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Declutter Is A Comprehensive Book That Not Only Tells You How To Declutter Your Home But Helps You Understand How You Got To This Point In The First Place The Book Helps You To Carefully Examine Your Clutter Building Habits And Explains How To Break The Clutter Cycle Too Frequently, People Go Through The Process Of Decluttering Their Home Just To Turn Around And Start Adding Clutter What Makes This Book Different Is That It Doesn T Just Walk You Through The Process Of Getting Rid Of The Clutter It Actually Examines What Causes Clutter In The First Place And Helps You Eliminate Those Habits From Your Life This Book Also Addresses Emotional Clutter, Something That Many Books On The Subject Fail To Address Clutter Can Be Tangible Or Intangible, But All Clutter Prevents You From Living The Life You Truly Want To Live Clearing Away The Intangible Clutter Is Every Bit As Important As Clearing Away The Physical Clutter, If Not So This Book Gives You Tips And Tools To Eliminate Emotional Clutter For Good And Prevent It From Coming Back In Addition, This Book Contains Some Valuable Information Such As TheHabits That Lead To An Excess Of Clutter And How To Break Them TheWays To Create New Habits That Will Prevent You From Collecting Clutter How To Declutter The Seven Main Areas Of Your Home And Start Living A Minimalist Lifestyle Tips, Tricks, And Rules To Help You Examine And Eliminate Clutter From Any Space Not Already Covered In The Book How To Declutter Your Work Office And Vehicle Spaces To Increase Productivity And Advance Your Career The Two Main Types Of Digital Clutter And How To Eliminate It From Your Life At Work And At Home The Eight Types Of Emotional Clutter And How To Overcome Them

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    This is a brilliant book on the subject of getting rid of too much stuff and author has a way of explaining things in such a simple way that acknowledges the struggle of every day life while also challenging you and i m currently in the section of the book discussing the unique challenges of decluttering each specific room of your home and after trying and failing so many other popular methods I felt like something was wrong with me and i have implemented many of her recommendations, and this is the first time I don t feel inept and inadequate with my results and this book doesn t disappoint and this is an easy and quick read and it s full of practical and helpful strategies to get the excess out of your home and this books puts it out there in a way that you look at decluttering in a different way that is not so overwhelming and oddly enough, I love this book and i ve already started putting into practice and that says than any other book I ve read on this and i really appreciate her advice and I ve wanted his book for some time and when I finally found a Kindle deal I snapped it up and i feel like over the years, reading the blog and now her books have helped me maintain a home that is so much cleaner and less cluttered than before.

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    This gets across a lot of information, in a meaningful way, while possibly introducing new ideas to the reader I find books like this, when they re written well, to be engaging and easy to follow It kept my interest, and I ve read several books on the subject already.

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    And I have read them all I am actually going to take some of the advice, and that couldn t surprise me

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    This book made me want to go and declutter While I would not necessarily consider our family as really needing to declutter a lot, we still have some room for improvement.

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    This book is than tips about declutter,it can inspire anybody to declutter not only the house but also your entire life.Thanks for this book.