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Alternate Cover for ASIN B00A13YLV0Elizabeth and her husband Mark arrive in Las Vegas to celebrate their first wedding anniversary in style But their celebrations uickly take an unexpected turn when Elizabeth wakes up naked and tied to a bed with no recollection of what happened Where is she? Where is her husband? And who is the strangely seductive captor of hers? And so begins Elizabeth's and Mark's journey of sexual discovery through bondage submission and domination

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    35 StarsI have mixed fillings about this oneIt was Intensely EROTICbut some of the storyline pushed me slightly past my comfort zone A bit extreme and Nonconsensual yet I couldn't put it down I had to know how it ended its very well written a nighttime read wink wink it's high on my smut scale 7 out of 10 Hardcore BDSM MFM

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    This was pure smut I really enjoyed it I was in the mood for something non con and kinky this delivered perfectly

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    Ah Elizabeth Elizabeth This was an amusing uickie It stars Elizabeth obviously Sir real name unknown and Mark Elizabeth's husband who is actually in some other roomElizabeth is in a real pickle and by pickle I mean that instead of celebrating her anniversary she woke up in a strange bed naked blindfolded and tied up In addition her new company is a stranger with a list of demands and plans for Elizabeth and Mark for the next six days that he will keep them captive After that description you'd think you'd be at least a little bit scared and not amused but the way Sir he appears to be French btw so yay handled Elizabeth and how Elizabeth responded to him uite honestly I did find amusing This was like a really dirty and kinky fantasy come true and that can only be good ;

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    While vacationing in Vegas Elizabeth is captured bound and pleasured sexuallyuick thoughts Slow Burning Psychological HotI am not going to lie I enjoy a good rape fantasy which when this book is done is basically what it is Although Elizabeth does consent eventually a given It still is a rape fantasy and I knew that going into the story But don’t let that turn you off if you are eager to delve into something a little different However if you dislike infidelity and BDSM I would not recommend this story to you If you’re still with me then you do enjoy delving into the darker side of erotic fiction and let me tell you Read this story Oh my god read it Sex Stories was a delicious fucking hot mess That honest tormented me as much as I am sure Sir’s actions tormented Elizabeth This slow burning psychological orgasm inducing short piece really dug deep in my mind and opened up a part of me long ago closed Nikki Sex put me there right in their inside Elizabeth’s head in her body with all the senses exploding around me and inside me I felt her fear her stress and her lack of control and the sensual and dangerous nature of Sir From his musky scent to the soft tender touches that made me want to scream right alongside ElizabethI don’t know what it was about this story that made me feel so much but it’s been a while since I have practically read something in one sitting well two – since I had to get up and take a breather half way through I am so eager to see where Sir takes her what things he will make her do I even forgot that Elizabeth had a husband until the end of the book which begs the uestion does he even matter Which I will mention for me was a sure indication Sir had gotten underneath my skinI will be looking forward to reading of this series and of Nikki’s work Just delicious

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    Elizabeth awakens to discover that she has been tied to a bed and blindfolded Her captor tells her that he intends to keep her and her husband for six days after which he will let them go if they do as he says She is to refer to him as SirWhen Elizabeth is impertinent enough to bite Sir when he brushes his hand across her cheek Sir chokes her until she almost passes out demonstrating how powerless she is He then goes into the other room to beat her husband Mark When he later returns he explains that from now on her husband will suffer when she misbehavesMuch of the story involves Sir teasing Elizabeth's body and making her beg for sex I found Elizabeth's response a bit strange Sir has beaten and possibly raped her husband and Elizabeth is uickly and earnestly begging for her captor's cock Apparently Sir is right in his estimation of Elizabeth She is a slut Also apparently her husband Mark never discovered foreplay since this is the only explanation I can find for Elizabeth so uickly succumbing to her captor's charms Maybe she has a thing for French accents and dubious consent?Despite this though the story is hot and well written and Elizabeth's seduction is well described I did find myself interested in what was going on with Elizabeth's husband Mark in the other room as Sir seemed intent on breaking the pair of themA nice hot short read this is well worth your time

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    This book was FREAKING hot The authors writing skills are HOT I had just finished reading fate another great read from this author and no sooner than finishing that book I started on Elizabeth's bondage series I'm definitely hooked and a definite fan ; also looking forward to reading the bound series books with Sir Andre' in them

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    Please note that I read this as part of Elizabeth's Bondage Boxed setI love how vividly this author writes Every time I pick up one of her works I am thoroughly entranced by the well written and evocative words that she puts down on the page She walks a fine line with her subject matter yet presents everything realistically and with great tact Being as this series of novels is being told from Elizabeth’s perspective it is over the top at times However by the end everything has drawn together into a brilliantly cohesive whole that you can’t help but marvel at The character development in this novel is completely off the wall The main character is very well developed You get to know about her past and how she lives her day to day life You really feel that you know her You also learn about her as she learns about herself The development of the male leads is also uite well done They remain uite mysterious throughout the novel One because although spoken of throughout doesn’t make a large appearance until the end The other because he is phenomenally exuisitely sublimely mysterious and that is what makes him who he is This is really a uniue experience in character development and works phenomenally with the story at hand Overall the different books in this boxed set flow together seamlessly There’s just enough overlap that you can read them alone without scrambling to remember what had happened previously However since the author does her recap in the form of memories and replays on the part of the characters they can be read as a single novel without any redundant overlap Together these novels combine to become one great escape from reality Please note that I received this novel free of charge from the author in exchange for an honest review

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    Elizabeth’s Erotic Bondage is short story that is scorching hot Elizabeth and her husband Mark were celebrating their one year anniversary in Las Vegas when she awakes to find herself blind folded naked and strapped spread eagle to a strange bed She can’t remember how she got there and she doesn’t know where her husband is Just as she is trying to deal with all of that enters Sir her captor He seems to know everything about Elizabeth and her husband He informs her that she and her husband will be released in six days provided that they do as they are told and by the end of their captivity they will thank him for the experience The story is very well written and meant to entice you to buy the series which I did I am curious as to what Sir has in store for Elizabeth now that he has stripped her of all her control It reminds me of Abduction There is a lot of BDSM as the title implies but her captor seduces her into consenting I can’t wait to find out what happens next

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    Elizabeth is a successful Trial Lawyer She and her husband Mark have 10 days off and have come to Vegas to celebrate their one year anniversary For the last few months things have been strained sexually between her and her husband She is no longer able to comeThe story starts with Elizabeth waking up naked and blindfolded and bound to her bed Next she hears a voice belonging to 'Sir' He is French and tells her that he is holding her and her husband captive for 6 days He tells Elizabeth she will want to please him and after six days he will release her and Mark but she must do as he says When she at first disobeys him she hears him go next door and hears her husband Mark Sir returns and tells her he has punished Mark for her disobedienceSir then learns of Elizabeths problem she has been suffering from unable to come and soon proves to her that she has no problem coming for Sir This is a good erotic story although this is only Part One The story continues in other books or you can buy the whole set

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    This book was extremely boring I did not like it I think the main reason I did not like it was the fact that she was kidnapped and tied down and had to submit Even though she agrees to everything I still don't view it as consentual and that bothers me I would not read any further into this series at all but that's just my opinion I get why so many other readers like the book but it's just not something I am comfortable with