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It is the night of the snow moon Sweden 1790 Maiden Kaia is days away from being married to the handsome Leif when her mother suddenly becomes gravely ill Desperate to save his wife her father sends his only daughter to the village on his horse to obtain help for her beloved mother But Kaia will not be returning homeOut on the path wolves emerge from the trees surrounding her and spooking her horse Fainting in sheer terror the next thing Kaia knows she is being dragged through the snow back to their lair Shivering cold half naked and bound she startles awakes to the feel of warm breath blowing out over her body The following day she realises she sees no wolves around but does see several other women there Noticing they are all pregnant Kaia fears her fate Her fears are validated when one of them complacently informs her that her initiation is imminent The moment her scent is ripe she is to be mated by all males of the packStill worse than that is the struggle she is having with herself upon being presented with so much blatant man flesh walking about leaving Kaia flustered with the responses of her body which are swiftly summoning forth to betray her And then she feels herself drawn to the strikingly gorgeous Dane with his hair black as night and eyes blue as the sky He is also the baby of the pack No matter how good he may seem still she fights against the feelings threatening to overtake her How can she allow herself to fall for one of them? Will Kaia ever escape this primitive place to see her family again? And if she does will she be able to suppress the primal need she feels awakening in her? Worse yet will she want to?Also in the Erotic Kingdom Series'Her ueen Mistress' The Erotic Adventures of Snow White Vol I'The Huntsman' The Erotic Adventures of Snow White Vol II 'The Enchanted Forest' The Erotic Adventures of Snow White Vol III Feb 10th 2015'The Seven Woodsmen' The Erotic Adventures of Snow White Vol IV March 15th 2015'Rose Red' The Erotic Adventures of Snow White Vol V April 15th 2015'Thanking Sir Prince' The Erotic Adventures of Snow White Vol VI May 15th 2015

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    I can say with certainty that Rosalind Scarlett is very good at bringing erotic elements into her stories As if being caged and displayed for the entire pack isn't enough Kaia also has to deal with having her desire stirred by Dane Oh and knowing she's little than a walking womb for the bulk of the packWhich you know kinda sucksI'm a little torn on both Kaia and Dane Fearful for her life Kaia often sits back and accepts what's happening to her Dane has intensely possessive feelings for her but until things get really bad he fights them simply because she's meant for the pack not for him aloneI really do understand why both characters acted as they did but it was tough watching both of them give in so easily Until that is Dane snaps and takes matters into his own hands Not that way you pervsThat said the sex was raw and wild Kaia's initiation into the pack doesn't skimp on the details However I'm starting to fall out of like with themes of forced consent Yes Kaia goes along with what happens and she willingly engages in several of the activities but she's doing it to stay alive and with some of the things that happen she's NOT a willing participant at allBUT there's always a but the romance between Kaia and Dane is sweet I'm sure her parents won't see it that way seeing as how she kinda missed the boat with bringing her ill mother's medicine back but I stand by what I said Kaia and Dane were sweet Kelly Reading the Paranormal

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    Craving Red by Rosalind Scarlett is a very adult version of Red Riding Hood The author pulls no punches when it comes to her descriptions of sex and there's plenty of that to go around lashings of it in fact This reader enjoyed the author's vivid imagination and a different take on shape shifters set in the snowy landscape of Sweden late eighteenth centuryFair maiden Kaia is taken by wolves to their camp deep into dark woods of winter and held captive in a cage to a destiny unknown There is no escape from her future as a child bearer for the pack of werewolves Her only chance is the strong handsome Dane who seems to have taken a shine to her beauty Be prepared for some brutal scenes that may be too much for the sueamish but keeping in mind this is fantasy erotica those scenes illuminate the storyline to perfection Just enjoy the tension as Kaia takes her punishment in the hope Dane will snap out of his fear of the Alpha and his degrading rulesThis is a no holds barred full on erotic fantasy for all lovers of werewolves and sex in its purest state I eagerly anticipate book #2FIVE STARS for this erotic fantasy and highly recommended

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    Craving Red is a sexy new twist to Red Riding Hood This book takes place in the eighteenth century Sweden out in the snowy woods It is a uniue twist to the normal werewolves books out there This book has tons of vivid sex scenes and I love how the author holds nothing back I love reading sex scenes where you know the author is not ashamed to let her inner wild side out Kaira a fair maiden is kidnapped by a pack of wolves out in the snowy mountains on the way home from getting medicine for gravely ill mother She is then held captive and will be the child bearing human for the wolves pack Enter Dane the sexy handsome and muscular werewolf who falls for Kaira the moment he lays on her He is the lowest rank wolf and the one to get the women primed for the pack mating ritual However the he spends with Kaira the he falls in love with her Does he allow his emotions to win and risk death by the pack?He eventually comes up with a plan to help her escape however the downfall is that he and Kaira are facing life and death by going through with this planThis book has tons of vivid description and you easily see and feel everything as your reading The characters are well written and you develop emotions for them immediately The climax in this book is amazing and does not disappoint The story flows nicely and all loose ends are closed and revealed by the end of the book This book ends with you not wanting it to end and craving When I finished I wanted of Kaira and Dane This is a spectacular book and I can't wait to read the next book and continue the journey with Kaira and Dane 55Highly recommend You wont be able to put the book down

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    This is a very uniue erotic take on a well known tale of Little Red Riding Hood This story takes place in the 1700's The author did a great job with keeping my interest and I found myself wanting to know what was going to happen next with Daneone of the werewolves of the pack Kaiatheir captive After making a long ride on her fathers most faithful horse to get medicine for her ill mother she is on her way back home when her horse is attacked by wolves Her life is about to change forever Kaia is a strong character who does not give up trying to make the most of a very bad situation I like how the author tells this story from Kaia's POV and keeps us abreast of her thoughts as she goes through many different emotions and feelings of what she is going to next as she learns how things are done in her new living arrangements There was not any point in the story that I wished for the author to take a different direction the story was a pleasant 100 pages and shared with me plenty of information to make the story a very fresh read for the supernatural world of wolves with a bit of erotica in the mix

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    This one little short story has all kinds of genre boxes ticked off; fairy tale horror historical werewolvesshifters PNR virgins abductioncapture non con ménage hea A whole lot to deliver in not a lot of words The book was a freebie to me I'm glad I finally pulled it off my tbr pile thank you Erotica Hangman Challenge bonus read I got a little stuck on some modern language and phrasing usage but overall just kept on reading I did find a few things I liked both of our MC were virgins that was a nice twist I thought I'm at 3 stars on this read which usually means a read was okay for me not great but okay I read all the content disclaimers before I dove in so I was forewarned and ready for the graphic aspects of the story That warning probably let me hold onto that 3rd star in the end All in all I just didn't connect with our characters I wasn't caught up in their story or how they would overcome their obstacles but found instead I was impressed with the variety of genres the author chose to bring to the table So there you go 3 stars for plate spinning or maybe it's Tetris with genres blocks in this case

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    I really don't like leaving bad reviews I know a lot of time and effort went in to writing this book But I found that the book simply wasn't up to par Firstly the setting for this book is suppose to be Sweden during the 1790's The dialect and some of the words used during the characters conversations were too modern for that time period I do not believe that someone would say Yeah me too during the 1790's I also don't believe a woman such as the MC with her background and affluent standings would say the word cock I don't believe any woman from that time period would have regardless of their background I realize that this is a fictional story but it makes it hard to stay in the scene when the story flips back and forth from historical to modern dialect Throws the whole story off balance

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    Craving Red is a retell of Little Red Riding Hood and I was excited to receive it from Rosalind Rosalind normally weaves a tale that makes my heart beat faster and my toes curlThis is the first time I’ve read one of Rosalind’s stories and didn’t uite like it Now don’t get me wrong The style is still very much Rosalind and it is captivating writing but Yes there is a but One I need to address Kaia is taken as a prisoner by a pack of wolves kidnapped against her will removed from her family and loved ones put into a cage and treated like an animal On top of that she is told that she will be “initiated” into the pack when she is ripe Let me just say that the way she is initiated wasroughThe first 70% of Craving Red was rough reading and my heart ached for Kaia it wasn’t pleasant in any way The ONLY ray of light was Dane and even he was at one point on very thin ice for me He does redeem himself but to me it was too lateThe writing is captivating and very much Rosalind but the topics that she touches in Craving Red wasn’t for me The next book in the series will evolve around Snow White

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    Barely started this Beastiality is not my thing Maybe it might have been just a page but that was enough for me to put this nasty book down Yuk

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    This short story had a lot going on in it It contained a little bit of several genresthemes including historical paranormal shifters fairy tale erotica dubious consent captive FF virgin and even a gang bang view spoilerI wish the main characters had time together My biggest issue was the fact that they seemed to form strong feelings for each other without much interaction hide spoiler