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This one had my favorite cover of the series, so pretty and pink.In this installment, because the adults in this universe are still idiots, the clique I think except for Kristen, who apparently has actual parents goes shopping, to a show taping, and Hollywood except for Dylan, I don t recall why despite having just gotten themselves expelled from school.When actress Abby Boyd has a falling out with a costar Claire, Massie, and Alicia are given the chance to replace said costar in a new film, Dial L For Loser Massie doesn t act geeky enough its implied she s just a bad actress, and the producers find Alicia to be too beautiful for the part So Claire lands the role The rest of the book is just Hollywood hijinks. I honestly can t believe I finished this in one day, since that wasn t my intention at all Like most books, though, if I finish it in less than 3 days, it s because I wanted to get it over with Throughout the entire book, this was a 2 star read I don t like the story when the entire Pretty Committee isn t together, and I also hated Massie and Alicia s characterization in the book I felt like I was back at square one, with the bullying I understand they were jealous, and that petty fights happen with 13 year old best friends, but it was just annoying However, I liked the ending of this book, and I m interested in where the story goes TPC is changing, as is everything, and I can t wait to see how it unfolds. THE CLIQUE Is BackMassie Block With Her Glossy Brunette Bob And Whitestrip Smile, Massie Is The Uncontested Ruler Of The Clique And The Rest Of The Social Scene At Octavian Country Day, An Exclusive Private School In Westchester County, New YorkClaire Lyons Has Finally Arrived But Will She Be Able To Stay In Massie S Inner Circle Alicia Rivera Would Love To Take Massie S Throne One Day Just Might Do ItDylan Marvil Massie S Second In Command, Who Divides Her Time Between Sucking Up To Massie And Sucking Down Atkin S ShakesKristen Gregory Will Insult You To Tears Faster Than You Can Say Scholarship Kid THE CLIQUEThe Only Thing Harder Than Getting In Is Staying In Dial L for Loser is a great book with real situations and real drama that teenage girls can connect with It is part of a series called The Clique Series by Lisi Harrison There are eight other books in her series and she is writing one right now The books are The Clique, Best Friends for Never, Revenge of the Wannabes, Invasion of the Boy Snatchers, The Pretty Committee Strikes Back, Dial L for Loser, Its Not Easy Being Mean, and Sealed With a Diss There are a lot of different things happening in the plot of this book There is a so called pretty committee of OCD which consists of Massie, Dylan, Alecia, Kristen, and new comer Claire Massie, Alecia, and Claire are asked to come to Hollywood to audition for a movie called Dial L for Loser The girls go leaving Dylan and Kristen behind They are fighting to get them all back in to OCD which they had previously been kicked out of Claire gets the lead roll and Massie and Alecia end up doing a mini show for the Daily Grind While they are in Hollywood a lot goes on There is a lot happening at home with Claire s Boyfriend Cam and a lot going on with her friends Also Massie s guy Derrington has a lot happening Will Claire, Alecia and Massie ever go home If they do will they still have friends Will they still have boyfriends Will they ever be let back into OCD This book is very interesting and a very fun read I recommend this book to any teen girls or even just girl or young adults in general The mood of this book is very sarcastic in a way It makes you laugh a lot and makes you want to keep reading and reading The language used in the book is also sarcastic a lot It is the kind of tone and language that most teenagers would use in their everyday lives and that is a lot of the reason these books are so fun to read I gave this book four stars because it was very fun to read I love how these books are written and I will continue to read the rest of the series and I will look into her other books if there are any. In the book Dial L For Loser, by Lisi Harrison there is a lot that goes on ranging from breaking up a celebrity couple to getting the chance to try out for a featured film All of this revolves around the main characters The Pretty Committee includes Massie, Kristen, Alicia, Dylan and Claire Massie the alpha of the group comes across as conceded and self centered when actually she is really insecure and cares about what everyone thinks about her Kristen is sporty, Dylan is acts like a guy, Alicia is a girly girl, and Claire is the only down to earth character The plot focuses on when the pretty committee goes to The Daily Grind a talk show, Dylan s mom is the host There Dylan heard Abby Boyd a celebrity for the Upcoming movie Dial L for Loser talk about how she has been seeing Gabor Hadley Durk s boyfriend Hadley is another star for the same movie, Dylan told the whole building by mistake Hadley walks off the movie, and the director Rupert Mann is really mad and he uses Massies cell phone and forgets give it back The genre of this book would be non fiction because nothing is fantasy or made up, all of this could happen in reality The theme of this book would be dramatic because something always seems to happen, people are fighting and everything imaginable Dial L for Loser, a book where many things don t need to be critiqued but there are a few things that could have been modified to have a better understanding of what was happening Events in the book what were amazing were, the description of the Daily Grind and what happened there The author went as far as how the glass on the tables looked as if it had been polished with Windex every day Another thing that stood out was mood of the characters The author described them to the t, for example when Claire found out she got the part She made it feel as if you were the character and actually feeling that mood or emotions Also the symbolic meaning was excellent, the author got right to the point that the meaning was about friends and their social lives and how they look The tone was characterized as dramtic because all of the drama that happened between the Pretty Committee The things I didn t like were the ending, I think the author could have described the party , and how Claire felt about returning to New York and seeing her friends The type of person I would recommend the book Dial L for Loser would be A teen girl who enjoys reading about dramatic events happening in peoples lives Dramtic on the lines of boys, friends, clothes, and what people think of you Also, the type of person who likes to read about an IT girls life. Reviewed by Safia Abdul for TeensReadToo.comOur favorite Clique is back once again in this preppy and ah dorable novel After being expelled from their seventh grade class at their private school, OCD, the Clique girls have risen to fame on a movie set Dial L for Loser, the latest teen movie being filmed But what will happen when Gap wearing ordinary Claire snatches the lead role from Prada loving, born to rule Queen Massie That obviously doesn t go over well with the Clique girls, and Massie has to employ some ruthless tactics to get herself back into the spotlight While this feud is continuing, other dramas round out the book Alicia and Massie have found themselves as movie set correspondents for a popular morning television show, The Daily Grind Kristen and Dylan of the Clique are stuck back at home in Westchester, but that doesn t mean they can t have funespecially with the Briarwood boys And new Hollywood It Girl Claire has caught the eye of her co star, teen idol Conner Foley What happens when her boyfriend at home, Cam, catches them kissing Rich and fabulous, though sometimes over the top snooty, these girls sure know how to have a good time In this humorous piece of teen chick lit, I found myself laughing out loud with every page Is this a Clique novel you don t want to miss Definitely so Or, as Alicia might say, given. Harrison is back with her sixth installment of The Clique series Fans of the series will not be disappointed by this visit to familiar friends Massie, Claire, and the gang In Dial L for Loser, the girls are beginning to come to grips with their expulsion from the seventh grade at Octavian Country Day School The first few days of freedom to shop, socialize, and generally spend their parents money to exhaustion are fun and carefree But as time moves on, they begin to get tired of this life and even begin to long for their return to school.The girls are given an opportunity to visit a television show to meet their famous idols Through some interesting turns of event, Claire, Massie, and Alicia are asked to try out for a part in the movie Dial L for Loser Rich, beautiful Massie assumes the part will be hers, but surprisingly, Ked wearing Claire lands the role Massie takes out her rage on Claire in many different ways All in all, it s another adventure for these often mean, spoiled, rich, and intriguing girls.Dial L for Loser should definitely appeal to fans of the series, and also to girls who enjoy books about the rich Even though their lifestyles are beyond what most people can identify with, that s actually part of the fun of reading the books They allow you to experience something out of the realm of ordinary living The emotions and reactions of the girls are accurate, though, no matter what your financial background Many of the friendship, competition, popularity, and other concepts dealt with are universal.There is a great deal of brand name dropping, which can get a little tedious and will probably date these books fairly quickly And I have serious problems believing that these girls are only in the seventh grade I think the series would be credible if they were in high school These shortcomings aside, Dial L for Loser is a fun, entertaining book that girls are sure to enjoy. Find this and other reviews, plus fun stuff, on my blogs Booklikes or Blogspot Previous Books in This Series Charmed and Dangerous 0.5 The Clique 1 Best Friends for Never 2 Revenge of the Wannabes 3 Invasion of the Boy Snatchers 4 Basic InfoFormat Paperback Pages Length 268 pgs Genre Young Adult Chick LitReason For Reading Continue series thou i guess i skipped book 5, whoops At A GlanceLove Triangle Insta Love Obsession NoCliff Hanger NoTriggers n aRating 2.5 StarsScore Sheet All out of tenCover 5Plot 5Characters 5World Building 7Flow 8bSeries Congruity 8Writing 6Ending 6Total 5 10In DepthBest Part Eh Worst Part These girls Thoughts Had Not how movies work ConclusionContinuing the Series YesRecommending ehShort Review Using your mom s job to get yourself on camera not below these girls standards So Claire gets to be in a movie, just like that, no acting experience needed, just show up and act like a dork and bam, you re the star in the movie UGH The other characters in the movie are shit Massie is shit as usual, she wanted to be in the movie so bad, then she s stuck doing back stage things on TV She goes out and buys a bunch of not cool things to have in your bathroom and pins it on Claire, hilarious, if you re 4 These are quick reads otherwise i would just stop reading, and i completely skipped book 5 by mistake and didn t notice anything Oh besides they get kicked out of school, guess i ll figure out why later Misc Book Boyfriend Pass.Best Friend Material HARD PASS. this book was about a bunch of girl that get kicked out of school They have a girl named Claire that tries her best to fit in But when she hits the spot where she becomes famous her friends never really influence how she really is But then many other things that change her life i didn t like this book because the author used no tone It was impossible to read this book But if I was Claire I wouldn t have been friends with the other girls because it influenced her to do many things she didn t want to It made her have to change to fit in I would only try to fit into a clique that doesn t cause me to change A clique that can express who I really am. Why must I be addicted to these ridiculous plot lines and mean girls On to the next book.