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Dog Soldiers Tells The Story Of Two Brave Young Dog Soldiers Army Bomb Dog Handlers Killed In Action In Afghanistan With Their Dogs By Their Sides, Through The Inspirational Words Of Their Mothers Lance Corporal Kenneth Rowe And Lance Corporal Liam Tasker Were Both Dog Lovers From Boyhood And Went On To Do The Job They Had Always Wanted To Do Through The Soldiers Mothers Lyn Rowe And Jane Duffy The Book Will Take The Listener On A Journey And A Celebration Of The Young Men S Lives That Begins With The Two Young Boys Growing Up And Fulfilling Their Dreams To Serve Queen And Country As Army Dog Handlers Ken Rowe With His Dog, Sasha, And Liam Tasker With His Canine Partner, Theo Both Mothers Acknowledge That Their Sons Signed Up To Do The Job They Loved Best And Fell With Their Loyal And Trusted Best Friends Beside Them Jane Duffy Said Of Her Son, Liam Tasker, I Know My Son Died Doing The Job He Loved And He Loved That Dog As I Loved My Son, With Every Ounce Of His Being To Lose Liam Was And Still Is Unbearable But For Liam To Have Survived Without Theo Unthinkable

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    I seen this book In tesco and decided this would be my next book without actually picking it up and reading the back So I come on and at the time of buying there wasn t any reviews Normally I don t buy anything that isn t 5 star but I bought it still no not knowning what it was about I presumed it was a story about dog handlers in conflict.How different this book proved to be Its an sight into the world of pain thats happened all too often in the past few years We were used to hearing a another serviceman has died in Afghan But that was it for the wider public This book shows you all the damage done from loosing a forces son I read it in 3 days each time I cried it touched me ways a book hasn t Being a 25 and from co Durham the death of ken really brought home how close to home the war got I would recommend it anyone.

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    This book is not about the heroics or glorification of war, it is about two lads with an incredible bond with their dog soldiers serving their country and doing their very best to help and protect their fellow warriors in the death and destruction of Afghanistan It is about the complete trust that is shown by Liam Tasker and Ken Rowe in their canine companions searching in the heat and deserts of war, and it is about the complete trust AES dogs Theo and Sasha showed in them Always they will be side by side, a wonderful book and a fine tribute to the four of them by Jane, Lyn and Isabel If you read no other book about animals serving in war, then you must read this one Never forgotten Liam and Ken, Theo and Sasha, The Rainbow Bridge will always be secure now you are there.

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    amazing account of 2 young soldier s who paid the ultimate sacrifice with their faithful working dogs all who fell on active duty in Afganistan i had to stop reading it often because the accounts from their mothers friends family and commrades were too emotional and the tears flowed, perhaps it was because my son is also a serving soldier and has been on a tour of duty to the sands my total respect goes to the soldiers mothers for going through this painful process of recollecting all their thoughts feelings emotions and actions at that most difficult time in all their lives The author put the accounts together in a very tasteful and compassionate way well done i will certainly recommend this book to others

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    A brilliant book into the lives lived and lost by two soldiers and their faithful dogs when in Afghanistan.

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    Amazing from start to finish A truly humbling read which I couldn t put down Highly recommended just don t fort the tissues

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    Mosst enjoble reading tear jerking

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    Great book and well written ,very emotional in places.I would recommend this book to anyone especially army dog handlers.

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    Lovely book Very sad in places but I feel it is well written Glad I purchased it Recommendseller.