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Bound an André Chevalier novel BDSM Stories #1The toughest case of Andre's Chevalier's careerJohn Taylor is a brilliant and sexy young man in need of BDSM training to curb his Dominant sexual tastes But John is a deeply damaged soul bound to his tormented past Can André save him from himself?Submissive Kelly Flynn has a huge crush on John Taylor and is restrained by troubling ties of her own She is suffering from the Fatal Female Flaw when ordinarily sensible women fall madly in love with an unattainable man who can't or won't love them back There's no possible way Kelly can ever break through John's defenses to the tortured soul beneath or can she?

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    re read of this series

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    Whew Father John is one sexy sadist An incredibly uick read in about 40 or so pages Nikki Sex doesn't waste any time at all The story begins in the midst of an emotionally charged intense scene grabbing your attention from the opening line With each page turned I only became intrigued with the mysterious and haunted John Apparently he has piued the interest of a plethora of admirers both male and female gaining notoriety as a legendary Dom in a local BDSM club It is there that he becomes the object of Kelly's desire Always watching from afar she is eual parts infatuated and terrified of the mysterious sadistWith tastes that are far mild than the pain that John expertly inflicts with ease Kelly has never entertained the possibility that she could be his sub When a chance encounter pushes these two together at last things start warming up fast I am dying to see where this story is going I anticipate that Kelly will be re examining her sexual boundaries pronto

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    Oh my GAWD I I just Im HOOKED I need John Taylor I cant believe it ended like that Now that my appetite has been ignited I want Even though this is a short story all the characters are well developed and likable lovable I first met Andre Chevalier in Amy's Forbidden Fantasy as Sir and I was intrigued by him then Even though John Taylor stole the show for me in this story Andre Chevalier is still in the back of my mind Well done Nikki Sex BN

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    Please note I read this as part of the Bound Freed Boxed SetThis was a very interesting and captivating novel I’m still thinking about it days later The author develops some amazingly vivid scenes throughout this novel These scenes weren’t necessarily even erotically based although those were definitely there as well There was mystery suspense heartbreak and relationship drama galore She keeps the novel intense without it becoming vulgar or garish There is a stark contrast between the prayers to God and the subject matter that heightens this intensity I really appreciate how the author approaches the world of BDSM She does so with tact and class She also approaches it in such a manner that you realise how much there is to this world and what it really means to those there She introduces you to the scene in a positive manner that you can’t help but be captivated by She explains some terms and practices common to the scene so that unfamiliar readers can get into the story She does so very tactfully and without breaking the overall flow of the story This story was very intriguingly written even if the writing did become a little disjointed at times Amazingly enough this added to the mystiue of the novel There are times when the author uses the same phrases and thoughts repeatedly Although disconcerting at the beginning it really adds to the character development The shortened sentences and small issues with grammar also become superfluous In most other works I’d say that the novel needs to be re edited In this one it adds so much to the story that I was very surprised I enjoyed how the author develops her characters She doesn’t dump a pile of information on her readers all at once Rather she gives small glimpses into the past to provide understanding into the present and the future It gives insight into the characters and depth to the story The large variety of character types who interact with each other gives a very uniue perspective of the world as a whole as well as the world of BDSM She combines this world with real and heart wrenching relationship issues that make you feel for and want to help out these brilliant charactersI also really appreciate the symbolism behind the title of this boxed set Not only does it apply to the subject matter at hand but also to than one character That’s all I’ll say about this Read the novels and you’ll find outMy overall impression? Whether you’re a Dom a Sub or neither this series makes you re evaluate what’s important in your life Please note that I received this novel free of charge from the author in exchange for an honest review

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    What's not to love this was an intense erotic well developed story that leaves you on a cliff begging for It was a tease for sure to get you sucked into the series which I will read all of now but even knowing I was being played with I loved it John Taylor Father John has a distance you want to crack and a mystery you want to solve which makes for the best kind of hero As for our heroine Kelly she's smart and strong and knows what she wants in a man but her inability to confront her obsession for John makes her endearing and relatable I highly recommend this series to anyone who likes BDSM erotica or dark sensual mystery

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    25 stars Young dumb and full of cum Bound is the first short story in the André Chevalier novel The story begins with John Taylor a man who is so deeply damaged; needing help from André to feel again Fast forward four years we learn than John Taylor has become a very sought after powerful Dom every sub wants him to master their body and show them bliss He is known as “Father John” because he has ways to make you want to confess all your sins no tattoos no piercings no sex Father John seemed as pure as fresh fallen snow And the man didn't even kiss Kelly suffers from Fatal Female Flaw It's when ordinarily sensible women fall madly in love with an unattainable man who can't or won't love them back I also call it the Triple Fucked Factor” She loves watching him the intensity and the devotion he shows each and every sub She knows that there is future for them because he has to notice her first to even begin any future and his brand of punishment is a little too extreme for her tastes but that all changes when the lights go out in the elevator Distraction is the only thing that will work in a situation like this Bound was a little tease leaving off in a cliff hanger making you want there are many unanswered uestions about John but his mystery is working for him We don’t really see the reclusive André in the story and the beginning with John only leaves me with uestions It was a super short read but I am curious enough to continue

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    This is one of those tricks where they rope you in with a free book then it ends right at the good part But oh man I'm roped in for sure I just bought Freed the second book In the beginning we meet John Taylor a young Dom in training who has some emotional baggage from his past can't let go of his desires sexually unless it is with someone he completely trusts Years pass we find Kelly in the sex club and although she is intrigued by the Domsub relationship participates in the process she is not interested in the pain involved with being John Taylor's sub He is in demand for his type of whipping expertise has earned the nickname Father John apparently he puts his customers into a subspace of pleasure extreme pain where they confess their sins let go completely ending with John forgiving them Kelly worships John Taylor from afar since she isn't into the kind of pain he inflicts also because John does not actively participate in the process He is completely clothed untouched in his relationships only providing a small kiss after he is done But the book ends with a power outage John and Kelly trapped in the elevator Kelly has a fear of confined spaces starts to have an anxiety attack John knows just how to calm her down but dang we don't get to read just how he is going to do that Very intriguing book

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    So being an author is a business I get this I understand that for some this is a job this is a way you earn money to write books and pay your bills 9 times out of 10 I am than happy to fork over my measly spending cash to pay for booksIt's usually worth it and I am almost always a happy girlHOWEVER Yup Here's my butThis book blows And this book takes a dollar from me and is 50 freaking pages Do you know how long it takes this book nerd to read 50 pages?? An hour to 2 hours IF that So when I see raving reviews I assume I can't go wrongI went very wrong hereFirst of all it wasn't even all that hot I wanted to see the H and h together and they don't talk until the last few pages of the book Which I then found out is because the author took what could be one great novel and botched it into a bunch of novellas and it doesn't work that way It made me annoyed and I wouldn't pick up the others Because reading about the others showed me that each and everyone one is a bunch of garbage a little hot for a page or 2 and then you have to wait until the next book for No I won't do that I will save my money and spend it on authors who give me meat and not freaking grass to live off of Sorry

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    Book #1 Kelly Flynn has a huge crush on John Taylor The Basement's most dangerous sexy lusted after Dom But Kelly fears and is turned on by his torturous tactics She would never do the stuff that she sees his submissives doing Or would she Many of his subs tell her it is a spiritual act that they cannot explainAfter a fun night at The Basement with Dom Ron and after viewing a very interesting show starring John Taylor Kelly leaves for the night Only those plans are interrupted by a power outage that leaves her trapped in the elevator with John Taylor Kelly is claustrophobic and on the verge of a panic attack She fears the darkness tight space and John Taylor himself This part 1 ends with John trying to help Kelly through her fear with distraction FUN My take so far is the story is interesting with John's past and I hope we learn of that story and the man himself Don't know much of BDSM world only what is in the books I have read thus far but it is a temperature riser so far You feel the pull to John and his ALPHA MALENESS

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    475 stars Another great book from Nikki Sex Man oh man I can't wait to read the next book in this series You are left with oh man what's going to happen nextYou meet John Taylor who is a Dom but becoming the Dom he is now took a lot of training a lot of trust and a lot of patient from the person who trained him to be able to break down his wallsYou meet Kelly Flynn who is a submissive She is out spoken well liked and can't figure out what she wants She knows she wants John Taylor but that can't ever happen she thinksWhen these two get stuck together Kelly is going to learn things about herself that she doesn't think she'll doOh man I can't wait to continue to read about Kelly and John