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Are you a fan of the ass and want to learn how to master ass play? Take our fun trivia quiz book and see if you’re an ass fingering novice or expert Perhaps you’re just getting into butt fingering and want to learn the proper way to stick a finger in ass or asses Starting with finger fucking or fingering someone when just getting beginning this type of activity may be a good way to go Then before you know it you’ll be fisting people and ass fingering every chance you get If you are looking for a unique book on learning about ass play then look no further Our ass fingering book is written in trivia format so you get to play while you learn We go over the most common questions when learning about ass fingering The difference is that instead of reading just text we quiz you on your ass play knowledge Our book provides information on ass fingering as well as some interesting facts about ass play Ass fingering study guide books are usually boring but not ours Using the magic of the Kindle we present fun facts about ass play for all ages in a quiz book format We ask a question about ass fingering and you get to touch your answer If you are right you go to the next question if you are wrong you get to guess again If you are a interested in learning about ass fingering are an ultra fan or just want to learn about it then please test your knowledge with our quiz book

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