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A Vacation In Paradise, But Is It For Fifteen Years, Slacker Teddy Christopher And Straight Laced Parker Denton Have Been Best Friends, Despite The Numerous Scrapes Teddy Has Gotten Them In When Teddy Invites Parker To Come With Him On A Working Vacation To Check Out A Resort His Father Is Considering Buying To Add To The Fantasies Chain, Parker Doesn T Hesitate To Go Then An Unexpected And Unwelcome Visitor From Home Arrives, And Somehow Parker Finds Himself Caught Up In Another One Of Teddy S Wild Schemes In Order To Get Rid Of Her Now Teddy S Acting Strangely, Parker S Feeling Things He Shouldn T Be, And They Re Both Forced To Play Roles Can Their Friendship Survive This Vacation This Series Is Connected Mainly By The Location And Can Be Read Inany Order

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    2..5 Stars

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    3.5 stars view spoiler This is my third Fantasies story I ve read today and probably my least favorite Don t get me wrong, I enjoyed the story fine but I don t necessarily buy into the fact that one of the main characters suddenly discovers that he is gay or bi after years of happily being with a string of women I ve read gay for you stories before but most were really out for you That s not the case with this one.Teddy and Parker have been best friends for over 15 years Teddy is a fun loving guy and the life of the party He s always smiling or cracking jokes Another thing he s also always doing is getting Parker into one crazy scheme after another Both men come from wealth This is probably the only thing they have in common Parker is a serious person, always planning ahead Teddy is the complete opposite Teddy s latest scheme involves asking openly gay Parker to pretend to be his boyfriend in order to get this stalker girl off Teddy s back Of course Parker is offended by this and refuses instantly Then Teddy asks Parker to go on a trip to a tropical island resort with him for a week Teddy s father is interested in purchasing the resort and has asked Teddy to check it out Parker reluctantly agrees and what do you know Stalker girl just happens to be at the resort as well It s obvious that it was planned that way though I m not sure how she found out that Teddy would be there The stalker girl is always around leaving Teddy and Parker little time alone Toward the end of the trip both men manage some time away from her, they get a little tipsy and they end up having sex One of them freaks out and runs home without saying goodbye Once they get back home and finally get a chance to catch up with each other, they end up going back and forth over a period of time before they finally figure out that they are meant to be together.Again, nice story but I couldn t see Teddy going from being a total man whore with women to suddenly deciding that he wants a man, best friend or not Once again, the author threw in a quick Epilogue showing the couple a year later This helped somewhat in my reluctance to buy into the relationship Overall, I enjoyed it but I had a hard time taking Teddy seriously hide spoiler

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    Theodore Teddy Christopher and Parker Denton has been best friends for 15 years Teddy is the slacker, the flirst, the one who easily gets the girl Parker is reserved, organized, and he came out four years previously Then, Teddy asks Parker to go to Pleasure Island, to scout the place for Teddy s father hotel business While there, the two realizes that their feeling somehow change, especially when they pretend to be boyfriend to avoid one very annoying girl who can t seem to take a hint that Teddy is not interested.This is a very good story about two best friends falling in love The journey that both go through, the confused feeling between the two friends is well written It s another hit from Cassandra Gold for me Most definitely.

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    well, it is not the most original and the most interesting book and a series i ve ever read, BUT it was good, exactly what i wanted to read during cold, depressing, winter days.first of all it was funny i laughed every time there was Michelle, this woman s determination is just hilarious then, i guess, i would be laughing all the time if i were Teddy or Parker and i d be on Pleasure Island seriously all the names there are priceless.there wasn t a real plot here, at least i haven t seen it, but it was a cool read, i was really really dissapointed in Parker s behaviour through it was sooo not what i expected soo another point for the story for surprising me it was sweet and maybe even too much, it was very predictable, but it s not like i was looking for a very serious book that could change my life i definitely wasn t i wanted a nice, cute story and that s exactly what i got

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    Sometimes we are blind to what we have right in front of us Such was the case with Teddy It took a long time for the realization to dawn on him that his best friend meant to him than all the less than meaningful relationships he d had with girls combined Once he took that first tentative step over to the other side, there was no holding back He had to work a little harder than usual to convince Parker that this was a relationship he intended to keep he did have a bit of a love em and leave em reputation to overcome , but his determination paid off A nice friends to lovers gay for you combination

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    This was cute It simmered a little in the beginning with little hints of passion peeking through Then, BAM Flame.A really nice friends to lover story I enjoyed it.

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    I was bought this book based on the cover Liked it all the way through.

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    Enjoyable friends to lovers story.

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    3.5 stars A cute friends to lovers story.