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'Perfection' USA 'A classic' USA ‘You want to kneel don’t you?’ she said a smile in her voice What happens when a Mistress and slave fall in love? Will romantic love bring greater happiness or will it lead only to darker cruelties? Abandoned by his wife for another man David now lives as Ann Devlin’s full time slave and housemaid Ann’s a cruel and imperious woman yet she shows David warm loving kindness when he most needs it and he falls deeper under her glorious spell A new femdom romance by Molly Sands – a sequel to ‘The Devlin Woman’ and ‘Slave Song’ Susan David’s young wife learns to take pleasure in wielding power over her husband ‘Susan saw Robert’s scornful look and she pitied her husband’s plight even as she thrilled to her lover’s power over him Not for the first time she wondered at the many paradoxes and contradictions of sadomasochism’ Over time Ann has grown to like and respect her slave – ‘Ann felt an elusive excitement as she changed from her riding clothes into a black silk coat dress with sheer nylons and heels wearing her prettiest white slip beneath her dress When she’d first met David she hadn’t much liked him She’d thought him spoiled and pleased with himself and nowhere near good enough for his lovely wife but in his time with her she’d grown to like him both as her slave and as her companion He was intelligent and hard working and he put women on a pedestal which Ann thought foolish but endearing And she’d always liked people who were driven to live according to their sexual nature so long as they never exploited the young or the weak She enjoyed the intelligence and complexity that often accompanied transgressive sexuality the darkness and the light David may have been a masochist but she saw him not as sad or strange but as defiant almost noble – an independent spirit brave enough to defy convention’ A highly intelligent complex woman Ann is often at her kindest when treating her slave most cruelly ‘I know I know’ she said gently ‘you’re praying this isn’t happening You’re praying it’s only a dream but it’s real David it is happening and you’ll suffer it for me You’ll suffer it for my pleasure and amusement you know you will You have no choice in the matter’ To David his lovely Mistress and beautiful wife take on the power of goddesses ‘David tried to lose himself in work but shame and arousal fought inside him like snakes in a sack As he carried the glasses and plates to the dishwasher he noticed that both Ann and Susan’s wine glasses were marked with their lipstick in slightly different shades of red These feminine markings turned their glasses into sacred chalices in his fevered mind and burning with shame he kissed each glass thrilling to the faint taste of their lipstick before placing them carefully into the dishwasher’ Despite his torment and shame David wonders if there’s a special magic in his submission – ‘And yet And yet A part of him wondered if he’d found his way to a new and magical kingdom where the laws of love and desire could be invented anew a kingdom where pleasure could be found in pain and cruelty could express a new form of love and compassion’ New femdom romance from the author of Cruel Heaven The Devlin Woman A New Devotion An Obedient Husband Magda Slave Song With strong scenes of sexual dominance and submission

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