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Books like Eversea are the reason readers like me can cozy up to the genre that is romance Over the past I have tried to read quite few books under this theme, only to lose interest in the story within the introductory phase of the story itself But being stubborn as ever, I still haven t given up on romantic fiction as I try to read books in this genre.If you ask what s different in this book when compared to the rest, I do not have the answer as I haven t read enough material on this genre to form an opinion But Eversea fits right within my taste limits if that s a thing.Verdict Must read if you are not a fan of the usual romantic novels yet still want to give the genre a try. Immature characters, no chemistry, slow moving If my friend didn t want me to read this I wouldn t have tried to push on Read as part of my RT reading challenge, my quest to read new authors before the convention Library Journal SELF E Selection Title An Orphaned, Small Town, Southern Girl, Held Hostage By Responsibility And Self DoubtA Hollywood A List Mega Star, On The Run From His Latest Scandal And With Everything To Lose A Chance Encounter That Leads To An Unlikely Arrangement And Epic Love Affair That Will Change Them Both Forever When His Co Star And Real Life Girlfriend Is Caught Cheating On Him With Her New Director, A List Hottie, Jack Eversea, Finds Himself In Sleepy Butler Cove, South Carolina Jack Hopes The Sultry Southern Heat In This Tiny Coastal Lowcountry Town Will Hide Him Not Only From The Tabloids And His Cheating Girlfriend, But His Increasingly Vapid Life And The People Who Run It He Doesn T Count On Meeting Keri Ann Butler Keri Ann Has Relied On Herself So Long, Dealing With Her Family S Death And The Responsibilities Of Keeping Up Her Family S Historic Mansion, That Boys And Certainly The Meager Offering Of Eligible Boys In Butler Cove, Have Never Figured Into Her Equation But Fate Has Other Plans Suddenly Face To Face With The Man Who Played The Movie Role Of Her Favorite Fictional Character, Jack Has Keri Ann Yearning For Everything She Has Previously Avoided And Jack Must Decide Whether This Funny, Sassy Girl Is Worth Changing His Life For, Before His Mistakes Catch Up To Him Note For some reason I need to clarify that I got this book fromwith my own money First, I must mention that what drove me to read this book was the beauty of the cover Second, I thought the book was going to be in the same line of The Love Unscripted series, but I was wrong It s obvious that the inspiration for this story is somehow a Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson situation, nothing wrong with that, but kind of unoriginal The main characters were too unlikable for my taste Both main characters are undeveloped Keri Ann was kind of a doormat and too immature for the age she portrays On the other side, I felt I never really got to know the real Jack Eversea Yeah I get he is handsome and a superstar, but there s nothing deep about him as a character The lack of spark and the real development in the story was a really turn off for me We have this superstar who apparently has an attraction for this woman because she really sees him as a person, not a star, but the cannon proved this point wrong Keri Ann was like a 13 year old girl whose star stuck, some of the interactions are really pathetic to be honest.Example Eversea Kindle %40 Look at you I was already half in love with you before I even met you because of the character you played Continuing with the lack of development in their relationship when do they fall in love What is so special about her Sorry, but I didn t get it at all There s zero development in their relationship, one day he is avoiding her and then in a few days he is sleeping with her and professing his love The conflict was absurd and it doesn t make sense to me at all His ex girlfriend is pregnant, an ex girlfriend who apparently cheated on him and he didn t even ask for proof that this kid is his Apparently Jack Eversea is good as an actor, but he is not a thinker Eversea has an undeveloped Story ARC with undeveloped characters and ridiculous conflicts that have the vibe of a crazy bad soap opera. 3.5 4 Famous Jack StarsSmall town girl meets famous mega star guy SummaryJack is a movie star and is known worldwide He s dealing with a bumpy hiccup and the best thing for him is to hide out until it blows over He decides to go to a little town.Keri Ann lives in this little town She s your typical gal, a waitress, saving money to renovate her house She knows who Jack is and although she doesn t really think anything of him, it becomes a shock to Keri Ann when she sees him ordering food at her restaurant.My feelings I love a Hollywood famous actor theme book and overall I liked the idea of Eversea, I just wished it wasmovie star oriented than small town girl meeting rich guy because it felt like that to me.When Jack and Keri Ann first meet, it s super cute He comes into the restaurant in a hoodie and is kind of rude and very standoffish Keri Ann is a total sweetheart and I do feel for her Who doesn t like a small town girl I want to live in a small town, so I m slightly jealous.I don t know if I was happy that she knew who Jack was, but it s kind of unrealistic that she wouldn t know who he was since he s so famous I like how Jack and Keri Ann first start off a friendship sort of Jack can t go out in public, so he hires Keri Ann to buy groceries for him Soon they forge a friendship and both start to open up.I had a problem with Jack s past The fact he is kind of in a relationship with another movie star, Audrey made me cringe a little It s not really cheating because the relationship is fake, but it s still a relationship regardless You will just have to read it and take it for what it is.It was also hard to read the up and down roller coaster of emotions between the two of them Jack would be sweet, then be a jerk and would yank Keri Ann around at least in my opinion I just felt like he could have been just a complete jerk or not I didn t like the back and forth too much.The ending picks up a bit and you are hit with drama I liked it a lot I felt like the middle pace a bit slow so I was expecting something major and I got it I was blown away by the ending and I m excited for the next book Warning this story contains every cliche known to the romance genre, and it was AWESOME Despite all the cheesiness, he s rich and famous, she s a poor waitress he s beautiful, and so is she, but she doesn t know it he s a jaded, semi reformed manwhore, she s an innocent virgin , I loved every single word of it The writing style was wonderful, full of subtle humor and real emotion that had me laughing and crying in turn And I absolutely loved Keri Ann, who was quirky, sweet, and completely entertaining I connected with her immediately, and I thought her reactions to Jack and his celebrity status were entirely realistic and heartfelt Plus, any author that can use the words deploy the swoonbomb in a sentence has all my respect So, so good. 3.5 StarsHow do to rate a story which you were thoroughly enjoying till the last twenty five percent This was a light and enjoyable read where the main character Keri Ann waitress meets a runaway Hollywood megastar, Jack Eversea one night at her place of work Similar to Love Unscripted Keri Ann was a wonderful character, the setting Butler Cover Island and her responsibility to restore and take care of her inherited family home was unique I loved all the minor characters as well.Jack and Keri Ann s relationship was well paced, pretty darn HOT and this reader was just LOVING the pace and the storyIf I couldn t handle these almost moments, then I decided I should just turn them into moments If I was going down, I might as well go down hardWhen Jack s Hollywood girlfriend finds out where Jack has ran off to she drops a PREDICTABLE bomb on him causing Keri Ann and Jack to stop their new relationship which was going so damn well up to this point.Following the predictable pattern Jack finds out that Audrey s reveal was in fact bogus and as a reader of books would guess he.Overall, a light, sexy, witty read that I was enjoying till the author let me down with her lack of imagination in breaking our couple apart.Here s hoping the sequel doesn t disappoint because I m pretty sweet on Jack and Keri Ann. You can read an awesome deleted scene from Eversea on my blog 4.5 stars Loved this book Full review is coming soon With that ending there had better be a sequel Full ReviewI really enjoyed this book It is a fun read but it also has lots of depth and emotion You will get lost in the characters and their stories This book is escapism at its very best It is a beautiful coming of age story with lots of lovely romance mixed in.The synopsis may make Eversea seem somewhat clich d, but there is so muchto this book than it just being a movie star romance It is a coming of age tale about two people realising that what the people around them want them to do and what they want to do may be two different things Without realising it Keri Ann has settled into a life that doesn t make her happy and Jack is discovering the downside of true fame Together they help each other realise who they really are and what they truly want.I love books set in the south I think it is the sexy accent and this one captures the southern feel perfectly The authors writing is very visual and you feel as if you have been transported to Butler Cove You can almost see the characters and they feel so real.Keri Ann is a great character, she always puts other people first and she is kind and caring I would love to know her in real life Jack is a character you will wish was real He is so swoon worthy sexy and powerful but he also has an innocence that makes you want to look after him The romance builds slowly Jack and Keri Ann have an instant attraction that becomes something deeper I felt that the romance is really believable and it is the perfect mixture of sweet and steamy.I recommend this to fans of NA books and any type of romance The ending makes it pretty obvious there is a sequel It isn t really a cliff hanger but it certainly isn t a happy ever after I can t wait for book 2 I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review, this has not affected my opinions or rating in any way Total escapism A fun romance between a Hollywood A list movie star and a feisty small town girl In her small town of nine thousand people, the last person Keri Ann ever expected to meet was Jack Eversea THE Jack Eversea But there he was, in person, the world most famous Hollywood mega star actor sitting in her bar Turns out he was escaping his life, so to speak Between the drama of a bad public break up and the non stop spotlight on his life, he just needed a break An escapeSuddenly, my heart started going a mile a minute and I was breathing hard Jack Eversea was in my house I willed myself to calm down and catch my breath He was just a person A human being Right I bent down for a moment and stuck my head between my knees, hoping my blood would circulate normally againI loved that despite the fact that Keri Ann was actually a big fan of his movies, she was able to separate them from him as a person and realize that underneath the whole Hollywood persona was really just this sweet, charming and maybe even a little lonely guy They hit it off and despite wanting to keep his presence in the town a secret, he trusted her and proposed a trade he d help her fix up her house if she d agree to do things like getting him groceries and supplies which he couldn t do without being recognized and so began their flirtation filled friendship.Meanwhile though, quite literally the whole world was wondering where on earth their top favorite movie star had gone But things weren t that simple Jack was literally bound by contract to be in a relationship with a high profile movie actress who he had actually dated in the past this was a signed deal, set in stone, no way out Needless to say, that putthan a little hitch in any potential relationship between him and Keri Ann There were so many questions that popped up I mean, it was wonderful that he was in her town now, but he couldn t stay forever so what would happen when he went back Would he get back together with his ex Would he have to leave soon Could the spark between them realistically go anywhere I think there s just something thrilling about the idea of a romance with a Hollywood star But despite that there was a definite undertone of angst because throughout the whole book, you just KNEW that at the end of it, he would have to return to Hollywood and would have to go back to at least pretending to be with another womanWhat do you want me to say I m sorry I m so fucked up I sold my life, my soul and my future to the devil His hand left mine, and he pressed it palm down in the centre of my chest If I d know you were in my future, I would have chosen differentlyDespite this having someserious elements to it including Jack s backstory , there were still some really cute funny moments scattered throughout that kept me smiling for a lot of the bookJack tensed, and puling away from me, turned to the edge of the pool After several moments of mumbling something that sounded suspiciously like dead puppies, dead puppies, dead puppies , he lifted himself outI have to say I really loved that Kerri Ann was mostly very up front about her feelings and I really felt for her I mean, how would YOU feel if the person you were crushing on slash falling for had to be in a public relationship with someone else But I liked that even though she was a small town girl and he was a big shot movie star, they really went toe to toe on everythingDid anyone ever tell you how arrogant you are Not arrogant Confident There s a differenceI enjoyed watching them fall for each other despite their situation The progression of drama felt very natural nothing that made me ill with worry but at the same time, I did really want everything to get sorted outDo you think it s normal for people to feel like this, he motioned between us, whatever this is that happens when we are in the same room with each other Maybe you have no idea, but I do It Doesn t Happen At least not to meThe ending was a cliffhanger Buuuuut, I knew that going into the book At least it wasof a positive cliffhanger though the kind where you re left with the knowledge like it s all going to work out in the end as opposed to one where everything is blown to hell but still I need book 2 Like now Right now Dammit.Overall, I enjoyed the book It was true escapism It was light and engaging with a dash of angst and a smattering of serious I liked the characters and the story It didn t pull any huge range of emotions from me but I m really glad I read it and I m definitely looking forward to the next one, FOREVER JACK, which will be out in November 2013 Forof my reviews, book news and updates Main blog Aestas Book Blog Facebook Blog Page Twitter FREE onUS today 7 7 2016 Book 1 of 2.5 Series complete.BLURB An orphaned, small town, southern girl, held hostage by responsibility and self doubt.A Hollywood A list mega star, on the run from his latest scandal and with everything to lose A chance encounter that leads to an unlikely arrangement and epic love affair that will change them both forever When his co star and real life girlfriend is caught cheating on him with her new director, A list hottie, Jack Eversea, finds himself in sleepy Butler Cove, South Carolina Jack hopes the sultry southern heat in this tiny coastal Lowcountry town will hide him not only from the tabloids and his cheating girlfriend, but his increasingly vapid life and the people who run it He doesn t count on meeting Keri Ann Butler Keri Ann has relied on herself so long, dealing with her family s death and the responsibilities of keeping up her family s historic mansion, that boys and certainly the meager offering of eligible boys in Butler Cove, have never figured into her equation But fate has other plans Suddenly face to face with the man who played the movie role of her favorite fictional character, Jack has Keri Ann yearning for everything she has previously avoided and Jack must decide whether this funny, sassy girl is worth changing his life for, 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