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Score, Helaine, And Pixel Continue Their Magical Journey In Book Of Signs, The Second Volume In The Series A Portal Takes Them To A World Called Rawn, Where The Natives Do Not Like Humans Especially Those With Magical Powers Up Against Nasty Goblins, Giant Trolls, Lake Monsters, And A Shapeshifting Wizard Named Shanara, The Trio Struggles Desperately To Avoid Danger While Learning About The Diadem S Rulers Honing Their Magic Skills, Making Friends, And Sticking Together Are Their Only Chance For Survival Traveling Through Winding Caverns, Treacherous Mountains, And Rainbow Colored Forests, The Trio Are Closely Watched By An Evil Magician Who Craves Their Magical Powers And Someone Seems To Be Helping The Children, Giving Them Clues And Warnings But Why

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    I loved all the creatures in this one It had a classic, epic fantasy feel in a fast, compact adventure Rocs, Wyrms, sea monsters, goblins, trolls, centaurs and a lazy troll I loved how we get to really see the types of people the three are For wizards, they are apparently quite kind and honorable which apparently isn t normal The Shadows continue to concern me and the end has a nice twist that I really liked.

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    I just finished reading Diadem The Book Of Signs , This is a book that takes place on Rawn On Rawn there is mountains filled with trolls and forests filled with ogres In the story Score, Helanie, and Pixel just made it in Rawn after defeating Aranak In the bag the bestials gave to them, lay jewels which give them powers They realize they have to beat a wizard named Shanara, an evil wizard They go through dark magic and evil creatures, until the trolls help them find Shanara The book has a omniscient narrator, so the reader tells the characters mind or thoughts.I really enjoyed the book because there was a lot of action and adventure so it made the book interesting I think the book was really short because there was a part in the book when they fought trolls and the scene went really fast What I do like the book was that they figured a way to fight the trolls without killing them, that shows that they didn t want to kill them In the book Score, Pixel, and Helanie save the trolls so they get jewels from them and trust I thought that was really cool how they did that, that shows courage They also make friends with centaurs, they helped them beat the sea monster They also help them find Sanara in the book.

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    I really liked this book I like how Helaine is able to defend herself against the sea monster, before Score and Pixel come to her rescue I like how the centaurs rescure them I hate how Shanara messes with them and how she send trolls and other creatures after them I like how Helaine, Score, and Pixel are able to defeat whatever comes their way I like how they become friends of the goblins I like how they come to know Shanara and then they become friends with her.

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    I rated this book five stars because I honestly couldn t find anything wrong with it It was a very good read.

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    Diadem 2 Book of Signs, by John Peel Book of Signs continues the adventures of Score, Helaine, and Pixel, who were first introduced in Diadem 1 Book of Names Having defeated their first enemy, the trio has traveled to another world in the Diadem, the world of Rawn On Rawn, they encounter some of the typical races who inhabit fantasy lands goblins, trolls, and centaurs The three are still learning to work together and how to use their magic powers, including the use of gemstones to augment their abilities They learn the power of teamwork as they journey through Rawn, intent on finding the sorceress of the world The story is a little simplistic at times, but granted, this series is aimed at younger readers in the 9 12 range I think what s great about the Diadem series is that it promotes working together, rationality, intelligence, and tolerance as Score, Helaine, and Pixel befriend the goblins, which benefits them much than if they had tried to kill the goblins If you re an adult or teenager checking out the Diadem series, I recommend you read the first three books all together, as they are a larger story and each ends in a cliffhanger 4 5.

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    A little slower than the first book, with blatant foreshadowing, no real villain, lots of wandering but still the rules of magic are interesting ONe major fault The book isn t intedned for two year olds, yet the puzzles seem to be It s agonizing watching the characters struggle and muse for 2 pages to rad somethign that is printed backwards Oh, wait guys Get me a mirror, I think I have it

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    really good

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    Absolutly Amazing

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    Book of Signs is the second book in the Diadem Worlds of Magic series The pacing in this book is still pretty rough, and there are cuts away to the villain s perspective in order to introduce said villain to the readers This disrupts the continuity and flow of the story.