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The Story Continues in Part Two of “Carmen’s New York”Kurt Nielsen New York's most eligible bachelor found the perfect woman in Carmen Wilson Generous sexually compatible smart and funny what they had together was than sex It was like magic Surely she felt it too?Well he thought so until Carmen ran away Now Kurt is turning the city upside down to find herBut Kurt's not the only one searching for her Two Federal Agents and her violent obsessive ex boyfriend who kept her chained in his basement for four months also want to get their hands on the vivacious CarmenCarmen would love to be with Kurt – but he is way out of her league She has too many secrets terrible secrets that might make him despise her How could she possibly reveal them to him?With so many things to run from will Carmen make her escape?Or will she run straight into Kurt Nielsen's arms?

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    90% of the book was smut the rest 10% of it can not be called a plot The book didn't have a major plot It had 4 sub plots but because the author didn't focused on any of them you can call them plot They are the base for book #3 an intro This also explains my lack of feelings for the characters and lack of interest in the story I only read the book because I am a curious person and since I had read the first I had to know what will happen nextHere are the subplots1Carmen and Kurt getting togetherTheir reunion came easily It was so easy that it makes cooking pasta looking difficult I would have prefered a reunion where they would have to fight somethingsomeone in order to get together2Carmen's pastThis one came close to being an actual plot but it didn't made it The book got points because her past was unexpected and it gave another feeling to the book But as i was reading it my mind kept screaming that I have read very similar books to Carmen's past3Kurt's ex girlfriend She is still causing trouble to Kurt and it starts to piss me off 4DEA Another way to torture the heroes in the story I can't see them doing anything useful

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    This novel is extremely captivating This author is such a vivid writer that you can’t help but picture everything that she lays forth in exuisite detail I appreciate the fact that although on the surface this is primarily an erotic tale there is so much to it than that There is lots of suspense packed into this story all backed up by a very solid storyline As a reader you are kept wondering and guessing becoming part of the world created by this phenomenal authorThe author masterfully differentiates between a Domsub relationship a Masterslave relationship and a just plain abusive relationship She works all three into the story while keeping her audience captivated and entertained Character development continues in this segment of the series The author takes the two characters that we began to know in the first novel and gives us a great deal about them making them much rounded individuals You really get to know about the main character’s past and her strength of character By developing this part of the female lead the author shows that just because she is a sub doesn’t mean that she’s weak Also further development in the male lead shows a very caring and conscientious Dom By doing so the author not only uses her storyline but the characters themselves to show further and further into the Domsub cultureAs a whole this novel was a brilliant follow up to the first in the series It kept me on edge throughout and left me perfectly set up for the final novel in the trilogyPlease note that I received this novel free of charge from the author in exchange for an honest review

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    This is a second part of a series I get really irritated about having to buy bits pieces of books; I just wish authors would just WRITE the damn story publish once it is ALL done However from a financial standpoint I can understand wanting to parcel out the story because it results in for that book That said I only had a momentary pang of pain at having to pay 399 for this second installment because really I can buy a full length novel for 399 I really wanted to see how the story of Kurt Carmen continued This portion details of the torment Carmen suffered from the Master that enslaved her; her conflicted feelings about her sexuality; and her realization of how some of the treatment she received from Richard differs from things she might do with Kurt Andre pops up in phone calls and while some of the sexual acts were a bit too hardcore for my personal tastes the story was still worth reading Now I'm waiting the next installment just hoping I don't go broke trying to read the whole damn book

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    This 2nd book of the trilogy goes into detail about Carmen's time as a slave to Robert Ellis a sadistic and unfeeling man This part of the book told in flashback made me cringe in places as she told of all that he did to her How she went to a place in her mind where she could tolerate this is beyond me I guess I don't have the slave mentality but I also guess I've never been in that position so don't have a clue how I would react The rest of this book details her growing loving relationship with Kurt her Viking Master These scenes are warm although also pain filled at times but she vividly describes the way that this kind of pain for pleasure play is very different from what she endured from Robert I really hope the third book which I will read next finds Robert getting a huge payback for what he did to her I hope both Kurt and the DEA fry his ass

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    This part details Carmen’s time in captivity and is a little hard to read There’s a lot of abuse and rape

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    A great well written trilogy Love it

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    The fascinating thing about authorship is the ability to maintain a preuel kind of narrative while still keeping characters in the present Giving a character a history makes him or her real answers uestions from a first book or gives the author the opportunity to expand on a storyline In this case all of those happen Unfortunately the history that we get on Carmen is brutal and horrifying It was difficult to read and even to comprehend the blatant disregard for human decency I found myself dreading what I might read next It was not about the style character development or clarity It was a feeling of terrible shock dismay and alarm If these horrors exist on the pages of this book where are they happening in real life? I am naive enough to think that this does not happen I know that this is not fantasy I am not prudish by nature I believe that two consenting adults can and do find pleasure in a multitude of ways The brutality of what Robert put Carmen through was worse than an animalistic terror a young inexperienced woman could have imagined But Carmen was able to take the experience and teach herself something from it She asked for books about Domsub relationships She taught herself to be obedient and learned how to take her situation and make it into a lesson It was as if she knew that if she studied and submitted some day she would have the opportunity to change the brutality to some future pleasureI found it stunning when there was a comparison to domsub to modern day judeo christian religion Willing slavery was a life of devotion in a weird way it was not unlike a nun in the service of G d My personal belief does not hold relating this kind of sexual brutality to religion but religion is an individual experience and if this belief was helpful to bring Carmen peace or resignation to her situation then I do admit an understanding Like an addict needs to justify behaviors she was perhaps in a comparative situationThe point that does interest me is that even after her escape on the run making a new identity for herself she still falls naturally and comfortably into the roll of a submissive It is as if all who might interact with her she presents as one way'; as a maid or a roommate But as soon as she is with Kurt she becomes a natural submissive We learn that what was always her nature the reason she went along with Robert for so long and her sexual behaviors in the present are because he sexual identity is tied to being in a submissive role Kurt's impatience and lack of success in finding Carmen proves that money cannot buy everything Carmen is portrayed as resourceful and nimble Continuing to write this review as a book report may be interesting but it is certainly not the point This is not a book label or an ad to pursue you to read Be prepared for the angry brutality that Carmen survives Be prepared for the blatant descriptions of sexual depravity and then the change to independent and willing submission when Carmen meets Kurt The dichotomy between the abuse she is a victim to with Robert and the passionate submission she falls into when she is with Kurt is where the story takes the reader This may be the first time a reader seriously understands that there is a difference between consensual Domsub relationships and abusive forced submission There is a lesson to be learned there and as long as the lesson is clear then the storyline is easier to accept There is another storyline in this book Carmen's life with Robert and Robert's activities run through the story This story brings in Federal Agents who take on the role of bridging book two to book threeThis is not like many of the other Ds books out there It talks about mental health ability to survive and the strength that a woman can find even under the most dangerous and unfair circumstances This is a fast read but be prepared that you may find yourself feeling uneasy This may not not be your own lifestyle choice but that should not deter one from reading the book Through all the difficulty there is entertainment value because the reader becomes invested in Carmen and Kurt

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    Much much darker than the first bookI've read several books about sex slavery most really dark but I've never been so shaken and fascinated about one of these books in my reader's lifeIn all these other books they were pretty graphic too there was torture and mind manipulationIt certainly was no picnic So why have I been so shaken with this book????I think it's all about Carmen She is the uintessential survivor She had to live through this and conditioned herself to BE the perfect slave with the huge risk to lose herself What she went through was appaling degrading but what mostly shocked me was the pleasure she took while being abused by several men just because they did not beat her And she was grateful to have pleasure instead of pain her Master is a real psycho How twisted is that?It was so shoking revolting to read about it as she was forced to be an object of pleasure but at the same time I could totally see why she reacted like that That particular scene was particularly harsh it was so wrong but also so poignant as she had some relief from her constant painCarmen is incredibly strong She's been manipulated and raised into a sexual being from a very young age by her brother Then she's been tortured and trained to become the perfect slave And through every ordeal she is reborn like a phoenix She still enjoys sex she still chooses to laugh and not be a poor depressed broken thing and she would be entiteled to be utterly desperate She chooses to fight to enjoy life and she is really really smartI'm at the same time appaled by her sex drive it's borderline sex addiction and awed by her resilienceThis book is really not for the faint hearted as it can cause extreme reactions

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    Escape from Hell into Heaven BDSM Erotic Romance Trilogy for 18 Adults only Book 2 starts up right where book 1 ended However if you do read them months apart there is enough of a reminder about the previous book to keep you remembering what happened Kurt has been searching for Carmen ever since she ran out on him Running her prints while trying to find her tipped off the DEA to her location though Which eventually lead her to call him and tell him about what had happened to her Kurt pays for her lawyer so she can clear up the mess that escaping Robert Ellis put her in But she is worried about what Kurt will think when she explains how she dealt with being Robert's slave Want to know how he reacted? Give this book a readFavorite passage Carmen had survived as best she could Fighting or resisting would have made life hell or Robert might have killed her There had been no better choice for her than the course she had taken and yet would Kurt understand? Or would he be sickened by her slutty slave behavior?

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    The second instalment of Carmen and KurtI didn't enjoy the first part where we learn about Carmen and Robert he comes across as a selfish pig but we do learn about how Carmen's sexual desires begin to formMight have been nice to find out she escaped Robert's clutches maybe that's in the next bookKurt is being dragged through the media circus after his ex tries to end things but Kurt really wants to find Carmen as do others again we learn about Carmen's back story that girl had been through the dirt Poor thingAs you expect they find each other again the making up for time encounter is very very racey Kurt is such a thoughtful and caring Dom after thinking she had learnt a lot about the Ds relationship Carmen realises there is still lots to learn I enjoyed reading this instalment and can't wait for the next part can't wait for Carmen took meet Andre that's going to be fun