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A Case of Mistaken IdentityYoung and rich Kurt Nielsen is New York's most eligible bachelor Except now he can't even bring himself to talk to a woman How could he after his last girlfriend took him to court? Kurt is still smarting from the injustice of it all Sick of his anger his friends have bought Kurt a call girl What could be better than a high class hooker to cheer him up? The working girl will arrive dressed as a hotel maid with an entire scene arrangedKurt has never paid for sex before and is uncomfortable with the idea yet he agrees to meet her at the Hilton But things don't go as planned when he arrives at the hotel two hours earlyUnknown to Kurt when the maid walks into his suite she isn’t his call girl Carmen is an actual hotel maid with a host of secrets and problems of her own Sex starved Carmen simply cannot resist the carnal magnetic allure of Kurt Although they are complete strangers sexual need and animal chemistry overwhelms them both They uickly discover ecstasy together again and again and againBut what will happen when they discover their mistake?

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    I really like this short story ahem 100 page sex scene and it was AWESOME There is a story and you get bits and pieces of it throughout and I REALLY want to know Carmen's back story I know I'll get it later but dang it I want it now This girl has a shady past and I cant wait to learn all her dirty little secrets This story has a little humor in it and I caught myself giggling out loud Such as Carmen referring to Kurt as Thor the God of Thunderous Orgasms Nikki Sex keeps dangling the carrot in front of me and I'm eagerly following Something that I think is really interesting is that the common factor in all of these books is André Chevalier aka Sir aka Woman Whisperer CarmenKurtFree on and BN

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    I'm not sure why I haven't read this book before I really liked it It's about Kurt Nielsen who's jaded about women since his last girlfriend took him to court His friends try to cheer him up by getting him a call girl He agrees to meet her at the Hilton hotel and assumes when Carmen walks into his room that she is the call girl when she is really the maid Very good short story though with all the sex going on the story was very simple and wasn't much there However this is part of a series so I'm sure of the story will unfold I have the other two stories in this series so I can't wait to read the conclusion

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    My initial impressions of this novella? ‘Well that’s one heck of a misunderstanding but wow Just wow’This is a very well written novella The author has got everything laid out in a logical and captivating way Through her exuisitely put together scenes she paints an extremely vivid portrait of the encounter between these two star crossed and situationally bound characters I especially appreciate the fact that the author illustrates the difference between a Domub relationship and an abusive relationship It brings a great deal of things into stark clarityThis novella has 2 very well developed main characters Even with the short page count you get to know them intimately no pun intended but hey I really appreciate that the author’s main characters aren’t necessarily model esue Her female lead is a woman of typical means and typical physiue even if she has a difficult past It makes the story seem all the realOverall this was a completely captivating and very vivid novella that introduces you to extremely different yet uite compatible characters The author tackles some difficult topics in a way that makes you think while introducing you to the real world of Doms and subs I couldn’t put it down and definitely can’t wait to read the seuelPlease note that I received this novel free of charge from the author in exchange for an honest review

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    This was a freebie on and I have to admit that I get REALLY aggravated when authors instead of just writing a book drop it out into the public in pieces in order to get But I really have to admit that I went ahead bought the second one it was really that good of a story Sex scenes are intensely hot but the character development is really what makes the story Now if the author would just retitle so that when I read the title of the book I don't have a boom chicka wow wow porn track running in the back of my head

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    Strangely enough way too much sex and absolutely no story I kept waiting to find out when they would figure out that she wasn't who he thought she was and for her to figure out what he thought she was It was a meeting with little back story about why he was there Then all sex until the end when she figures it all out and runs outWhat?

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    I downloaded this as a freebie but I didn't realise it is only Part One This story is a 100 pages long I would say 90 of those were sex scenesKurt is a Dom but his last sub took him to court for physical abuse and suffering She was a willing Sub but he guessed her mother saw her whip marks and pushed her into the court action Kurt was disappointed things didn't work out with his ex He would like to get married and have children That was three months ago and he hasn't had sex since so his friends set him up with a high class call girl and book him into a hotel The call girl will arrive dressed as a maid and be accompanied by a man to protect herA maid enters Kurt's room and he is instantly attracted to this curvy hispanic woman He normally goes for tall slim leggy blondes but this girl is small and a size 12Carmen has a mystery about her and it's obvious she is on the run from something From her internal thoughts we learn a little bit about her She has obviously been hurt by a previous Dom who was too rough with her She sees Kurt and is instantly attracted book cover is misleading as he is described as a nordic blonde and christens him Thor in her mindWhat follows is pages and pages of descriptive hot sex with a mild BDSM theme What was good though is that Kurt is uite a caring Dom and you sensed their connection I really liked Kurt Carmen is still a bit of a mysteryKurt asks Carmen a few uestions that puzzle her and just as he asks to see her again and she says no in walks the proper Call Girl with her male escort and everything clicks into place for Carmen and she realises Kurt had assumed she was a prostituteThe story will continue in the next book I liked this and look forward to reading the next part

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    Very hot I spotted this while it was priced for free and it's a uick read being a short novella Kurt is a Dom who is hurt over allegations that he abused his ex sub so he has remained celibate for 3 months and his friends try to pull him out of his slump by setting him up with a hooker in a hotel dressed as a maid He is reluctant never having paid for sex before but agrees and arrives early In walks Carmen unlike his usual leggy blonde types Carmen is Hispanic and curvaceous and he feels an instant attraction to her and pins her up against the wall and seduces her over and over His attraction is reciprocated and the scenes were very descriptive and hot and you can feel the growing connection between then There is a twist at the end that I think was written with a view to the reader already knowing The only reason I deducted one star was because I couldn't see anywhere in the description that this was not a full novella that the story continues in other books I will happily buy the next as I enjoyed this and would like to see how the story unfolds but I do prefer to be made aware of that when I download a book free or not Recommended read if you like hot instant attraction and detailed erotic scenes

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    This title is a gentle introduction to erotica It has humor and scratches just beneath the skin of the reader that one might say there is some depth here I was enchanted by Carmen not because she is your typical slim buxom beauty but because the description of her makes her seem like every woman and any woman My personal mantra and teachings to my own children is safe consensual and safe again That seems to be what the writer is leading to Carmen is a woman who craves safety but allows herself to be a fully sexual being with wants and desires The details of sexual positions or proclivities is not the focus of the book from my point of view There is something to be found out about both Carmen and Kurt Set in the city that never sleeps and where anything can and does happen I could not have been happier to have had this as a light but entertaining read

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    Carmen works at the hotel as a maid Kurt is a very successful construction engineer Kurt's friends have paid for his hotel room and a call girl to try and take away some of Kurt's stress over his ex girlfriend All he knows is that the woman will show up dressed as a maid So when Carmen's boss tells her to take some extra towels up to a room that is supposed to be empty Kurt immediately jumps up and goes to her They two of them are meant for each other Kurt confesses that he wants to see her again when in walks the call girl dressed as a maid Now the understanding hits Carmen about some of the things he has said to her She doesn't know what else to do so she grabs the hotel robe and runs away

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    OK first book in the series and the title is really accurate It's hot monkey sex and if you like lots of erotic scenes this is your dream come trueCarmen is carnal and loves sex We guess she's been through deep trauma but it will not be revealed before book 2 muchmuch much darkerKurt is Thor to Carmen big muscled long blond hair and green eyes Carmen is the maid but he'll mistake her for an escort he is meeting at the hotel she planned to dress like a maid So he'll litterally pounce on Carmen and will well make her climax lots and lots of timeIt's hot scorching hot but they also have fun while f Carmen giggles a lot I think I've never read so many BDSM sex scenes in a book