Blurred Lines Behind Closed Doors 2 eBook ¸ Blurred

Sometimes you don’t see the line After surviving a serial killer’s attack Julia Swift has spent the last seven years married to the man who promised he’d never to let anything bad happen to her again But even while living under Wayne’s protection bad things happen to Julia all the time Most recently the charge for her husband’s attempted murder The former fashion designer turned celebrity stylist is clumsy talentless can’t get anything right and only working because her best friend Ashleigh took pity on her Julia knows this because Wayne tells her all the time But what Julia sees as caring protection in Ashleigh’s honest opinion goes far beyond the line of jealous possessiveness and she’s out to prove Wayne is behind Julia’s obscure accidents Can Julia convince Ashleigh that her injuries are never at Wayne’s hands before Ashleigh goes too far? Or will Wayne finally force Julia to cut all ties with the one person who can destroy their lives completely? Blurred Lines is second book in the Behind Closed Doors Series

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