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En este último volumen de la Trilogía de la frontera McCarthy reúne a John Grady a Billy Parham los dos protagonistas de las dos primeras novelas de la trilogía Dos héroes antihéroes que arrastran un pasado de desarraigo y verdadero exilio interior en un mundo en que su forma de vida individualista e independiente se ve marginada por la aparición del mundo moderno autovías moteles automóviles

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    I met Cormac McCarthy and he transcribed our conversation about Cities of the PlainThe author asked Whad'ya think about the book? The last in the trilogy?That's it It was alright Jason saidWhat was alright? Cities of the PlainWhat specifically?The simple language and the economy of words and the lack of punctuation quotations especially How you made simple things like chores seem interesting and wonderfulThat's fair It's actually harder to write like that than you thinkI betWas it better than the first two the first two books I mean?NoWhy?I thought the second book was betterThe author shifted in his seat and lit a cigarette and picked musingly at a fingernail with a jag in it He looked from the cargazón de espaldas of his house and toward the wall of scrub that marked the edge of some New Mexico wilderness Do you like my polysyndeton? Polysynda what?Polysyndeton It's where I use a lot of correlative conjunctions to string out sentences instead of using commasOh I reckonOnly 3 stars What could I have done better?Don't figure I'm the best person to ask about thatYou count I write for people like youStillNo lemme hearThen I guess you could of jazzed up some of the action especially toward the first half of the book The story didn't draw you in?No sir it didn'tThere was a theme I was huntin' for that first half I wanted life to seem timeless and I did that through the sustained description of routine life for several vaquerosI understandThe author exhaled through both nostrils making an opaque column of smoke that stretched uniformly to the wooden cubierta Were the characters likable?I liked Billy and John Grady and Mac I liked the part when they saved them puppies in the traprock escarpmentThat's a critical part Those boys had to kill the adult dogs in order to save the pups It was an exchange of life Those pups woulda likely died out there for want of foodYep They kept having to kill calves to feed the pups Once them calves got bigger the dogs would've been outta foodThat's exactly rightI liked the knife fight too and how John Grady was fallin' so in love with that whore GoodShe was very youngThat's rightAnd I like when you mash up two wordsYou mean when I make one word out of an adjective and a noun?YesI do that quite oftenYou do it on almost every pageAboutHey I understand your writing It's just I gave 3 stars because your second book had 4 stars and since I didn't think your third book was better than the second I couldn't give the same ratingOkayBut I did really like the descriptions you made of the environment and the way the sky looked and how a man would have felt looking out across the llanos And I even liked how you dropped a lot of spanish words in the book almost as if you was searching for the right word and the absolute right word wasn't an english word but a spanish word And then you used some big words that I had to look upUh huh I did that He flipped the cigarette in a flection out into the dirt Is there anything I wrote that you didn't like?The short dialogue How's that?The dialogue was always so staccatoThat's how they talk It's realisticYes sirBut you said you liked my economy of words earlier you said thatI know what I saidWell That's how I wrote my dialogueI reckon you didWell then what about the dialogue you didn't like?Maybe it was the lack of quotations Made it hard to read I don't knowThat's fair I done that in most of my books You know what Mr McCarthy? I especially liked the very last part after Billy was grown up and met that vagabundo and he went into that bizarre tirade about the dream he had and what it meant to him and therefore what it meant for all of mankindI only did that once in this bookI knowYou liked that huh? You think I should have done that ?Yes sir I doHmmmWhen you do that when you make your characters get all fantastic those are some good partsI try to divine the essence of the human condition JasonRightAnd you liked that?I liked it very muchBut once wasn't enough?No The second book was betterBecause it had episodes where my characters had fantastic tirades?That's rightMr McCarthy crossed his arms and put his boots on the barandilla and tipped his chair back on two legs He looked at the skyline just above the scrub in the distance The world had a light gauzy dome of high cloud The sun was getting low in that direction but the color of the sky was as if it was still sizzlin' a couple of sun dogs on either side The author asked Did you like the whore?She was youngYesYou made her sound prettyYesI figure I wouldn't want to marry a whoreThe others tried to stop himBut they didn'tNoI don't think I would have died for herYou aint John GradyNo sirWould you recommend Cities of the Plains to your friends? He scratched his ankle deep down the inside of his bootI wouldDo you think the books can be read individually or should be read as a trilogy?Well I can only answer for myselfI aint askin' anybody but youWhat's the question?Can they be read separately or should they be read as a whole?As a whole Altogether I reckonDo you think I should write a fourth book?Ever'body's old and dead nowKind of a prequelKind of a prequel?Uh huhNoYou don't think?No it's just right now especially that second bookJason slapped the dust off his trouser thighs and stood for awhile lookin' out toward the sun He took a final sip from the glass of ice lemonade and set it back on the paso among all the other water rings that sweated off the glass Mr McCarthy he saidCormacMr McCarthy sir it's been a pleasurePleasure's mineAlright but it's been nice talkin' to you and learnin' what you put into them booksI appreciate the feedbackFrom me?Yes you read all 3 books makes you as close an expert as meUhh I don't reckon I understand what you just saidLook Jason a writer spends an awful lot of time putting words on paper and figurin' and refigurin' how to change those words so it has an effect on the reader someone like youI understandSo if my writing doesn't have an effect well thenThen it don't mean nothingNo it means something But then it means something only to meI seeDo you?SureIf my writing doesn't affect you then my writing is nothing than a glorified journal entry If it don't sell then it stays with meSo you mean to share it with folks like meCorrectYes sirWhat's that face your making?I still don't like the idea of a prequelDon't worry 'bout thatYou're not going to write oneNoGoodThat story's overThat's how I feel about itThe author rose and took Jason's hand in his and shook it and shook it again and when they let go there was an understanding among men that cascaded through all the understandings between men and had arrived at this point firmly and hung there deep like a great granite batholith Take care readerI willByeOh one last thingAnythingWhen you transcribe this discussion would you send me a copyFor what?So I can put it on this computer Goodreads thingI can do thatMuch obligedTake care thenBye Mr McCarthy New words dishabille peened niello fard replevin ned maguey quirted Cool sentences There were grounds in the bottom of the cup and he swirled the cup and looked at them Then he swirled them the other way as if he'd put them back the way they'd beenp 138 Billy flipped the cigarette out across the yard It was already dark enough that it made an arc in the fading light Arcs within the arcp 147 When they reached the trail along the western edge of the floodplain the sun was up behind the mesa and the light that overshot the plain crossed to the rocks above them so that they rode out the remnant of the night in a deep blue sink with the new day falling slowly down about themp 171 The ceiling of the room was of concrete and bore the impression of the boards used to form it the concrete knots and nailheads and the fossil arc of the circlesaw's blade from some mountain sawmill There was a single sooty bulb that burned there with a grudging orange light and a millermoth that patrolled it in random clockwise orbitsp 208 The word polysydeton was given to my by Isaiah H