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This book did not hold my interest The heroine was whiny and I m sure there were women like that on the wagon trains I just didn t want to read about one , the hero was one dimensional and should have had a littlesympathy for the heroine And the story just kept going on and on like the energizer bunny and got very very boring. I love Wagon Train Stories I can t get enough of them But Emma s Journey won my heart for so many reason especially how Ms Hutton wrote about life after the trail I don t think you see enough of that in W T books What a man Davis turned out to be It shows you how you can find love in the strangest places You won t be sorry about reading this story You can tell Callie Hutton did her homework before writing Emma s Journey It s about one woman s trip by wagon train from Indiana to Oregon in the 1850s But as much as it s about the physical journey, this novel is also about Emma s emotional journey from being a spoiled young bride to a mature woman with a satisfying marriage Hutton pays tribute to the hardy souls who settled the west by depicting the daily drudgery and physical toil involved in moving the wagons west She also includes enough of the typical events encountered by wagon trains epidemics, Indian raids, broken equipment, women having babies, loss of life to make this an entertaining read If you ve ever imagined yourself heading west by wagon train, I recommend you read this book Take the journey from the comfort of your chair with Callie. I didn t want this wonderful book to end It was well written and the story kept me turning the pages to see what happened next I felt like I was involved with the characters and storyline Just enough excitement, a lot of details that let you see and feel what was happening during the journey to Oregon You fell in love with the characters and they seemed so real There were no slow parts in it as it flowed evenly all the way through The adventure and trials of riding on a wagon train was felt along the way I highly recommend this book to all readers that love wagon train romance adventures Great writing and a great read Wonderful storyA great read that is filled with homesickness, hardships, jealousy and grand adventure The characters are so realistic you feel apart of them Emma starts out a spoiled Mama s girl but hard traveling on a wagon train soon changes her to be a mature determined young woman The many twist and turns of this entertaining story makes it a real page turner I will gladly recommend this book to be read A truly enjoyable read. A Missouri wagon train, bound for Oregon 1851 A far fetched plot Peter, wed just a few months to Emma, insisted they leave leave Indiana her folks, join a wagon train WT w Oregon as destination Peter died in a horse accident Davis, WT scout, also sustained injuries from the horse Emma was unable to go it alone on the WT fear, lack of stamina strength Wagon master insisted she wed now mendedDavis WT rules disallowed single adult females, except w family escort s Rules on mourning ignored Unbelievable that Emma would wed a near stranger, so soon after she became a widow Emma clearly became preoccupied onreturning to her folks Emma thought Davis a hard worker a better lover natch than her 1st spouse Emma ran into her childhood friend, soldier Nathan Fort Larramie He became a nuisance around Emma who acted younger than her chronological age Emma s single mindedness thoughtless actions drove me up a wall Davis deserved a better woman He 2 workers built the couple a house Presto, change o, they had a new home in about 2 mos Give the 3 men a cigar IMO, A Run for Love, was a much better story by this author. I had read a book by this author and wanted to give this one a shot This book was pretty good up until the end I was enjoying the story a great deal until Nate Hale comes in I had read Nate s book and was furious that they made him a bad guy in this book I really just that I would have given this higher stars if not for the Villian The author needed to keep her characters consistent during the books. Emma Thorpe Did Not Want To Leave Her Life In Indiana To Travel To Oregon On A Wagon Train, But Her Husband, Peter, Had Other Ideas Barely Three Weeks Into The Trip, Peter Is Killed, And Emma Is Shocked That The Wagon Master Won T Let Her Return Home Wagon Scout Davis Cooper Has Decided This Would Be His Last Scouting Trip, He Intends To Obtain Land In The New Oregon Territory, Find A Wife, And Start A Family When The Wagon Master Orders Emma And Davis To Marry, She Rebels, But Eventually Comes To Realize She Can T Go It Alone, No Matter How Stubborn She Is But Nothing Will Make Her Give Up Her Dream To Return Home Can Davis Change Her Mind, And Have The Life He S Always Wanted With His Unexpected Wife WowWhat a well written book I enjoyed the plot, characters, locale I am on to reading the rest of historical western romances by this writer. Despite her objections and desire to remain in Indiana near her parents, newlywed Emma Thorpe accompanies her husband to Oregon An expedition that is fraught with danger, adventure, uncertainty, and will change her life forever Along the course of this journey we witness Emma s transformation into a strong independent woman, willing to stand up for what she wants and the man she loves Three weeks into the trip Peter dies and Emma must continue to her destination without him something she soon finds out is an ominous task for a young widow traveling on her own When the Wagon Master refuses to turn around, then insists she wed his scout, Davis Cooper an indisputably handsome man looking for wife and ready to settle down she refuses to marry him Eventually, unexpected mishaps and events convince Emma she can t go it alone She reluctantly agree to the nuptials, but does so with every intent of leaving Davis the first chance she gets and returning home.Davis is determined to convince Emma they can make their marriage work, but that task becomescomplicated when they reach Fort Laramie and Emma encounters a man from her past, one who once pursued her romantically and has never stopped loving her When Nate is the soldier assigned to accompany them to Oregon City , sparks fly and jealousy rears its ugly head as they battle for her affection Emma is literally torn between two men, one she is growing to love and one who can give her what she wants a way to return to Indiana.This story was well crafted, catching my attention and interest from the start and never let go I am fan of Ms Hutton s Oklahoma Lovers series and other books, and I found this one equally hard to put down Ms Hutton s ability to set the scene and to spin a tale of love and passion laced with adventure and humor shines through in this wonderful novel The characters are engaging, the plot smart and the story flows well.You won t want to miss this story A fitting prequel to her already released book, An Angel in the Mail.