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Welcome to Chicago 1893 — where new wonders are being unveiled and a monster feeds on the unsuspecting Tens of thousands are flocking to a bustling wind swept metropolis in the middle of America for the great Exposition of 1893 — to see the future and to ride Mr Ferris's remarkable wheel A city of hope and hardship has caught the attention of the world — and a maniacal killer has made it his hunting ground Inspector Alastair Ransom carries the burden of the dead on his shoulders But a demon far worse than Ransom's own is loose — a bloodthirsty killer who preys on Chicago's most vulnerable citizens his grisly handiwork masked by the glitter and frenzy of the World's Fair But a haunted detective doesn't realize how desperate his search has become — for each passing hour brings the slayer closer to his next intended victim Alastair Ransom

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