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While I personally don t believe that any of Wendy Mass s books can capture the magic of The Candymakers , this one came close 3 I enjoyed this book so much The book s characters are mostly middle school age with a few younger siblings thrown in , which, as we all know, is a time fraught with many changes How each character traverses this part of their journey is part of why the book is interesting The real reason I picked this book up though is because the story centers on preparation for viewing a solar eclipse The author has really done her homework I learned many tantalizing tidbits about astronomy in general and about solar eclipses in particular All of the characters adults and kids were likable folks The parents seemed to have had a habit of making life altering decisions without adequately preparing their kids, but they were loving and concerned parents and the changes were of the type that makes life enriching I think middle grade readers through early high school level may enjoy this story, and it seems an especially nice way to prepare for the upcoming solar eclipse. And As Streams Of Light Fan Out Behind The Darkened Sun Like The Wings Of A Butterfly, I Realize That I Never Saw Real Beauty Until NowAt Moon Shadow, An Isolated Campground, Thousands Have Gathered To Catch A Glimpse Of A Rare And Extraordinary Total Eclipse Of The Sun It S Also Where Three Lives Are About To Be Changed Forever Ally Likes The Simple Things In Life Labyrinths, Star Gazing, And Comet Hunting Her Home, The Moon Shadow Campground, Is A Part Of Who She Is, And She Refuses To Imagine It Any Other WayPopular And Gorgeous Everybody Says So , Bree Is A Future Homecoming Queen For Sure Bree Wears Her Beauty Like A Suit Of Armor But What Is She Trying To Hide Overweight And Awkward, Jack Is Used To Spending A Lot Of Time Alone But When Opportunity Knocks, He Finds Himself In Situations He Never Would Have Imagined And Making Friends In The Most Unexpected SituationsTold From Three Distinct Voices And Perspectives, Wendy Mass Weaves An Intricate And Compelling Story About Strangers Coming Together, Unlikely Friendships, And Finding One S Place In The Universe Wow This was a great book On reflection, it was not a great book for the usual reasons The plot was pretty typical for the young adult market The characters, although varied and somewhat three dimensional, were still stereotypes The theme was the usual, again especially for young adult books The parent child interactions were for the most part overbearing, and the teens were definitely lacking in power in their day to day lives Family members were depicted working against each other instead of together, and things that should have been shared were kept secret The setting was nice, but there were no vibrant descriptions bringing it all to life for me Those are the reasons I gave this book four stars instead of five.Why didn t I give it fewer The book is about a total solar eclipse, and although the author failed in so many other ways, she does a wonderful job of imbuing the eclipse with a sense of magic and mystery that makes me want to go to China to witness the one in 2009 That only made the book a great read I highly recommend it. ACK THIS BOOK IS SO CUTE And the characters are adorable, I WANT TO SQUISH THEM ALL squish If you haven t read this one, I highly suggest that you do This book revolves around three pre teens Ally, Bree, and Jack who all have different personalities each are different and unique and very adorable Coincidentally, they all end up in the Moon Shadow Campground to see the upcoming solar eclipse, and during their stay at the campground, the three of them form friendships and closure none of them obviously expected before Every Soul a Star is not only a book about astronomy, astrology, and the heavenly bodies that float above us, but also a book about friendship and acceptance YOU WON T REGRET READING THIS BOOK. Natural phenomenon lend themselves to children s literature Picture books, for example, are filled with fireflies, rainbows, and shooting stars Then the child readers get a little older and the phenomena get complex The death of the atom in Smiles to Go or the frozen lake of melted radioactive sand in The Green Glass Sea okay, so maybe that one s not so natural And I m sure, I am sure, that a novel has been written with an eclipse at its climax Odds are that such a book would be a fantasy novel I ve never heard of one, but it makes perfect sense for people to be racing against an eclipse so as to close the portal on another dimension, etc etc etc Boring You know what s exciting Realistic eclipse fiction like Every Soul a Star Once again author Wendy Mass takes a crack at science and the idea of questioning a world that you may have taken for granted until now Entirely engaging and oddly thrilling, this is one contemporary tween novel that s just begging for the right booktalk.The narrative is split between three kids as different as different can be Two of them, however, have the exact same problem and that has to do with Moon Shadow Campground For most of her natural born life Ally has lived on the campground far away from the rest of society, just the way she likes it Now she s found out that her parents have sold the place to someone else and soon she ll have to move That someone is Bree s family and as much as Ally doesn t want to leave, so too does Bree not want to stay She s the queen bee of popularity at her school and the notion of spending a couple years surrounded by just rocks and natural beauty is horrifying, to say the least In the midst of this problem arrives Jack, a self conscious artistic type who has come for the total eclipse of the sun along with thousands of other tourists Topping it all off is an event that changes how they see themselves when all the lights go out Backmatter consists of an Author s Note and websites and books for further reading about the night sky.I was curious to see that though four kids are hanging out in this book, only three were allowed a voice Poor Ryan He s a character that has been friends with Ally for years, but is suddenly far interested in a girl as fashion conscious as Bree One gets the vague sense that had he proved to be a interesting person, maybe he could have earned himself a narrative As it stands, he s just your normal everyday teenaged doofus A nice guy, sure, but no one you d feel the need to enter the head of Ally talks to stars as if they were her friends, so that makes her interesting right there Jack hasn t so much as a whisper of self respect at the start, and that s a starting point But it s Bree that turns out to be the surprise I know that some girls are completely obsessed by Gossip Girl and Clique and those other books with their amusingly vapid heroines Well if you ever see one of these readers, try convincing them that Bree is the same kind of creature Her goal in life is to be discovered and to become a model, so to watch an otherwise missing brain slowly morph into a decent human being over the course of 322 pages now that s a natural phenomena for you Mass does two important things with this novel First off, she creates two entirely convincing opposite perspectives Bree and Ally are both sympathetic, but for vastly different reasons And as much as you d like to continue to dislike Bree for most the book, she s a person who is easy to understand I m not entirely convinced that her conversion at the end of the book is anything but a pretty blatant example of deus ex machina or, in this case, deus ex telescope but I m willing to let it go The second difficult thing Mass does is to I hate this phrase but I can t think of a better one make science interesting Because she really does The part of the human brain that contains a capacity for a natural sense of wonder would have to be dead if the person finishing this book wasn t filled with a wholehearted desire to see a total eclipse of the sun I ve never wanted to see one before but after reading the description in this book I d hop the next train if you told me one was in the general vicinity.I always enjoy a kid s book that works against my natural expectations of what s going to happen next I mean, look at this equation Popular girl meets unpopular girl at campground There are only a couple of different ways you can go with a storyline like that, so Mass gets points for taking the road less traveled For one thing, the kids in this book get along I sort of expected this to be a novel where people fought, bickered, and came to learn about themselves through conflict But this is a little different The kids have essentially been tossed out onto their own by the adults in their lives, or have left those adults voluntarily for the first time Adrift they end up clinging to people in similar situations And Mass toys with her canny readers, TOYS I say You simply cannot have a boy reading the Ray Bradbury story All Summer in a Day it s never named but you know that s what it is in the first act without implying that something similar is going to happen to him in the third I won t give anything away, but it s nerve wracking to say the last.Ally is one of the few homeschooled heroines I ve found in middle grade fiction lately That s neat It s nice to have a detail like that interwoven with a tale about the death of the sun and that equally awesome event, our entrance into teenagerhood And I really do think that you could sell this book equally well to the kid who loves books about science and realism as to the kid who ll only touch titles that contain fashion forward females I could be wrong, but I think it s worth trying Give it a look yourself It s a pretty neat juggling act.Ages 8 14 Real Rating 4.5 Every Soul A Star is a simple but profound book for teenagers A simple story line, but I like it because I learned about stars gazing, moon shadows, etc In a nut shell, if you ever been bored about astronomy, why don t you give this book a try I find the book, even somehow similar to other young adult novels, somehow, it feels some sort of coming of age for these three important characters Ally, Bree and Jack.Because in Moon Shadow campground, their life will be intertwined with each other.And in the most unexpected way, I would like to quote what Bree thought, My inner geek has been awakened. Wendy Mass has a particular style that I think people either get or not I have to say some of the time I don t get into her books, but I can honestly say I was happy that I read this one.Ally, Bree, and Jack are all very different and under noraml circumstances would never meet, but one event will bring them all together, the solar eclipse This event will be witnessed at the Moon Shadow which is Ally s home Bree is being dragged there by force, who wants to commune with the stars anyhow Jack is going to fulfill his obligation of making up a class They all come into the story with different backgrounds and perspectives, and have distinct voices but they all work well together I think one of the hardest audiences to write for is the middle graders You can t sound too preacy, gotta keep it interesting, keep it real, but most of all relate to them It s a pretty trying time and here we get to see how they all come to grow up and learn from each other.I ve never taken an astronomy class in my life but I think I got my fill from this book The author did an excellent job of describing the solar eclipse and I could imagine the thrill they must have had from witnessing one It is pretty awesome.The only thing I felt was overdone was Bree I actually don t think there are girls who fit that stereotype, though I could be wrong She is the character that shows the most dramatic transformation, but they all show growth I hate to describe things as cute and I wanted to use that word, but that isn t quite it Ok, I ll go with it was sweet story that spoke truly about how you find friends in the most unlikely situations and places. Every Soul a Star is about three teenagers who are brought together by an eclipse during the summer This eclipse changes each of their lives forever The story begins with Ally, who is a homeschooled girl that has never truly experienced civilazation Then the point of view switches to Bree, a true prep thats mantra is to be beautiful she wants to be a model when she grows up Then, it switches to Jack, who is a slightly overweight and somewhat awkward guy that failed his science class It continues to switch point of view between these three lively and very different characters.This book was a pleasant surprise I m not a big astronomy fan, but Wendy Mass creates a world where the sky and space is just as relateable as the three teens themselves At first I had a hard time relating to Ally s and Jack s perspectives, but by a third of the way into the book it started to pick up I related to Bree right at the beggining, even though I m not a girl and I m not into fashion So overall it was an enjoyable read and the character s interactions with each other escpecially at the end , were great and well thought out.