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King Grey Has Unrivaled Strength, Wealth, And Prestige In World Governed Through Martial Ability However, Solitude Lingers Closely Behind Those With Great Power Beneath The Glamorous Exterior Of A Powerful King Lurks The Shell Of Man, Devoid Of Purpose And WillReincarnated Into A New World Filled With Magic And Monsters, The King Has A Second Chance To Relive His Life Correcting The Mistakes Of His Past Will Not Be His Only Challenge, However Underneath The Peace And Prosperity Of The New World Is An Undercurrent Threatening To Destroy Everything He Has Worked For, Questioning His Role And Reason For Being Born Again

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    4.25 Stars

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    The first thing to be noted is that this series follows the literary style of Japanese web novels That means the fourth wall is broken a lot and the characters will make side comments directed at the reader Overall, it reads a lot like a blog or a diary That s why you ll see things like Arthur s POV when different characters narrate The story telling itself is a mix of wuxia xianxia and Japanese, meaning there are things like ki cores and absorbing energy from the atmosphere, but instead of ki, it s mana If you are not used to these styles, this book will be very difficult to read and come off as amateurish and low quality If you are used to it, the reading will go smoothly and you ll find yourself laughing at the humor quite easily.Personally, the story started off sounding very similar to various web novels I have read The beginning sounds the most similar to Mushoku Tensei where the MC dies and is reborn in a world with magic As soon as he can crawl, he goes to the family s study and learns about magic, becoming adept at a very young age His father is wild and uncouth, a former adventurer, and his mother is a healer But that s how web novels are, they use similar ideas from other stories and basically make a parody of them As the story continues, it shapes up into it s own original tale and I continued it excitedly view spoiler I don t want to necessarily encourage it, but you can find this for free on gravitytales.com hide spoiler

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    Very solid book that seems to mix mana core and essence gathering elements with other standard YA fantasy tropes that you would find in something like Eragon There were a few minor spelling and grammar goofs, but they didn t detract from the reading experience Those who are familiar with the genre tropes might be a little off put by the almost formulaic checking off of boxes very early in the story to ensure the character is overpowered, has a unique ability or two or three , has a childhood friend arc started or two , and spoiler has a familiar spoiler Despite seeming to follow a paint by numbers method of starting the story, it s done well enough and is enjoyable enough that you probably won t mind it The book is a bit short as well only being a couple hundred pagesI feel like this should have been released as a trilogy rather than the quintology it seems to be That aside, this is a solid fantasy series so far that I would imagine nearly any fan of the genre will enjoy.

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    An interesting point of view for a story, one told from the new born baby, and up until he s almost 9 years old.Lots of things happen, expected , he gets involved with elves, dragons, magic, you saw that coming right and just as he s getting ready to start his adventuring career.Yep, the book just ends Two weeks before my birthday and the start of my career as an adventurer, I was startled by loud, obnoxious knocks on the front door Opening the door, the faces of the all too familiar group made my lips curl up This may not have been so bad if there was the slightest clue as to who the person s knocking on the door might be, or even some sort of Oh, crap, not them But, no, nothing that useful, just what looks like the middle of a paragraph, and poof, the book ends.Look, I m all for cliff hanger endings, it s important to the author to make people interested in continuing the story, and that s fine, but when you just up and stop the story in the middle of a paragraph I honestly thought the book was broken, that it hadn t downloaded the whole thing I even checked it on another device to ensure that yes, it really did end like that.Up until that point, there was no indication whatsoever that he would be irritated by anyone at all except possibly one of the elven youths he didn t get along with, but since they don t travel out of their forest except once every 7 years, that leaves them out, so now you have this stupid ending with zero possibility of even pretending to know what is at the door.Bad stagecraft if you ask me Anyway, besides the completely useless chopped off ending apparently the author just decided arbitrarily to end the book in some random spot , the rest of it was pretty decent Not very much world building though, I would have expected a lot in the first book of a series, but if you can ignore the lack of world building, and the abrupt ending that serves no purpose, it s not really a bad book

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    Written for 15 year Olds by a 13 year old.The premise starts with a pretty standard troupe and immediately starts with the immature commentary The struggle of starting out is explained blandly and doesn t add anything to his character You could start the book at his trip away from home because the author certainly does after hand waving 3 years and just giving him the standard MC is a genius plot point Next thing you know you are getting that Second infusion of free power when a dragon just decides to fuse and give him a egg because of course the protagonist wasn t strong enough Wasn t even a little surprised that he ended up jump cutting again just to send him home and spell out that he is the damn avatar hokage pokemon master as soon as it s convenient If he does that shit where he cuts off part of a word as if he s interupting his own inner monologue any I m going to cut a bi

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    I have fallen into the whole subgenre of reincarnation of an old soul and this has been one of my favorites It follows many of the tropes of the genre, including having an overpowered protagonist, while not following others, no harem Two miner issues we re 1 the series takes on a bit of a chosen one trope that makes the protagonist a bit less likable, 2 the story was not plotted with satisfying endings until around the fourth book Even then it is like a season cliffhanger then a real ending Needless to say I made it past the fourth book and liked it so these are just miner issues to warn readers about.

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    The story flowed nicely, from one aspect to another I can definitely feel a sort of Japanese esque in the way the story is told A sort of Japanese main character and powers with a very Western world and concepts The time jumps in between are at such points that the reader doesn t miss much that one would want They are done at just the right moments so that the character can develop behind the scenes without the reader feeling frustrated So far, the story has just enough action to keep it exciting, just enough character development to keep the reader connecting to them, and just enough of story development to pull the audience in As it stands right now, the world has a lot room to grow and is fully imagined in the later books Definitely a book that has to be read.

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    Light and amusing at timesThis pretty much read like a cross between a Wuxia and anime It did make for easy reading which was what I wanted Reincarnated king cultivates magic, is a prodigy, and is awesome except for a bit of a height disadvantage I can imagine him looking a bit like Yoda bouncing around in the fight scenes I had fun.

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    uma historia bem divertida e que promete melhorar nos pr ximos volumes, o problema mesmo a previsionalidade dos acontecimentos e a maneira precoce que o autor lida com o protagonista Fazer ele ser algu m t o incr vel com 4 anos de idade n o funcionou muito bem pra mim Acredito que nos pr ximos volumes isso pode melhorar e pretendo voltar a ler algum dia.

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    I really enjoyed this book I have been a life long reader of fantasy books and it is very rare for me to discover something new TurtleMe has accomplished that with this book It is unlike any other book I have read Strongly recommend.