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As you all know Massie has a perfect life, she has everything a girl wants She thinks she has 3 best friends, Kristen, Alicia, and Dylan But this is about to change, one of her best friends is going to become her worst enemy and her worst enemy is going to become one of her best friends This spectacular, insanely entertaining book is filled with melodramatic conflicts, it is a book in which you will be over blown by the circumstances talking place at there school, the most expensive school you will ever find Octavian Country Day The theme of this is that money doesn t buy happiness, and that the most important thing is to be with the people that are really your friends in good times or in bad times This author with her great word choice wants to show Massies widely ambitious towards money, and her great imagery makes you imagine it just like if you were there standing next to them for example The waxy rope handles on the shopping bags were digging into Massies hands, yet she found the pain exhilarating The reddish purple grooves in the middle of her palms were like hard earned badges of honor, proof of shopping mission accomplished This superb imagery makes this book very suspenful and appealing, it s a book every girl will like This flawless book has an outstanding author Lisi Harrison, she will make your mind travel to OCD and experience what is it like to be part of The Clique or what is it like to try to be part of The Clique It is book that will make you scream, laugh and have a amazing journey through the complicated life of Massie Block. Ouch does the title hurt If you have read the first book, The Clique, you would know about the four girls in the Pretty Committee, and Claire Lyons, the girl who wants to be In Things go sour for the two girls in the Pretty Committee, over a guy It was always friends first right I liked this book, and all the other books in The Clique series This one was special because it showed how the Pretty Committee fought each other in public and not only against everyone else in their school I recommend this book to all the girls out there who wants books that tell the truth Every school is very cliquey, and every school has a Most Popular clique Read this book and go inside the troubles that even the most perfect people have to go through. These books are addicting I haven t read the series since I was 14 or so, but I think I m enjoying them even than I did back then I told myself that I probably wouldn t read the entire series, but that just might change I do feel a little embarrassed to be reading these at almost 25, but I keep telling myself, who cares It s a book It s meant to be read When I first picked up this book, I wasn t so sure that I wanted to read it any The title kind of threw me off Once I started reading it, though, I understood the title All in all, this was a very good book It s very realistic and I liked it better than the first book Ehh still cringe, probably even cringe than the first book. The story starts during Mr Block s celebratory birthday dinner in which Todd Lyons spills grape juice all over Massie s skirt Massie accuses Claire of repeating outfits and Claire retorts that this is perfectly normal, and that Massie should be ashamed that she buys new clothes everyday Massie s mother agrees that she has not come in the door without a shopping bag since she was nine The girls strike a deal in which Massie is not allowed to buy any clothes for a month and Claire is not allowed to re wear anything in a month.The loser must wear all of Massie s ski gear including boots and such to school for a whole week Meanwhile, the Pretty Committee is in danger of losing their spot on the popularity chain They beat Becca Wilder to having a boy girl Halloween party Landon Dorsey, the best Westchester party planner, has the theme of When Hell Freezes Over Much to Massie s chagrin, Claire is her co host for the party because Massie struck a deal about it with her mother The PC s costume idea is Dirty Devils , while Claire has decided to wear last years powerpuff girl costume Massie is stuck in a rut of what to wear, so she brings the revealing costumes to school so the entire Pretty Committee can wear them When a wannabee cuts her stomach trying to imitate the costumes, just as everyone else had, Adele, the nurse, notifies Ms Burns, the principal The girls end up wearing horrible outfits for the rest of the day from the lost and found but when they go to Massie s Halloween party romance is everywhere Claire ends up wearing an old PowerPuff Girls costume but that doesn t stop her from flirting with Cam Fisher, who happens to be Massie s secret crush Olivia Ryan comes back to Westchester after a nose job and she and Alicia and her become friends and end up flirting with everyone that night Derrick Harrington is crushing on Massie, and Massie doesn t know about it Kristen and Dylan fight for Derrick s feelings for a while Derrick is called Derrington secretly by Massie The name comes from a mix of his first and last name The next school day Principal Burns announces that the school is going uniform because of the reavealing Dirty Devil costumes Massie begs Pia, the design teacher, to let her design the costume Pia and Principal Burns made it into a contest Massie and Claire are both competing Massie s maid, Inez, accidentally throws away Claire s and Massie s practice uniforms Massie and Claire team up with the consenus to end the bet and use Dylan and Kristen to model for them In the end Alicia s and Olivia s uniform wins but only because they cheated by switching the boxes filled with votes Massie and the rest of the girls find out but decide to stay in the weeds Cam and Claire end up falling for each other, but Massie only knows that Cam likes someone The book ends with Massie vowing to hunt down the girl, and finishing her. better than the first because it shows massie in an even vulnerable, human light but i still have so many questions this one comes with a brief qa and autobiography with the author she says she was inspired to write the book after working at mtv and witnessing the sort of middle school mentality play out there and yet it boggles the mind why anyone would write a book aimed towards impressionable preteens that makes light of body image issues, class issues, et cetera from what i can remember which is admittedly not much , this series was often even mean spirited than its high school centric counterparts irresponsible as it may be, perhaps that makes it true to life.the constant push and pull between massie and claire remains interestingly ambiguous wealth remains glorified, desirability remains key and both remain miserable in their own ways my hypothesis that the series centers on a dystopian femininity is further cemented by claire seeking out boys as an escape from the torments of fellow girls and massie conflating self worth with popularity and appearance in both cases, the girls primary focus is on being palatable rather than being truly accepted realistic, yes and dystopian all the same.side notes a group of seventh graders dressing up in sexy halloween costumes being a central plot point makes me profoundly uncomfortable not because it doesn t happen in real life, but precisely because girls are indoctrinated into perpetual desirability and availability at such an early age where are the parents in all this i literally don t understand why they don t intervene any further, unless they view their daughters through such rose colored glasses that they see nothing wrong which is also entirely plausible sorry, lisi harrison, but i have yet to be wowed by any of these outfit descriptions in any case, it s interesting if not particularly surprising to see that the most popularly highlighted passages via kindle are the ones describing massie s outfits and comebacks further proof that she is the central aspirational character here alicia being spanish feels to me like a deliberate if not conscious choice foreign enough to be exotic, european read respectable enough to not have to interrogate any notions of racial identity see inez, the blocks heretofore ethnically ambiguous housekeeper, who we know massie s mother speaks slowly to in the brief bio included in this book, harrison asserts that she wrote this series as a comedy instead of a drama in order to point out the insanity of it all considering the target audience was a bunch of preteens who haven t yet fully developed their critical thinking skills, i feel fairly confident in saying the death of the author applies here i m spending way too much time on these books and reviews instead of my actual fucking thesis. In The Second Book Starring Westchester County S Most Privileged Middle Schoolers, The Clique Declares Massie A Hero For Hosting The First Boy Girl Halloween Party Of Th Grade Massie S Already Hired Landon Dorsey, The Hottest Party Planner In The Area Code, But Her Parents Insist She Has To Invite The Entire Class Unfortunately That Means Everyone Layne Is Bummed That The Boys Will Be There She IMs Claire That S So DESPR As Claire Wonders If Maybe A Boyfriend Will Make Her HappyMeanwhile, Massie And The Clique Are Fighting Over Who Gets To Invite Derek Herrington Dylan Thought It Was Obvious That She Was The One Who Danced All Night With Derek At The OCD Benefit Last Month, But Says Whatevs When Kristen Gets All Weird About It Fine, She Can Have Him He Was A Terrible Dancer Anyway And There Will Be Tons Of Guys To Choose From At The Party book shout out well these series of books are really good they are fition books but when you feel like you are really in side of the books especailliy when there is suspense at the end of a page you just get anxious for the next page to turn so that you can see what happens next.with all the different characters massie , clarie ,alicia , dylan , kristen and many they will be sure to keep you at the edge of your chair.some of my favorite parts being when claire was found under the bleachers by her boyfriend cam kissing another boy josh.it had alot of drama and invasion of the boy snacthers but everybook so far that i read in this series has drama , good times and bad even after one book of the book in the series was done a picture that stayed in my head was massie large house this book helped me to treasure what i have and i will now know not to take people for graunteed i recommend this book to someone who is open to read new things and also people who like drama , anxious seat edging books and also who like realistic fiction books dear , lisi harrison i really adore your books and saying this might have been kind of diiferent being that i usually read books about kids who runaway and etc but i just liked books that kept me on the edge of my seat when i was first recommended this book i really liked it , and it kept me on the edge , for example when clarie was up in massies room on massies computer i just kept on thinking will massie come back and catch her but they are really just great books and i also love the way you end the book because it always has a sentence that makess you want to wonder whats going to happen next so i have to strive and anxiously wait to get the next book right now i am reading sealed with a diss but any way i just wanted to say that i love your books yours truly 1 tyra johnson I really liked The Clique sequel because it had even drama than the last book At the beginning I was kind of bored, but as I read on, the book got and hooked on it I think that what first made it interesting for me was when Claire bets Massie that she can t go a month without shopping and Massie bets Claire that she can t go the same amount of time without repeating clothes I think that the bet made both girls realize that it s not easy being like the other one and made them get along better One character that I did not like in this book was Alicia because she started to turn her back on her friends and tries to start a new clique with Olivia I also didn t like that Alicia cheated to win the uniform design contest Something that I liked about the book is that it is very easy to relate with because it s about things that happen to real girls For example, Kristen and Dylan both like the same guy and they get in a huge fight about him and Alicia backstabbing her friends are both things that many people have surely experienced I think that overall, it is a very good book and I recommend it to anyone.