but for me it takes than just lots of hot sex to make a book erotic The scenes were so similar basic hot sex little foreplay nothing really adventurous or different that to me its a romance with sex scenes not an erotic romance Fine definition but that's how I see it Stars three A decent read but not as good as I’d expected ARC supplied via Netgalley

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    Wowokay this is as book and a long book at that uinn is a good strong character as are the other characters in this story The attraction and the heart aches and the really??? while I role my eyes Jake and Steve fall fast and hard for uinn She sounds beautiful and smart and easy going and independent I thought that was a nice touch She is a classy woman and the things thrown her way were hard and the husband Jackson is an asshat as I think the author intended him to be uinn has a billionaire at her beck and call and this is story land people Anything can happen The fact that Steve fell in love with her after 2 days and had a tattoo of her on him in the same amount of time was a bit unreal Fantasy land it was and a knight in shining armor too This read was good and long and thorough I was emotional and cried with uinn and was happy when she was happy and definitely mad when she was That is a hard thing to accomplish I have character with drawls sometimes and wonder why didn't this author write this and what happened with that character I was left with no things left to wonder about with all these characters That was a nice touch Not bad at all for a debut novel as it was the first and was what I understood it to be uinn and Steve and Jake what a story this was I did enjoy this read and was entertained through outone thing thoughI thought Jackson should have had of a punishment and maybe been a little hard to get rid of oh wait my badthis is a Classy woman and just the right touch Go UINNI received this ARC from the author via Net Galley for my honest review Thank you Net Galley

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    As a reader that is becoming frustrated by the serialized novella novels that are being published lately imagine my surprise and delight to find this long read I found that I had to adjust my reading style to slow down to the pace of this beautifully written romance It is a traditional romance in that there is a love triangle our heroine has to choose between the man that's perfect on paper and the one that's of a challenge The characters are fully faceted and likeable the character growth throughout is visible and logical Add in the fact that the heroine is in her forties and unhappily married and that neither of the hero options are her husband and that's when things get interesting Tammy Dennings Maggy has managed to offer readers an evenly slow paced thoughtfully plotted story What a treat The story is enhanced by erotic sex scenes and they actually serve to move the story along The secondary characters are interesting uirky and carefully drawn; I saw several opportunities for future storylines Ms Maggy's settings were detailed beautifully and the dialogue seemed appropriate to the characters and the situations If you are looking for a book that will last awhile has a satisfying happily ever after and just enough erotica to keep it interesting this one's for youI received my copy from NetGalleycom in exchange for an honest review

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    uinn is in Vegas for a veterinary convention and speaking engagement She attends the convention every year but this year is different She has finally decided to enjoy herself in spite of her abusive marriage She meets Steve who owns the hotel and they begin an affair that is off the charts smokin' hot They become very close and enjoy their time together At the same time uinn meets Jacob who she is also attracted to When it's time for her to go home she has new knowledge about her husband that strengthens her resolve to get a divorce She also leaves having feelings for two men that she needs to choose I have to say that I was totally team Steve from beginning to end I never liked Jacob EverFair warning this book is much longer than most but totally worth every page Not only is it rich in storyline but the characters are great as well I loved uinn's brother that worked at the tattoo shop Would love to read a book all about him for sure uinn is surrounded by a group of friends that you want to know even about than what is already sharedI give For the Love of uinn 4 hearts

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    Okay so it totally loved this book But OMG it was a long story This is the story of a strong amazing female character uinn who has been hard on her self and now she is finally starting to realize that she is worthy of attention and love She leaves her husband Jackson at the time and heads to Las Vegas for a veterinary conference and speaking engagement Prior to her speaking engagement she decides she is going out to one of the clubs to let loose and relax and have some fun This is where she meets the two men that will have heart in twists and turns throughout this whole story The storytelling was amazing I commend the author i could literally imagine this book being a movie because of the details I could truly either be in love with the characters or totally hate some of them and i did for sure I recommend this to a reader that is willing to stick with a book with a great story with a but a number of pages to read 196 ChaptersThis has an amazing fairytale story that the all romance readers loveI reviewed this book as an ARC for NETGALLEY

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    I truly enjoy the way this author writes Her characters are fabulous I sort of did the series backwards by reading The Island and then this book but it still made sense to me and I can't wait for the next novel in the series I suggest doing it right by reading this book first then The Islanddon't follow my example lol This is an engaging book I loved the characters and the storyline is truly entertaining I can't imagine anyone being disappointed by this read

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    I liked it but thought it was a bit long There were parts I skimmed I admit However I really liked the characters and that kept me in it for the long haul They really pull at the heart strings which is what you want when you read romance right?

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    Breat book hope you continue the series