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I really enjoyed this story The characters were great together and I loved that they developed a friendship first which then led to a solid relationship Everything happened in due time and the angst was kept to a bare minimum since the main obstacle was Will accepting his sexuality and he was open to the possibility since big hearted Ryan was perfect for him in every way. Male Male Erotic Romance How Much Can You Endure Before You Have Had Enough Can William Find Freedom And Independence At What Cost Tired Of His Rich, Controlling Father Running His Life, William Wesley Barrington IV Temporarily Escapes By Running Away To The Fantasies Resort At Fantasies, He S Just Will Archer, A Waiter Who Shares An Apartment With Surf Instructor Ryan Steele Being Free To Live His Life However He Wants To Is Great The Strange Feelings He S Beginning To Have For His Roommate Are Not Can Will Figure Out His Feelings Before The Lies He S Spun Come Unraveled This Series Is Connected Mainly By The Location And Can Be Read Inany Order There is a sense of innocence in this story, when the rich guy go undercover as regular guy, waitressing at the Fantasies Resort Hawaii and found himself as a roommate with the gorgeous surfer I totally love Will and Ryan s interaction It doesn t feel forced or rushed Both takes time to develop friendship as roommate before they acknowledge the pull that they have between one another, even if Ryan knows that he is gay while Will hasn t truly figure it out quite yet The ending is so, so sweet typical word I used to describe Ms Gold s works and by the way, there is one dance in chapter 7 that is just HOT it was good, I guess it is my fav story from the Fantasies series For now 3.5Super low angst and you need to suspend belief a bit but it s sweet I can see Will wanting to get out from under his father s thumb I mean come on, nothing in your apartment was chosen by you Getting a roommate like Ryan, who totally understands the issues with fathers, is a bonus I liked that they were pretty slow about everything I did wonder, Will s gone for week after week with so little notice to work and his controlling father waited so long to figure it out