[[ Read Best ]] Art Therapy: The Science of Happiness: Overcome Stress, Depression and Anxiety Using the Power of Music, Dance, Writing and DrawingAuthor Paul Catalani – Cekhargaproduk.co

Sadly, I don t have time for a lengthy review, as this book truly deserves I had downloaded it thinking it was a coloring book I could preview before making a decision to purchase a hard copy I was wrong and I m so happy about that For time I meant to use picking out a few coloring books, I stopped and read through this twice The author is not long winded, and gets to the point without unnecessary medical jargon that often makes these types of books less enjoyable to read I hear that enough from my physicians, so I tend to enjoy conversational style writing while this isn t written that informally, it s by no means a textbook There s just the right amount of information provided as well enough to explain the applicable 5 W s and how s, but just touching the surface It s perfect to satisfy a basic curiosity or act as a jumping off point if you wanted to look upTruly, I wasn t expecting this in the first place, and then when I saw what it was I certainly didn t expect to learn anything I didn t already know or be impressed in any way But I was dead wrong So for anyone out there who uses any form of artistic therapy, be it coloring, music, dancing, I highly recommend this well written, thoughtfully researched book for a peek into the science behind why these things make you better And if you aren t using these modalities, I recommend this book evenvigorously to you, so you might have a chance to seek the elusive happiness in your life. Good overview of the benefits of Art for the mind, body and soul There are some great ideas in here if you re struggling to express yourself creatively. If I had wasted any money on this I would want a refund What a useless piece of writing It s not that its bad, it s just a waste of time A sales brochure, fold it up to balance a table would be putting it to good use, or for starting a fire But for educational or real informational purposes forget it.This is the crap produced by the formula writers making a quick buck.Might be a synopsis of the description from a textbook on the subject, that fails to deliver any real information.On a flavour scale this would fail to reach a Vanilla rating.What it claims to deliver and what it delivers are two totally different things What it promises on the cover The Science of Happiness Overcome Stress, Depression and Anxiety Using The Power of Music, Dance, Writing and Drawing What it delivers are a lot of random descriptions in a semi organized hierarchy, there is nothing here about actually using it, how to apply it Basically a very poor quality sales brochure. Basic Information I am very disappointed in the book which turned out to be a pamphlet I already promised it as a gift to my niece so I m reluctant to send it back I m disabled and can t send the book pamphlet back in a timely manner but like I said I am very disappointed This purchase was not worth my money Love this book Excellent Inside You Will Learn About Music Therapy Dance Therapy Drawing Therapy Coloring Neuroscience And Art Therapy And Much Who Can Benefit From Art Therapy The Best Thing About Art Therapy Is That It Doesn T Ask For You To Have The Mad Skills Of Leonardo Da Vinci Or Picasso To Be Admitted And Reap Its Benefits Also, It Doesn T Have Age Limits So It S Basically Meant For Me, You, Him, Her Everyone Famous Quotes One Good Thing About Music, When It Hits You, You Feel No Pain Bob Marley Music Expresses That Which Cannot Be Said And On Which It Is Impossible To Be Silent Victor Hugo The Purpose Of Art Is Washing The Dust Of Daily Life Off Our Souls Pablo Picasso I Found I Could Say Things With Color And Shapes That I Couldn T Say Any Other Way Things I Had No Words For Georgia O Keeffe Dance Is The Hidden Language Of The Soul Of The Body Martha Graham To Dance Is To Be Out Of Yourself Larger, Beautiful, Powerful This Is Power, It Is Glory On Earth And It Is Yours For The Taking Agnes De Mille To Gain Your Own Voice, You Have To Forget About Having It Heard Allen Ginsberg, WD If I Don T Write To Empty My Mind, I Go Mad Lord Byron