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A collection of 13 tales of mystery crime and suspense from the pages of Cemetery Dance Blue Murder The Third Alternative Crimewave and From tales of vengeful mobsters to dark family secrets from psychotic killers to reluctant heroes the stories tap the dark recesses of the human heart and the temptations that bring out the worst and best in all of us Features the 2006 Year's Best Fantasy Horror selection Dog Person You'll never look at fruit the same way again after experiencing Watermelon And junk mail takes a sinister turn in Letters and LiesIncludes bonus stories from award winning writers JA Konrath Origin the Jack Daniels series and Simon Wood Working Stiffs totaling 57000 words of digital pulp thrills

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    Why are some of the best books only available as e books? This amazing dreary and ultimately unforgettable horrormystery anthology should be in a big hardcover or at least a paperback