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Massie Block The Briarwood Boys Have Invaded OCD And Are Taking Over Everything Worse, The Soccer Boys Have Become So Popular That The Pretty Committee S Alpha Status Is In Serious Jeopardy So Massie Lays Out A New Year New Pretty Committee Rule Anyone Caught Crushing On A Boy Will Be Thrown Out Of The NPC Forever But Will She Be Able To Follow Her Own Decree When She Sees That Derrington Has Ditched His Shorts Obsession In Favor Of Ah Dorable Jeans Alicia Rivera Is The Opposite Of Onboard With The Boyfast Her Crush, The Ralph Lauren Luh Ving Josh Hotz, Is Irresistible Than Creme Brulee Fro Yo But Is He Worth Losing Her Spot In The NPC And Taking On The Wrath Of Massie Dylan Marvil Is So Ready For The Boyfast She S Straightened Her Unruly Red Hair And Permanently Pressed Boys Out Of Her Life If Only She Could Do The Same With Curly Fries And Caramel Popcorn Kristen Gregory Has Traded Her Sporty Chic Pumas For Billabong Board Shorts And A Shark Tooth Necklace She Claims She S Sworn Off Boy Crushes, So What S With Her Blue Crush Makeover Claire Lyons Spent All Summer Thinking About Cam S One Blue Eye And One Green Eye But Now He S Moved On To A New Girl Faster Than You Can Say Cuh Yutest Couple At Least Claire Finally Has A Secure Spot In The NPC Unless Jealousy Flirting Breaks The Boyfast The Clique The Only Thing Harder Than Getting In Is Staying In

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    The book Bratfest at Tiffany s is a contemporary fiction book This book is about five best friends, known as the Pretty Committee, who are the elite and popular girls in their used to be all girls school Their brother school Briarwood Academy has collapsed because of burst pipes Their popularity is threatened because the OCD girls are now obsessed with the boys Because there are so many students in the school overflow trailers are needed, which the Pretty Committee decide to make over They make them look so good that everyone wants to be in their instead of Main Building Meanwhile, they are on a Boyfast where they cannot interact with the BOCD boys Alicia breaks this pact and is kicked out of the New Pretty Committee In the end, Alicia gets to announce who will get to have classes in the overflow trailers, the winners of the locker decorating contest She decides to change the results and put the BOCD soccer boys and some new and improved Losers Beyond Repair in the trailers In the end the Boyfast is called off and now there s only a Boyfest Alicia is let back into the back to normal Pretty Committee and all is as usual I think the writing style is excellent because there is dialogue and thoughts from each person s mind An example of internal conflict is Claire and Massie secretly have crushes during the Boyfast An external problem is when everyone has to compete for the trailers I like this book because it is like the other in its series and there is always something intense going on I recommend this book to teenage girls.Word Count 271

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    That was actually a fun read Even though Alicia was on her own again, and I didn t really enjoy those parts of the book, I really love watching Massie take charge I actually hated the fact that in the beginning, Massie started losing her alpha ness, and everything started changing, but the end was great, and I can t wait to read the next one.

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    Massie Block has had it with the new Briarwood boys stealing her and the Alpha s attention She and her friends go on a boyfast, but are unsure of the consequences Alicia Rivera and Claire Lyons can t resist two boys, so only Alicia secretly goes for it An overflow also happens at the school so Massie, Dylan, Kristen, and Claire have to move into stinky trailers for the rest of the year Massie can t take any of Alicia or the trailers that she dumps Alicia and gives the trailers and the Nerds inside of it a makeover Alicia can t help but notice how amazing the trailers and the people look, but she has already sacrificed her friendship with Massie Later Massie finds a boy that she used to think was disgusting, but is now EXTREMELY cute She tries to hold on, but in the end they all ditch the boyfast.

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    The clique novels are.entertaining, but..well I m going to try my best to describe to you in non cuss words how much i hate them Okay, I ll admit it, I ve read a clique novel well, maybe two First of all, I hate the main characters.1 The Pretty Comitte , as they call themselves, think they can control the world just because they re a bunch of spoiled, sneaky, little rich girls who have designer purses They think they rule the school, and their leader, Massie Block, is the alpha They think they can order people around, and that boys should stop and check them out every time they walk by, and girls should stop and ooh and ah in jealousy and want to be just like them Excuse me while I gag.2 As you already know, they re rich In this novel, Massie block uses her wealth to change her classroom trailers she s been put into, into ridiculously luxurious Tiffiny Boxes , which must have costed about 6,000 dollars Obviously she has enough money to throw around with out a care in the world, and thinks that SHE S got problems In the book there is actually a line that expresses says what she s thinking when she gets put into the overflow classroom trailers This wasn t supposed to happen to her Things like this happen to OTHER people Ugly people First of all, I cannot even describe how stuck up that sounds Oh poor me, I get to take classes in a trailer even though I m filthy rich What about all the kids in India and New Dehli who are living in poverty with only ONE shirt to wear They would probably LOVE to go to school, which most of them don t get to do, and would LOVE to get to be in a sheltered trailer to learn It just irritates me so much how this frickin pretty committe can t think of anything but themselves.

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    This book is a realistic fiction about four girls and their drama filled lives Their school, OCD, is overfilled with students and half over the school must transfer over to school trailers including the New Pretty Committee The only member of the NPC who is not in the trailers is Alicia and while the trailer girls are on a boy fast, Alicia is with her crush and her new friends in the main building Alicia loses her spot in the NPC when the girls find out she ditched them to be with her crush The NPC try to turn the situation around and end up being the most popular girls in school Massie, the leader of the NPC, is a character who deals with an internal and external conflict She has to deal with moving into gross trailers while at the same time keep her Alpha status up She also has to learn to not show any emotion of liking her crush she says it is a sign of weakness and make sure her friends don t flirt either Another conflict Massie deals with is getting back into the main building but after the trailers get redecorated, she will do anything to stay in them I recommend this book to girls who like reading about drama This book shows how girls overcome their problems in a fashionable way and in my opinion I thought it was a good book word count 237

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    I think this one was one of my favorites

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    i remember how much i hated this cover

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    i really like these books they are a good story and i like the girls and how i can relate to some what what they got through they are funny and quite long so its nice to just sit down and read one this one was of my favorites for sure.

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    Lisi Harrison s Bratfest at Tiffany s shocked me with it s crazy and ridiculous drama The setting of this book is taken at Massie s school The school where at one point in time the school was all girls Then, it s ruinedwhen boys are shoved in there The setting makes the reader feel as if the reader is actually attending the school as well It compares to the world we know because in reality there are a lot of schoolswhere drama goes down and everyone is affected by it A contradiction from reality and the book would be that most schools aren t rich and not everyone is as completely cruel as the Pretty Committee In this book, everything goes crazy when an all boys school gets flooded and they have to move in an all girls school The Pretty Committe does not approve of this combination of people because instead of their fancy spa filled, art, and fancy school they have to have classes in mod buildings Massie Block, the head of The Pretty Committee, hates the idea Also, the fact that the boys are taking over their popularity in school pushes Massie to the edge and now she is willing to do whatever it takes to get her popularity back She s so willing that she even re decorates the mod buildings into the unimaginable The author for in this book makes the characters pop and make them seem realistic The style of Lisi Harrison is very interesting She makes the reader feel as if they are experiencing the events themselves She describes them with very descripitive words Harrison is very specific with the clothes that they wear and they actions they do She makes sure the reader catches the mood of a the person that is speaking I recommend this book to anyone that loves to read about books that have a sense of humor and loves the thrilling action of drama books.

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    Bratfest at Tiffany s by Lisi Harrison is yet another book in The Clique series This book, like the rest of Harrison s novels, was absolutely wonderful In the story the girls begin 8th grade year with new male classmates that manage to take the Pretty Committee s popularity power As the girls struggle to gain back their status, they encounter lying and backstabbing within the group This book really highlights the ups and downs of friendships, as well as the importance of doing the right thing One of the important parts to this story is when one member of the Pretty Committee leaves the group to be with a boy the rest of the girls are on a boyfast The gang acts in a way that is understandable but also a little irrational In my eyes, guys come and go but friends are forever Another aspect of the novel that I felt was important was when one of the girls had caused a disagreement in the group and she new that she needed to get everybody back together and fix the problem that she had caused The group was very willing to accept the apology and together again the Pretty Committee was I felt that this aspect of the story line was needed because every girl has gotten into fights with friends and it was nice for an author to show that it s okay to have problems in friendships and that they can be fixed easily By writing Bratfest at Tiffany s Harrison was able to connect with her readers in a way that seemed greater than any other of her books The storyline was extremely relatable and the words flowed off the page with great ease I would absolutely recommend this book to any girl in her teens and I am willing to bet that those who do read won t be able to stand the wait for the next novel just like myself.