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Fanny Stevenson Babelio Fanny Van de Grift — tait l'pouse de l'crivain cossais Robert Louis Stevenson et la mre de Lloyd Osbourne Fanny Van de Grift nat Indianapolis le mars ans elle pouse Samuel Osbourne De cette union naissent Isobel en puis Samuel Lloyd en Fanny Stevenson Entre passion et libert Babelio Fanny STEVENSON c'est d'abord une grande fresque historique qui retrace avec exactitude des univers aujourd'hui disparus des mines d'or du Nevada aux galeries de peinture impressionnistes des salons londoniens aux les du Pacifique Fanny Stevenson entre passion et libert Alexandra Bien que plus connue sous le patronyme de Stevenson Fanny Vandegrift femme du grand crivain cossais et mre de Lloyd Osbourne autre crivain amricain fut aussi une personnalit au destin exceptionnel Voici son histoire fascinante rendu accessible tous grce au volumineux travail d'Alexandra Lapierre Fanny Stevenson Wikipedia Fanny Stevenson Poche Alexandra Lapierre Achat Livre Fanny Stevenson Rsum Lorsque en Robert Louis Stevenson rencontre Mrs Osborne une Amricaine de trente cinq ans spare de son mari et mre de deux enfants c'est le coup de foudre immdiat Cette jeune femme joyeuse sauvage qui a derrire elle le pass rude et mouvement d'une pionnire de l'Ouest incarne aux yeux du jeune cossais un nouvel idal Fanny Stevenson Alexandra Lapierre Bien avant de rencontrer Stevenson Fanny avait dj vcu mille vies Marie une premire fois elle avait t l'pouse du lonesome cowboy de la lgende amricaine Fanny Osbourne Stevenson Gte Pradelles nature rando en Fanny est cependant trs fier du travail de son mari et collabore avec lui sur le dynamiteur Nanmoins Stevenson consacre Fanny Weir de Hermiston en pour la remercier de toute son aide Son pome My Wife est une description de ses sentiments pour elle Fanny Stevenson Robert Louis Stevenson Museum Fanny Van de Grift — Wikipdia Fanny Van de Grift ne le mars Indianapolis et morte le fvrier Santa Monica Californie fut l'pouse de l'crivain cossais Robert Louis Stevenson et la mre de Lloyd Robert Louis Stevenson — Wikipdia Robert Louis Stevenson

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    I HAD NO IDEA This is continually how I reacted when I read about the life of Fanny Stevenson 1840 1914 the wife of Robert Louis Stevenson the famed novelist poet and travel writer 1850 1894 It was with continual wonder and surprise that I read the pages of this book Beginning in the 1860s she traveled the world in a fashion that sounds imaginary She traveled from Indianapolis where she was born to New York then boat to the Panama Isthmus on to San Francisco and then Nevada The transcontinental railroad was not yet complete To top it all off she traveled alone with her baby daughter just a jingle of change and a few notes in her pocket She traveled back a few years later All her life she was a vagabond Fed up with the antics of her first skirt chasing husband she traveled again alone with her two young children to study art in France Later married to RLS they sailed the South Pacific Travel she did and not always in luxury Usually she was fighting somebody or something – people or illness She was a tremendously strong woman clearly not an easy woman to live with She broke society’s rules over and over again She was one determined lady set to do exactly what was necessary to achieve her goals I did not find her goals selfish Once married to the interminably sick Robert she had one goal that being to keep him alive and aid him with his writing Here again is another artist plagued by consumption All medical authorities said living up in the mountain air would help They tried Switzerland he only grew sicker So the warmth of the South Seas drew them finally building their own home on a jungle covered island in Samoa Does that sound like a dream world? Well she built the pig pens planted the gardens braved cyclones alone continually caring for the health and career of the acclaimed author It was a characteristic of her personality to defend the weak And R LS was the same She broke every rule of propriety RLS was eleven years her junior After the author’s death she had other affairs lived with another man almost forty years her junior who married her daughter when she herself died She broke all rules Following travels around the world the reader is not only given the details of family disputes tumults and joys but also the politics of the domicile nations As a famed couple they could pull strings and did not hesitate to do so Fanny and RLS took on the fight for the underdog They supported the machinations of Hawaiian King Kalakaua against American powers They sought to help the lepers on Molokai The history of the leper colony is given RLS risked his own health to visit the island attempting to change their conditions and the public view of lepers They involved themselves in the civil war and international disputes of the Samoan Islands History is detailed To enjoy this book the reader must be interested in such history The artist colonies in France at the turn of the century the growth of Impressionism the European cultural climate in art and writing at the turn of the 19th Century all of this is covered This book is written a s a biography The author separates herself from the individuals described in the pages Fanny Stevenson is honored by some and disclaimed by others To seek the truth the author has thoroughly analyzed and documented her sources In this way the reader sometimes observes rather than empathizes with the individuals At the back of the book the sources are discussed in detail chapter by chapter Rather than using quotes the lines from prime sources are put in italics in the central portion of the book I found the numerous and lengthy sections in italics visually difficult to read although they were skillfully woven into the narrative For my part the critical analysis and detachment displayed in the writing style detracted from the book’s punch I enjoyed learning about Fanny’s personality her life with Robert Louis Stevenson the blossoming world of art in France the political climate in Hawaii the Molokai leper colony and finally life and political tensions in Polynesia all at the turn of the 20th Century For this reason I give the book four stars