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She Was Once A Famous Good For Nothing In Azure Dragon CountryOrphaned At An Early Age And Born Weak, Gu Ruoyun Was The Shame Of The General S Household And Was Eventually Beaten To Death By Her Own Grandfather After Getting Wrongly Accused By Others When She Opens Her Eyes Again, Leaving Behind That Weak Body, She S No Longer The Good For Nothing Miss Of Yesterday Holding An Ancient Treasure Within Her Body, Contracting The Four Divine Beasts, Even The Top Experts Of Azure Dragon Country Are Fighting To Become Her Attendant Pills That S Nothing, She Can Refine A Handful Anytime Are Low Level Spiritual Weapons That Strong Even Her Subordinates Use High Level Spiritual Weapons You Have A High Level Spiritual Beast Sorry, She Already Has An Army Of Sacred Beasts Behind Her Dominating All However, Could Anyone Tell Her What S Up With This Powerful Devilishly Handsome Man Why Does He Keep Pestering Her Shamelessly And Why Does He Refuse To Go Away

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    whuaaaaaaa..it really made my tears flow..damn it..Zixie don t leave me Gu Ruoyun to Zixie It was you who had made me who I am today You had given me the power I now have If this power cannot protect the ones I love, why would I even need them What use are they to me As long as you come back, I m willing to give it all back to you Zixie, I ll return all this power to you so don t go, please Poor Gu Ruoyun she suffer too much It s a great story I don t know why some people hate it though or maybe they just can t understand how good this novel is

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    So i typically don t like so much back and forth drama, especially coming from multiple directions soap operas are unbearable to me However, the speed of conflict introduction, resolution, character, and story development was steady and seamless There s drama but it doesn t drag on fo eternity The characters are bold and easy to grasp.

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    Rating 1 star14 07 chapters 1 to 9019 07 chapters 91 to 207Annoying, to many stupid shameless 1D villains I kind of want to know what is going to happen next but i don t have the strength to suffer through it.

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    Not your typical weak MC Super love it, I totally recommend this novel Thank you for sharing this with us Author and Editor

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    So sadd